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Beyond Fear & Anger
Part Two 

By Jim Kirwan



Whenever the intensity of private inspirational vision is overpowering;

we usually chose to view that image

In a reflection that captures that image

So that we can understand it

Thru Interpretation

We’ve arrived at the crest of the wave.

We have achieved ‘saturation’ and national-capitulation with such force that it’s clear that far too many have already surrendered to the corporate-version of what most people “must now be about”. What is at-stake is nothing less than the whole spectrum of human-existence.

What follows contains quotes from the video, “OBEY”. What is discussed in the video are the illusions that many choose to live by vs. the current political-passivity that seemingly has captured the American perspective and left most of us adrift within our own confusion.

I’ve quoted from parts of the text, throughout this article, because this film is of critical importance to anyone that wants to know where we are in this new paradigm…

Much of the film uses black & white imagery to graphically depict what is often lost amid the full-color spectrum. Color is usually used to deceive, rather than to clarify our private-understanding of what passes for our lives. The full-color-world has too-often totally betrayed most of us, with an abstract corporate-version: Which can no longer be allowed to direct the lives of free people. (1)


Companies and corporations have replaced countries’. What has happened is that in the name of the new god of MONEY, companies have replaced countries, and how people live. It is no longer the government’s countries that decide how things run and how people live: Instead Prime Ministers have been replaced by directors, president’s with CEO’s, parliament’s with Board Members and civil servants with business-strategists. Dominant shareholder’s drive policies, not constituents. Former world leaders leave administrations to return to work for bank or giant investment firms whilst we scout for the next generation: As if to imply that running a profitable company is like representing and deciding how people are to live their lives.’

(2 min 19 sec)

It was not long ago that we saw big-business people as something to be wary of—but somehow we have invited them to lead our countries. We unite behind brands, behind celebrities rather than nations. We have become more than nation-states—we are corporations.”

In private life we face both FEAR & COURAGE. We must quickly discover the very real and ominous changes that the new world order is inflicting upon us.

FEAR after being felt, can be conquered by COURAGE: To overcome momentary-insanity by living in the inherent power in the life each one of us has been given to live - to the fullest!

Fear & Anger are basically necessary ‘warnings’ for any successful person. To use each effectively—power must be directly and intently-felt. However once examined, both Fear & Anger must be turned off to enable us to solve whatever threatened us. That massive adrenaline-rush can either consume us or help us to survive and surpass whatever threat we face.

In actuality both Fear and Courage can be of major assistance in this revolt—if we are to survive. Rather than falling into the dead-end of changeless-revolutions we must instead successfully REVOLT. To do so is to choose life over anger, death or almost certain SLAVERY!

Survival has always meant more than just meeting the physical needs of staying alive. We must chose LIFE & FREEDOM over anything offered by any state or corporation that’s hell-bent on forcing us to UNCONDITINALLY-SURRENDER ourselves, to any of their- fantasies.

By choosing life and freedom over subservience and moral-extinction:

Millions will “let the Dead-hand of Empire die”!

Systems that serve only death can never be appeased. Israel is finished because all that hatred, all that savage-brutality in her rapes torture and plunder of everyone else on the planet cannot be tolerated by the world any longer. (3)

Real power starts with actual-changes in the determination-levels at the bottom of society. People need to personally-resist that which will lead to global-enslavement. If we OBEY this artificial “future-world-order” then any real-future will be stolen from us, in an eye-blink. An example of how this can be done is waiting for Americans to act, upon the facts: USURY among others. Facts have been routinely ignored, in the massively-criminal-act that dominates our money and therefore our lives.

The Federal Reserve is not federal, it’s feral. Before that supposed institution was forced upon Americans there were two previous American Banks that had each been charged with printing our money. Each of those institutions failed. Then came the SECRET creation of the Federal Reserve that has taken over the life-blood and the money of this nation.

