The California Board Of Regents
By Jim Kirwan
As was mentioned in the previous article the situation regarding the continuing protests on the UC Davis Campus must ultimately lead back to the California Board of Regents, headed by the Governor of California, Jerry Brown. Jerry is also an ex-officio Regent effective January 3, 2011 to the present. (1)
A prominent member of the current Board of Regents is Richard C. Blum who just happens to be married to Dianne Feinstein the senior Senator from California Between Feinstein & Blum there are global ties to some of the most egregious schemes within the country and the world, and none of that reflects favorably upon the students in the UC System except as some might be expected to use that system to move up into the foothills of the New World Order-everyone else better learn how to push a broom. (2)
There may be several Regents who are there to do what should be done for the greater good of all. But the need to go further UP the official chain of authority is becoming far more obvious everyday. Because the official corruptions bleeding out of the now hemorrhaging US Higher-Educational System will have long term consequences for everything to do with the entirely fraudulent schemes behind higher education in this country: As the élites continue to work toward massively increasing all student costs while slashing classes and services to the ever decreasing number of students in that system; there is almost nothing left of anything like an actual education.
But that is only part of this massive fraud. For decades the governments of California and the US have been advertising the benefits of a PUBLIC education that IS NO LONGER THERE!
The entire scheme surrounding tuition fees for college students is predicated upon there being jobs-waiting for the graduates. Not only are there no jobs for the graduates, there are basically no jobs anywhere-yet the immense, and frequently deferred costs of obtaining this "education" are nearly insurmountable, even with a job. Now all of that is about to change, for a much, much worse situation for the suckers that were conned into going to college because they believed in "THE SYSTEM."
Upon hearing about this article, one reader commented:
"First of all, the education. I dare say it is not very useful in an economy like ours to have the UC degree. Starbucks does not require it. The school is a joke because there are no jobs. Secondly, the cost. Paying through the nose for an education and being pepper sprayed is absurd. They can protest with OWS for free and get pepper sprayed. Paying through the nose for an education and needing another 10-40 years to pay it off, if at all, is absurd-especially because the education is unconnected with work.
Or if connected with work, it is simply education inflation, only PhD's can pump gas in this town. At this point it is cheaper to buy a Kindle Fire and learn. However the greatest irony is that these very bright people who have obeyed and cooperated to get to this point, jump through test hoops, who (supposedly) value learning something, are now learning they are superior fodder for well paid cops to beat up. They have been cheated since birth and now in college they really do learn that it is a lie, an unequal opportunity for all but 1%"."
The people of this country seem to know almost nothing at all about their own bodies or their own thoughts and next to nothing about anything to do with the practical world that surrounds us all. And it is because of this that the current system has decided to keep a system that produces a great deal of revenue for the Fascist-State, to "train people" for jobs that no longer exist. But to simultaneously continue to run their ads that are nothing but LIES. Lies that simply troll through an ignorant and self-absorbed population looking for suckers that plan to "get their degree" as a way to fast-track themselves to a better life: Only to discover that going to college in 2011 is only a fast-track to personal bankruptcy to disadvantages and to disappointments unending along with very little of anything else.
The entire SYSTEM, from politics to education through medicine, agribusiness, insurance and banking all the way to every kind of totally compromised "Opportunity" that ends up being totally controlled by either the Zionists or the mob, or their servants which are composed of the City, State and Feral governments that rule absolutely now throughout this once proud land.
The STRIKE being threatened at UC Davis could be the match that might just enflame the millions of students throughout this country who might actually want to get not just a degree, but a real education.November 28 is the scheduled date of the STRIKE; maybe this will turn out to be a watershed political-event ­ or NOT-that all depends on how many are actually paying any attention at all to their own future that is disappearing like the smoke in a pipedream?
In any case the sacrosanct California Board of Regents needs to be investigated thoroughly by someone serious, if there are any real investigators left anywhere in this completely compromised society-because this system with its numerous Board Members over-seen by the Governor is definitely in need of a major overhaul. (3)
Maybe this is why the current AG did not choose to get involved in this ever-widening scandal?
1) Who is Being Protected?
2) Dianne Feinstein wife of Richard C. Blum
3) The Regents of the University of California
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