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By Jim Kirwan


After 911 the public demanded that the government explain what went wrong on 911. But the puppets in the Tarnished House refused to answer the public. Instead they gave us the Department of Homeland Security that included FEMA, as their answer to our questions about US Security for US Citizens.

From the date of that announcement, until today, neither FEMA nor DHS has done even one single thing to make any Americans any safer at home or abroad. In fact they have now gone so far as to blame the entire population of the nation for everything that has happened to us, since 911 The current puppet in the Oval Office has declared every man, woman and child to be AN ENEMY OF THIS STATE. As Enemy’s of the State we are not entitled to be charged or arrested, to have a trial or even to be told what we are accused. Further, we can be murdered without notice or defense, by DRONES or mercenaries in the dead of night, just because the imposter in the Oval Office says so. These policies have nothing to do with the constitutional protections supposedly in place to protect the people of this place.

It Gets Worse


Homeland Security: was created to protect American Citizens, not to put their hands down the pants of the elderly and infants in airports. They hired pedophiles to run wild for their own amusement to intimidate and terrorize the people that tried to take a plane to anywhere. Now they want to move that side-show to train and bus stations as well as on to public transportation systems, nationwide.

Here’s a Question!


If HOMELAND SECURITY is so good at providing SECURITY PROTECTION for the entire nation then why the hell have they yet to catch anyone that the FBI didn’t pay in advance, to attack the USA?

US Security Forces in DHS & FEMA as well as the FBI have all been helpless in every terror-drill which always seems to have gone bad, beginning with the five simultaneous-drills that went on during 911?

Terrorists Attack the USA” they scream, but the same people that get paid to prevent these attacks have a record of TOTAL FAILURE in every case whenever they’ve been involved.

Of course they run all the cover-ups because the OWN the media. They routinely delay results, accuse the public of fantastic collusion with the enemies of this country. All the while they tell us the same stories they always tell us, that continue to rotate like flashing-colors in a child’s Kaleidoscope ­ these creatures aren’t even good con-men.

In every case the public is no better off than they were before each government designed false-flag episode in yet another government executed crime. These terror drills kill people, routinely, yet no actual results ever come from their sloppy investigations and their on-purpose misdirection of every event they are called on to “investigate.” For instance: The public is still waiting for the state of Connecticut to tell the public what happened in Sandy Hook. Nor have we been allowed to hear from the supposed victims ­ and that event happened on December 14, 2012.

The top leadership of everything from the FBI, DHS & FEMA should all be fired for cause, and investigated for possible treason against the United States, immediately!


The public has been charged a King’s Ransom, since 2003, just to pay these assholes and Israel for their services. To date they have yet to do one damn thing to protect the people of this country.

The public DESERVES a full and on the record accounting of every terror-drill, every instance of non-performance by FEMA, that has happened since Bush soiled the White House back in 2001.

The public of this nation has never been more terrified, or more ignored by the government and their operatives, who just happen to also be the so-called terrorists of today! It’s time for this government to face a full and open accounting of their every effort: None of which has resulted in any change in the status of our so-called security: Except to make the situation a thousand times worse!

Criminals in Congress are protecting DHS & FEMA from the law.

Our National Security problems are not with alleged terrorists or any mythical sleeper-cells: The problem is with the agencies whose job it is to prevent these so-called crimes, and every other potential-threat from becoming real ­ long before any attack can ever be carried out. That was their job before WWII and it supposedly continued after that war ended.

All those bogus FBI sting-operations are nothing but more lipstick on the government pigs that have carried out all the phony attacks in the name of a National-Security. That is not only a total LIE, but it is serving to perpetuate an orchestrated-myth that is unsupportable with any evidence of anything whatsoever!

The DHS-FEMA Disaster is a globally-public embarrassment

And they all need to be charged with the specifics of their crimes!

Our “national-security problems” are NOT with the fictional terrorists supposedly inside America ~ this problem lies squarely with the total incompetence of every government official and special-agency- functionary inside the so-called “force” called Homeland Security!

With a lot of help from the Fourth Reich & the Zionistas

Throughout the nation.

Martial Law came to Boston to intimidate the public

Not to do anything about the wounded unarmed child

They said they were looking for.

This was just more theater

For the deaf, dumb and blind to tremble at. (1)

And what are they doing will all those weapons and bullets (enough to fight several wars the size of the Iraq war)? They are preparing to make war on the same people they were supposedly hired to protect—try making that make sense on any level—clearly the American public has been had, BIGTIME!

What does it really take

To make you remember ether rage or outrage?


  1. Boston’s Prelude to Martial Law






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