By Jim Kirwan
The reason I began to write started with the moment when congress had decided to give George W Bush their "License to Kill." This applied to everyone else in the wider world, except Americans. This has finally come full circle with S. 1867; so that now this US License to Kill applies to everyone on the planet. Here's what I said to the Congress, in part, back in 2002.
"You are collectively about to grant an open-ended hunting license to The Commander-in-Chief, in perpetuity. IF you do this you will individually and collectively be held responsible by history and by the citizens of the world, for your arrogant desecration of the rules of all recognized ethical behavior and international conduct. In brief - you will officially be opening that Pandora's Box that contains the chaos, the rebellion, the hatred and bigotry that this world has tried for centuries to contain.
Please make no mistake: What you are about to do is a cowardly act, and IF you do it you will be giving little bullyboy Bush a License to Kill on a global scale.
Since this man came to office, the Congress of the United States has failed in its duties to the public you are sworn to serve, and to the Constitution you have sworn to uphold.
In instance after instance you have entertained and passed a steady stream of un-American laws and Resolutions that are squarely aimed at undermining the Constitutional provisions of the Bill of Rights and many of the Amendments to the Constitution, which are matters of existing law.
You seemed to have done all this because of something as nebulous as the Polling numbers, which the president currently claims to have. Apparently you are unaware that this president lies. You are not there to pay attention to the polls. You were elected to the offices you hold to exercise your best judgment in dealing with matters of state, of defense, and of the national welfare. You have failed to do what you were elected to do.
Those failures have brought this nation and the world, much closer to the brink of chaos than was here-to-for ever thought possible. This has happened because - despite your vast individual experience and your official reputations - you have allowed your greed and fear to dictate and control your votes, on all issues that have come before you.
The failures of George W. Bush will cause history to cringe from the mention of his name - in coming days. It is up to each of you, as to whether the Congress of the United States will share the infamy that Bush is creating with his beyond-the-pale policies both at home and abroad.
When this president came to power - people had jobs, there was a huge surplus and the world was at peace. Even before the rigged election Bush began talking recession. This became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thereafter Bush began a series of complete reversals of the nation's course on international agreements of all kinds. This man is clearly unqualified to lead anything larger than a small bar full of drunks. His language is primitive, his professional knowledge of diplomacy is non-existent, and his feelings for his fellow human beings make a mockery of all that matters in the real world. And yet you embrace him even as you grovel in your pathetic attempts to please him.
The disastrous results of your complicity in 'W's grand plan to steal the essence of this nation by subverting its laws, its founding principles, and its national honor in the family of nations - is a crime against the people of the United States, because your actions are undertaken in our names. These dire actions of yours are probably not technically covered by legal codes; because there must be loopholes that protect you from the folly of your official votes. But mark my words - you will stand convicted in the court of public opinion before all this comes to the catastrophic end that it is destined to reach." (1)
This morning I asked a question about the reasons behind adding Americans to this "License to Kill."
k) "Two things: First - how can this have been "legal" when everything it mandates is against the US Constitution, in both the spirit and the letter of settled law. And second: How will anyone (besides the people being grabbed) - actually "know" just who has been swept away, versus who might just have died or disappeared?
You have to wonder what makes this government so TERRIFIED concerning who they want to silence, and why it must be done in secret?
I only ask because everything they might be trying to hide by 'SILENCING" anyone, has already been clearly stated by this 93-7 vote against the Republic and in favor of the POLICE-STATE! What's left to hide, but more especially from WHO?"
The answer to that question is slightly more complex. Before 911 there were 17 people on the no-fly list. Today there are well over 2 million and it is still rapidly growing. This is the Official Enemies List left over from the Nixon years, but this form of illegal discrimination has gained new importance in this Age of Criminal Deceits. There are actually two lists; "A" or the RED LIST, and "B" the BLUE LIST. Those on the A list will be killed outright, those on the Blue List will be sent to the camps for torture or to be worked to death; but either way they won't be a problem to the remaining Treasonous Powers that want to rule this POLICE-STATE, without the inconvenience of anyone that might oppose them. The purpose behind disappearing people is and was to instill massive FEAR into the remaining population.
The purpose behind doing this in secret is the same reason that was basically learned in England when they executed William Wallace for crimes against the English King. They made a very public spectacle of dismembering William Wallace, and the last thing he said before he was dismembered was "FREEDOM!"
