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Austerity...Global Financial Murder

By Jim Kirwan


From LBJ’s Great Society, America’s Austerity Program

KIRWAN - 1966


With seven-days to go until the end of the month the EU has decided to pretend that everything is just fine and go forward with their own little-global-fantasy that will end any reality, for the seventeen members of the imaginary European Union…

Imagine waking up to find out that as much as 40 percent of the money you thought was safely deposited in the bank was seized, without your permission, to bail out a near-bankrupt government.

That's just what thousands of large depositors in Cyprus woke up to Monday morning after European Union officials accepted a last-minute deal offered by the island's lawmakers to secure a $13 billion bailout to avert imminent financial meltdown...

The deal, which also slashed the island's oversized banking sector, came as euro ministers in Brussels threatened to cut off crucial emergency assistance to Cyprus' embattled banks after business on Monday if no agreement was reached.

Without that EU funding, Cyprus' banks would have collapsed, dragging the country's economy down with them and threatening the small Mediterranean island's membership of the 17-strong group of European Union countries that use the euro -- all of which would have sent the EU's markets spinning…”

Kirwan: If Cyprus, one of the EU’s smallest member-states that only comprises 0.20% (2) of the entire European Union, cannot be saved from oblivion: Then WHY is any nation still participating in this global-farce? The EU is a total failure in every way. How is this not the same thing as that ancient-truism wherein ‘the Emperor has no clothes’?

“…Without a bailout deal by Monday night, the tiny Mediterranean nation would have faced the prospect of bankruptcy, which could have forced it to become the first country to abandon the euro currency. That would have sent the region's markets spinning.”

Kirwan: ‘BANKRUPTCY” by the tiniest member, would have been the clear way to end this global-nightmare by putting the New World Order on trial, where they belong, for global-fraud and attempted global-theft of the monetary system of the entire planet.

The eurozone finance ministers accepted the plan after hours of negotiations in Brussels between Cypriot officials and the so-called troika of creditors.” (1)

The EU adopted IMF monetary conditions (extortionate conditions), in every country where the IMF & the World-Bank has gone to steal. This tactic was always done with the gloating approval of the Bank of International Settlements. Unnecessary N.W.O. loans led to bankruptcy—then “AUSTERITY” was immediately mandated to kill each targeted-country and further-enrich the global-elites.

This global-fraud has been in high-gear since the end of WWII. The arrogant-EU is nothing but the latest manufactured way to wipe out all of Europe in one fell swoop. No one in any country actually “NEEDS” a global-banking system. To adopt this one-world global-banking order is to invite DISASTER. Since seventeen supposedly powerful nation-states can be threatened with total collapse by just “point two-percent” of the needs from one of its members—then how in hell can the EU ever be taken seriously about anything they say? This failure in Cyprus proves that the EU is a fraud beyond all doubt!

What is needed now are sovereign-nation-states and their own banks that serve their people, NOT the globally-criminal Rothschilds banks. Many nations have already been murdered in the way the EU now wants its member states to commit suicide. The nations that were destroyed, since 1945, did so with the full cooperation of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) to which almost every country on the planet now subscribes.

The only life-lines the EU will be handing-out from now on will be part of the hangman’s noose. If the European Union were real it would dump the CRIMINAL-BANKERS, give the global-criminal-loans back to the Rothschilds then ARREST and prosecute all the Rothschild’s banksters (in their own ‘countries) just as Iceland has so successfully done.

None of what has happened in Cyrus is good for anyone because it celebrates the coerced-cowardice that has gotten the world into this quicksand from the start! The BANKS need to stop pretending to be mini-gods! Every bank must pay for the theft of the funds of their depositors, the world over.

If this does not begin to happen SOON then the entire world will very soon become captives to these thieving banksters and their owners. These outlaws have decided that more than four-fifths of the world must die to placate their arrogant-desire, to rid the earth, of everyone but their very special selves…

We must revolt in every nation, against these global-crimes!

This official-clown is sweating bullets because this CRISIS clearly indicates that The Eurozone is a DEADZONE incapable of protecting anyone, including all current banks from outright global-collapse. The world must DEMAND an end to the global-theft, by the global-banks, that created this failure worldwide.

"BANKS" were supposedly created to protect depositors! That basic-concept has been turned on its head because the banks have turned their own customers into defenseless-victims of the banks themselves, that are only USING their customers to steal the same money the banks were supposedly created to protect, and NOT to enslave the people of the whole wide world ­ (3)

1) EU finance ministers approve Cyprus bailout deal, funded by Bank Assets seizure

2) Eurozone

3) Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crisis, says eurozone chief ­ 2min 34 sec VIDEO





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