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Asteroid YU-55 Photo Enhancements - Pic
From Robert Morningstar
Richard Hoagland sent out first pictures of YU-55 and it does not look anything at all like a "typical asteroid". I took the raw image (left side of first photo) and did some enhancements to improve the image.
YU-55 has an interesting geometry. The side facing the satellite telescope that captured it makes it look hemispherical or saucer-shaped, similar to the blinking craft that is seen in the famous NASA video of the broken tether experiment that drifted away and was surrounded by "ice crystal" UFOs (according to NASA).
I am attaching my YU-55 photo enhancements for your study.
To my eye, there seems to be too much symmetry in this object for it to be an ordinary asteroid. Let me know what you think. It looks more like a tiny moon.
I just saw the trajectory on TV and you're right, it should miss the Moon by a wide margin (if what was shown on CNN was accurate). It was also stated that the time of passage will be "around 6:30" in the evening, Eastern Time....
Still seeking confirmation and a more precise ETA window.
I wonder if Backyard Starry Night is tracking it yet...
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