By Jim Kirwan


There is a lot of needless compartmentalization going on throughout the Middle-East right now, because we are watching Israel try to dismantle her long-term enemies from afar. Unlike Western politics the Middle East is a huge series of plots and counter-plots that hinge on various and often conflicting loyalties. These loyalties directly affect the rest of the world, because indirectly they all come together to confound or promote whatever is being attempted by the New World Order.

Two key components in this largely unseen war-behind-the-headlines are Hamas and Hezbollah; both of which were each created by Israel to confound the now defunct Palestinian Authority. However under Arafat the PA ended up crippling itself with massive and public corruption. The PA was resurrected from the grave by the US who tried to use the PA to confound the elected government of the Palestinians in Gaza (Hamas). Hamas’s sometimes ally Hezbollah, have worked with each other against Zionist Occupied Israel, but they do not agree on many issues, which is another reason why it is so difficult to figure out “What’s going on inside Syria” at the moment. Hezbollah was the force that kept Israel out of Lebanon the last time that Israel formerly attacked Lebanon in 2006. (1)

Syria was backing Hezbollah along with Iran, which is why that “force” was well armed and carefully dug in, during the 06 attempted invasion that FAILED! Consequently if Zionist-Israel is going to make any progress in completing their “GREATER STATE PLAN above, then they must take out the backers of both Hezbollah & Hamas, because of the combined threat that both of these breakaway groups pose to Israel.

In Syria at the moment Assad is a lone figure atop a burning pyramid, that is about to be toppled. Unlike Egypt if he goes, then Syria will be free of him and his government forever. The main force that is attempting to overthrow Assad is mostly composed of deserters from the Syrian Army. The others consist of foreigners, NATO, the CIA, and various other factions who are seeking just another puppet state to control for the West. Then there are the Russians who have sent weapons and some special forces in to try and save Assad. But the Syrian people want no part of the Russians; they’ve had enough under Assad to convince the people in Syria that an alliance with Russia will not be good for Syria, anymore than would some kind of future- puppet relationship with the West. Apparently the money flowing to the rebels is coming from rich leaders in other countries, in the same way that Assad is spending part of his billions to arm his troops.

But here enters the other serious set of players that also are playing huge roles in each country over there that are undergoing the current set of Regime-Changes. The Sunni’s and the Shiites continue their wars for dominance in many different countries and each has different cards to play in each separate encounter (this is massively complex and is above my real-world-knowledge-level to comment on): But this is definitely an area of major consideration that the West has largely ignored.

BTW Tunis just kicked out the US Embassy this morning, and is urging all other nations in the region to do the same thing: which gives us an idea of how seriously many other countries are taking these events inside Syria. Perhaps because of this:

“US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order to freeze all Iranian government assets held in America and US banks abroad.”I have determined that additional sanctions are warranted, particularly in light of the deceptive practices of the Central Bank of Iran and other Iranian banks to conceal transactions of sanctioned parties, the deficiencies in Iran's anti-money laundering regime and the weaknesses in its implementation” Obama said in a letter to Congress.
Obama claimed Iranian financial activities are posing “continuing and unacceptable risk” to the international financial system.

The executive order prevents any Iranian assets deemed within US jurisdiction ­ including foreign branches of American banks ­ from being transferred, paid, exported or withdrawn.

Obama’s decision comes just four days after the US Senate backed new economic sanctions against Iran. The sanctions targeted companies in joint uranium mining projects and organizations supplying the country with weapons.

Congress had previously passed sanctions aimed at institutions doing business with the Iranian Central Bank.”(2)

“The United States has shut down its embassy in Syria. The announcement comes amid mounting reports of lethal government attacks. The UK has followed the suit, summoning their ambassador from Damascus.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague says the British ambassador has been recalled from Syria for consultations. The Secretary has also summoned Syria's representative in London to the Foreign Office so that he could express his "abhorrence" at the violence in the Arab country.

Hague accused China and Russia of "betraying the Syrian people,” saying their blocking a UN resolution on Syria was a "grave error." The UK Foreign Secretary pledged to increase pressure on the Syrian government through the UN and other bodies.”

"This is a doomed regime as well as a murdering regime," Hague told British lawmakers on Monday. "There is no way it can recover its credibility internationally."
Russia says the West is overreacting to the veto Moscow and Beijing used in the UN to block the resolution on Syria, which the two countries perceive as unbalanced. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called such remarks “almost hysterical.” (3)

There are literally dozens of stories this morning all over the Middle-Eastern Press about all of this. But beneath it all there is a major shift occurring that picks up where the original Arab Spring left off. In Egypt, there is an effort underway to finish off what was begun by the removal of Mubarak. Now the entire military structure that Mubarak left behind must go—and the Egyptian people will not stop until this is accomplished. It remains to be seen whether the 19 Americans that are to be tried for their crimes, will go ahead. If that happens the US & Israel will lose big-time because Egypt is the key that allows Israel & the US access into the wider Arab world. If Egypt stands firm it will cost them one hell of a lot of money in US bribes to protect Israel: If on the other hand Egypt caves-in then the Egyptian people will lose again! This is perhaps the major reason for the disgust that is fueling the wide-ranging efforts to remove American Embassies from many of the countries being directly affected.

Lebanon is again in trouble as well and everything there comes right back to all of the above.

Iran is under siege from the inside and from outside by Illegal Tariffs that are ACTS of WAR. This chicken-shit approach by America & the West is something that if it were to be done to any western nation would provoke an immediate and outright military attack. This is exactly what the US did to Japan to get them to launch the attack on Pearl Harbor back in 1941. And Iran has suffered massively under these Draconian Tariffs, in the same way that we first eroded Iraq before we attacked that country by starving its women & children, closing its hospitals and virtually turned Iraq (before the 1991 attacks) into a totally impoverished nation that was incapable of fighting back. Now we’re trying to do the same thing to Iran. Because as EVERYBODY KNOWS ISRAEL CAN’T WIN unless they are “fighting” unarmed civilians that haven’t had enough to eat and whose daily lives are threatened by the lack of money or jobs. This is definitely a WAR CRIME of the most serious order ­ and Obama just made it impossible for Iran to function! Oh and by the way, Pakistan has added its nuclear voice to the clarion call that if Iran is attacked it will join with Russia & China in defending Iran from US. The US says that ‘we control’ the Pakistan Nuclear arsenal, but after what we’ve done to the Pakistani’s I wouldn’t hold my breath on whether the US can remain in charge of that nuclear arsenal for long.

So while this country fools around with whether or not Russia or China will or will not enter the fray there is already more than “we” can handle going on from the targets of our repression and OCCUPATIONS throughout the region for ‘us’ to worry about—and all of this points straight back to that filthy and totally corrupted state of Zionist-Occupied Israel! That global cesspool has got to be disarmed, while Obama is being relieved of his office!

1) Who Will Stop the Countdown

2) Obama orders global US Iran Asset Block

3) US Closes Embassy in Syria, UK Recalls Ambassador



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