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Exclusive Photo Of UFO
Triangle Over Bristol, TN

Exclusive to
from Rick
Photo Copyright © 2012 Rick
All Rights Reserved


The anomalous object in the sky seen in this photograph moving above a stream of racing fans headed to the track may be an elusive 'black triangle.' The Photographer isn't certain, as it was not perceptible at the time the photo was taken, but analysis of the image shows no signs of tampering and any other explanation escapes us. It does not appear to be any form of lens flare from the bright cars or street lights, and the shot was taken from outside, not behind glass (such as from inside a vehicle or a building where reflection on glass might account for the object).

"The antenna you see in the foreground is a telephone guy wire. I was standing on a hill over looking traffic. The camera used is a Nikon d90 with a 85mm f1.8 Nikon lens. I often shoot in b/w at night to avoid orange and bluish tint that one gets when dealing with mercury vapor, sodium and incandescent lights.Digital cameras sometimes have a hard time dealing with color temperatures especially with mixed light sources. The date the photo was taken was on Thursday, August 23, 2012  at 8:56 pm. The location was around the 1100 block on Volunteer Parkway Bristol, Tennessee about 5 miles North from Bristol motor speedway." - Rick

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