What Americans fail to remember is that despite the illegal-theft of our currency by private and “secret deals” a hundred years ago, the current situation CAN BE CHANGED: IF WE HAVE THE GUTS TO DEMAND THAT THIS BE DONE!

The CRIME in creating the Federal Reserve Bank was done in SECRET on Jekyll Island, by an INTERNATIONAL and Foreign CRIMINAL BANKING CARTEL. The BANKS behind the crimes we are being forced to live through now - must be shut down and replaced with legitimate institutions that will NOT destroy this nation. The FED has to be challenged and eliminated immediately, if the USA is too survive the massive destabilizing monetary-actions: Which, thanks to the insanity on Cyrus are “coming soon” to the USA as well. (2)

What was done by a global and private banking cartel maliciously, and in secret, can be undone by the U.S. public with whatever force is needed.

WE must take back this country by ending Israel’s-involvement anywhere within America. Israel’s influence must be terminated. To date Israeli leadership has infiltrated every area of industry, politics, media, education, medicine, the arts, and the military: Anywhere that anyone is forced to choose between American or Israeli ideals.

The Crimes of the Fed have created everything that followed

Anger’ at the way things are can be dealt with by using the courage to change what must be changed, if any of us are to live much longer. The capacity to say ‘NO’ strengthens all of us by denying the forces ranged against us.

Rebellion is about perpetual revolt—it is not the same as Revolution. Only in a state of rebellion can the world hold fast to those imperatives that can prevent our dissent into tyranny!’

HOPE & DOUBT are what keep people going when the severity of seriously thought, is thought about, in specific detail.

We can either defy the corporate elite which will mean civil-disobedience, a rejection of traditional politics for a new radicalism and the systematic breaking of laws or see ‘OURSELVES’ consumed.”

The future if we OBEY will be wrested from us. Acts of resistance are moral acts…

they should be carried out not because they are effective but because they are right.

...The Internet has been the latest technological instrument of control. Technology is morally neutral. It serves the interests of those who control it.

We are not slaves we have the choice. We have the moral capacity to choose to be either a victim or an executioner. We have the moral capacity to say no—to refuse to cooperate… Any act of civil disobedience ignites the soul of the rebel and exposes the dead hand of authority. We can no longer seek to reform a broken system. Let the Empire collapse…”

k) We can bring down the FED, if we care enough to stand for what we say we believe in!

The corporate power-elite is no longer concerned with our inspirations. Real changes for society do not and cannot start at the top where the power-elites reside. Those who hold power will not act with the urgency required to protect human life or the ecosystem.

Decisions about the fate of the planet and human-civilization are in the hands of moral and intellectual ogres’.

The political and corporate monsters are driven by a craven desire to accumulate wealth at the expense of human life. The leaders of these corporations now determine our fate. They are not endowed with human-decency or compassion. Yet their lobbyists make the laws. Their public-relations craft the propaganda and trivia pumped out through their systems of mass-communication. Their money determines elections. Their greed turns workers into global serfs and our planet into a wasteland. …we will (soon) face a choice between obeying the rules put in place by these corporations (and the banks who see themselves as monetary-gods) and rebellion.

Those who work human-beings to death thru crowed factories in China; turn the Gulf of Mexico into a Dead-Zone (or steal and pervert the value of our money) are the Enemy! They serve systems of death… We will either defy the corporate elite which will mean a rejection of traditional politics for a new radicalism and the systematic breaking of laws or see ourselves consumed.”

The future if we OBEY will be wrested from us.

If we are not free then we cannot prevent their machines from working. Fighting against the darkness - HOPE can overcome DELUSIONS, but only if we choose ILLUMINATION over the DARKNESS that is rapidly consuming all of us. Rebellion must use the limits of the possible! Either we shall OBEY or REBEL ­ we cannot continue to try and do both.

I prefer the latter ­ what about YOU!

1) 'Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class' - 51 min 47 sec. VIDEO

2) Secret Meeting On Jekyll Island The Creature From Jekyll Island

Part 1 of 5

3) Beyond Fear & Anger ­ Part One





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