During William Wallace's life he had fought the English for control over Scotland. He was betrayed by his fellow "rebels" (who later turned out to have collaborated with the English Crown). But because of the way that Wallace was killed he became the martyr that was needed to inspire Robert-the-Bruce to finally lead the formerly reluctant tribes of Scotland against the King's forces where they were finally defeated and Scotland was "FREE at last" to become its own state.
The point here being NOT to create Martyr's for Freedom, such as a William Wallace-but to eliminate that possibility requires the kind of absolute SECRECY which has just been voted into being by the same congress that first gave Bush his "License to Kill." If this "License" was the beginning of the formal TREASON of this congress; then certainly this act of outright TREASON by voting 97-3 for the passage of S.1867 - has to be seen as the OMEGA of the life of the United States-and its ENDING by the same bunch of TRAITORS that introduced the global-beginnings of the "License to Kill" back in 2002!
So here we are nine year later with the addition of Americans to the list of those facing murder, torture or just disappearance from the scene, in order to avoid giving the public any more martyr's for Freedom. The public has been strangely silent about this ominous event-just as the media, including Democracy Now, have all AVOIDED any and all comment about it. But this one will not just "go away." Indeed it will begin to have a whole new set of advocates AGAINST it, once the uniformed troops discover that this has been passed; and that it will be their brothers-in-arms that will be doing the dirty work against their own friends and families in some cases. . .
Nor should the deaf, dumb and silent members of the public take any comfort from this, as they "know" they have never spoken out. Because whatever happens to those first few on the A list, will also come to them, whether or not they are guilty of anything at all, or not.
That's because this is how treachery works. First they begin with eliminating a few high-profile cases, to insure that the public knows "just how powerful the government is." And then they begin to add anyone that they might wish to eliminate, just because it is now more than just possible. So if you have anything that anyone else might ever want-then you too shall become a target for disappearance, for torture, or worse. For proof just look at any of the nation states where the military has been given this "license to kill" to see how devastatingly real it all becomes, almost immediately. This will of course include men women and children who are not even political; or anyone that might have ever been opposed to anything that this Barbarically-Criminal-Government might wish to instill: On anyone, anytime or in any place in the world today!
When we allowed the Congress in 2002 to create this "License to Kill" we basically signed our own death warrants: And now this crime has come full circle, so if you want to blame someone for this-then just look long and hard in the mirror because THIS IS YOUR FAULT!
Here are three things that are pivotal to anyone that is remotely interested in knowing how this all came to be. The first is the family history of the Bush Family who were and still are NAZI sympathizers and supporters since the father of Prescott Bush became 'known' in US politics. There is NO Statute of Limitation on TREASON! (2)
The second pivotal moment comes with the recognition that Obama has continued and has surpassed Gee "W" in every way right down to insuring that this UN-American Act of Treason got passed. This began in a speech of his on 5-21-09 (3)
And the Third thing is this overview of the whole psychology and actual manipulation of the global population as it was conceived and executed by The Tavistock Agenda. (4)
The only consistent FACT that has continued to be the case (unopposed) is the fact that the American public has not wanted to KNOW any of the truth behind any of these horrific crimes-as if "not knowing" could actually protect anyone from what is about to happen to all of us ­ and it is this that makes this perhaps the greatest of all the crimes committed during these last eleven years. The theft of the world's currency, the colossal amount of murder, torture and displacement of millions around the world; Compounded by this impossibly obscene crime of making every man woman and child in this country automatically an ENEMY of the STATE! Remember this began seven full months BEFORE 911, so in reality this had nothing to do with the attacks of that day. Bush & Company made everyone in this country officially an ENEMY of the STATE (WHEN HE ORDERD SPYING without just cause, without reason, and without divulging this FACT to the world) until long after 911 and the bogus wars that grew from the events of that day.
At least look at the video's and ask yourself how it could be that YOU did not know any of these things? I think that the reason so many chose NOT to KNOW comes from the simple fact that too many don't give a damn about anyone but themselves, they never have and never will-maybe this extreme new measure might just change some minds, but I won't hold my breath!
1) Open Letter to Congress 2002
2) History of the Bush Family 8min 24 sec. Video
3) Rachael Maddow on Obama's Indefinite Detention Ideas 5-21-09
7 min 42 sec. video
4) The Tavistock Agenda 19 Min 56 sec - Video
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