The Batman Shooting Why, How And Who Time Line
By Dick Eastman

I don't know Grace Powers. I agree with her article - in fact I am certain that she is right.

Here is why there can be no doubt:

There are reports of an accomplice -- one a very detailed one you can hear here - as well as some others. No reason to make up a lie for noteriety on such an occasion. No reason not to want the truth known. This witness is very intelligent and thinks very clearly -- his account of his own behavior is clear and self-consistent -- with no time to think up a story and make it that consistent. In addition, although not needed, there are special forces experts who say that the success of a one man assault hitting 70 people is extremely unlikely without some kind of support.

Now think. If James Holmes told almost anyone of his plane, that person would turn him in. What are the chances that the first person he spoke to would become a willing accomplice and keep his secret.

Now think again. What would be the gain to the accomplice for helping with this crime, for keeping it quiet, for helping coordinate this well prepared attack.

Having answered these questions one is faced with the near certainty that the accomplice was in fact wanting James Holmes to commit the crime -- and in fact somewhat controlling him.

Now, -- are you still thinking with me? -- if the accomplice has agreed to go along with Holmes then he must have some assurance that Holmes will not change his mind, that he will go though with it, that he will not be caught, that he will not chicken out at the last minute in a way that will get the accomplice caught.

But, the only way to ensure that is to have a very elaborate and well organized black-op team, with infiltrated people backing up the accomplice or accomplices at the theater. This big organization requires a very big motive that transcends the motives of individuals. The two motives that Powers (and Eastman and now maybe several million other people who think have come up with is 1) motivating gun control sought by the elites who do not want a well-armed debtors rebellion; and 2) the silencing of James Holmes Father who is the head fraud investigator for FICO with his own algorithn which ferrets out guilty individuals by studying the record of transactions made - as Grace Power says, Robert Holmes was capable of naming names in the LIBOR scandal -- reason enough to take him out by having his son a psycho killer (which castes doubt on the entire family to have raised a "psycho killer" as the tabloids are selling James. Now an operation like that cannot leave the outcome up to James Holmes free-will choices and spur of the minute calls on what he will do and what he will not do at the "moment for commencing lethal action at the Century 16 theater.

Such an operation would devote any resources necessary to get them off the hook from being identified as a LIBOR interest-rate fixing criminal (robbing hundreds of billions from the middle classes of the world). Certainly these people involved are Jewish bankers - LIBOR is set by Jew-owned merchant banks in The City. There is no technology that would be out of their reach. They would go for the most sure way of ensuring that James Holmes did what they wanted him to do. The people they would employ -- Mossad agents, loyal to banks because they are Jewish and because Rothschild bankrolled Zionism and used their power to give Israel its privileged place in the world -- Mossad like the CIA defends the Bankers -- the bankers against the wall because of LIBOR. And Mossad would know about Scopolomine and they would have it. They are likely very good at using it to further the ends of Israel and the Banker Organized Crime (that is what LIBOR is, is organized crime, right? Think.)

Only Scopolomine delivers the certainty of control they had to have. They could not leave Holmes to his free agency. And Holmes shows the symptoms of having been under scopolomine -- not remembering anything.

Now you also will notice that the Jewish controlled mass media (do I have to prove that Jews control the media and select what news to cover and how to spin it?) are not reporting the mass killing!!! Compare that treatment with the coverage O.J. Simpson got when his ex-wife and her boyfriend were shot. The media was all over it. But none of the major media have mentioned that Jame's Holmes father works for FICO and is a key man in the means required to detect the individual perpetrators of the LIBOR scandal. (The dog who didn't bark. The yappy schnauzer, Tike, I used to know.)

Anyway, Scopolomine is the answer. I had never heard of it until Peter Wakefield Sault brought it to my attention (before the Grace Powers article). I was working on other means of controlling behavior -- through anchoring, pavolvian conditioning and anchoring using the on-line video games -- and they may have had a role in training James Holmes, if not in motivating him. With Scopolomine "motivation" was not something they had to worry about.

Withut Scopolomine the crime would have been too risky to attempt, with all that was riding on success and all that it would cost should it have failed. Scopolomine is sure fire control.

And that is how I know James Holmes is telling the truth when he says he does not remember committing the crime. Grace Powers simply used the evidence and her powers of deduction -- to both construct a case and to eliminate alternative scenarios. Once she layed it out -- all the pieces fit -- and it works -- as I have demonstrated above.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington



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