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Beyond Fear & Anger

By Jim Kirwan


Israel is Finished

Their time to pay-up and disappear is here!

With today’s blatant theft of depositor’s money in Cyprus, the Jewish State has made their intentions perfectly clear to the whole world. (1)

Today, the Rothschilds and associate Jewish banks like Goldman Sachs control the money of the entire Western World, once known as Christendom, which in former times looked upon the Jew as a malignant ‘money lender.’

But the money lender has today engulfed our entire globalized economy in the Jewish international network deceptively known as ‘Central Banks’ centered around America’s Federal Reserve—a private Jewish bank—which lends money to America AT INTEREST.

Don’t be fooled.

America is not in debt primarily to China BUT to the Jews at the Federal Reserve who fill the coffers of the US Treasury with simple book entries…money printed out of thin air…AT INTEREST.

You see, the Fed’s principal shareholders are the Rothschild Group out of London and its associate global banks, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, who have no qualms off shoring American jobs to China and India.

And acting on behalf of these shareholders are Jews themselves: Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and its original head, Paul Warburg, whose banking dynasty still thrives today at MM Warburg out of Germany.

And Ben Shalom Bernanke is always there to remind us that Congress relinquished their power to coin America’s money to the Jewish-owned Fed:

Kirwan: One hundred years ago in 1913 the Jews bribed President Wilson to sign an illegally crafted bill that licensed them to create the Federal Reserve and gave away our right to print our own money to those privately owned Jewish interests (whose descendants still own that stolen power). That has always been what’s been behind the Federal Reserve.

Today descendants (Of the owning families of the Federal Reserve) still claim “title” to that illegally-obtained claim, which they stole from America in 1913.

That which America falsely gave away in 1913

Can be reclaimed in 2013

And that is what we MUST do now!

When asked about this, Bernanke said that ‘we gave away the right to print our money to the Federal Reserve.’ After a hundred years of being bleed dry and extorted into the situation in which we find ourselves today—it is way past time that America reviews that decision and TAKES BACK that which was illegally given-away one hundred years ago this year!

The Jews say that “WE” made that decision. Others say that “WE” did not make that decision; therefore WE WILL CORRECT THAT MISTAKE AND TAKE BACK OUR OWN MONEY, ARREST THE ZIONISTS INSIDE THE GOVERNMENT, and CLOSE OUR BORDERS, so that America can again belong to Americans!

[Clip: “Which branch of government has the absolute authority to manage monetary policy?” “The Congress has the authority and it’s delegated to the Federal Reserve. That’s the policy decision that you made.”}…

My friends, a great transformation is upon us. America is no longer sovereign…we no longer make our own decisions and policies.

The only way to begin to see our way out of this is to cancel all debts incurred to the Fed, close our borders, and take control of our country once again.

Brother Nathanael March 12, 2013 @ 9:26 pm

Dear Real Jew News Family,

America is in debt up to 16 trillion PRIMARILY to the Jews who run the Federal Reserve Bank.” (2)

These are the end-times. With the impending global-criminal theft throughout the global-banking networks beginning to shut down the world’s monetary sector: Americans must act NOW to end these crimes against America that have been going on for over a hundred years.

After the Federal Reserve & its defenders are formally and permanently cut-out with the removal of this cancerous Israeli parasite: Then the TREASONS that have been plundering and raping America for the last hundred years can finally be ended. All we need to do is CANCEL the supposed DEBT outright. Only then can the world and America finally begin to breathe freely ­ again!

The alternative will allow the infectious and deadly-global-virus of this Theft-by-Bankers to run its’ course that will quickly end any future, that any country still solvent might have ever had, if we do not act immediately.

1) AUSTERITY Global Suicide

2) The End of Sovereign America - 3min 49 sec VIDEO with TEXT





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