Behind The Sanctions Against Iran  
By JB Campbell
Via Russia Today

"Sanctions by the United Nations mean starvation by the United States. The UN is a US front - controlled by the CIA.  The CIA is controlled by American Zionists.  The favorite Jewish method of killing people is by starvation, or famine.  The Jewish Communists killed millions of Russians, Ukrainians and Germans by deliberate starvation.  The Jewish Zionists have done the same thing to Palestinians and the American Jews killed millions of Iraqis by starvation and deprivation, which our Jewish secretary of state, Albright, said was. "worth it."  Worth what?

I have lived under UN starvation sanctions.  The UN did this to Rhodesia from 1965 to 1980, along with a vicious terror war.  The UN was ordered to starve out the Rhodesians by Lyndon Johnson of America and Harold Wilson of England.  This is the typical cowardly method of the American and British sadists, controlled and financed by Jews.

Starvation is the favorite Jewish method of mass killing.  It is a very painful death and it costs nothing - the perfect Jewish combination.

Rhodesia was able to feed itself due to good farming practices.  Other consumer goods were not available, of course.  Gasoline was in short supply and had to be rationed.  If it weren't for a friendly South Africa, we would not have had any petroleum products at all.

Americans must destroy the American planners of the coming war against friendly Iran.  This is the only way to prevent another Jewish war of annihilation, since all of these wars are run by America, hiding behind the blue and white flags of Israel and the United Nations Organization."



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