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Why America Cannot Fall to Socialism

By Edward Rochelle


There was a time when humanity was faced with the threat of the wilderness. It's uncontrollable, wild conditions meant that our ancestors had to have many techniques in which to survive. Most important of those were the correct understanding of instinct and the manifestation of will. When an individual and inevitably the tribe met these two criteria the understanding of environment opened up and creation took hold to provide better, more efficient techniques of survival.

The fire of humanity was originated by the individual. It was and still is there where we find our most incredible potential. Unfortunately, humanity has been and is facing a threat much larger than the wilderness that once spurred our ingenuity. That threat is an idea created by our fellow man for the suppression of the individual. That idea is socialism.

Experiencing Socialism as an American is soul crushing. Being born into a individualistic life is one of the greatest blessings that was given to most Americans but they are slowly becoming blind to their own independence. Our countrymen are slowly turning against this ideology out of desperation and a life of forced discomfort and trading their very spiritual freedoms for the false comfort of the state. Twilight is descending upon the most logical and incredible form of rule of law outside of anarchy that mankind has ever seen.

We as Americans will one day regret this decision. We will regret our inaction more, because Socialism will take weakness and exploit it. It will bind the collective mass and wage a never ending silent war against those who still have that spark and who have the spiritual light until it is eternally extinguished. Once the strong become weak it will then begin to destroy progress. It will not destroy technological progress, nor economic and manufacturing. Rather it will destroy the progress of liberty, human spirit and the once powerful will of free men.

Once it destroys those things, all that is left is the instinct. It will breed the human instinct out to the point of producing a soft, manipulative pool of bodies who have no destiny unless the state dictates so. When a people have no destiny, they will be open for attack in a three-hundred and sixty spectrum but it is all configured built and created by a sinister design. Without will the human race will fall prey to the silent, invisible enemy of government who is constantly lurking.

After America falls completely and totally to Socialism, there will be no more hope left in our world. We will have signed our dignity and ruthlessness towards aggressors and infringing parties who hold no other interest other than their own and their masters in mind. Our voices will be sucked into their own vacuous souls and our ability to feel God will vanish in the darkness of the state's bowels. Our state will be depressive. Our solution will be numbness. Our destiny will be to serve the collective, to put down our strengths and identify our weaknesses. We will never stand again.

The greatest enemy of the collective is the individual. That is the first lesson one will learn and more than likely it will be the reason for many's demise. The individual will be bear the scars of a life of abuse by the state. It will be psychologically impaired by the brutal mind degeneration it will experience on the path to enlightenment. Finally it will be sentenced to a early death because the state, no matter how mighty and sinister can imprison a spirit. It cannot imprison a man who is aware he has a spirit without him spreading that light and invigorating the human fire that burns within us all.

Those who are left with this fire are in America. The world, through my travels, have decided to invite Socialism or some variant of it into their societies. This has created a world driven by misery, but unfulfilled potential and by animal-like urges that harm mankind far worse than any gun or corrupt business deal could. These societies are riddled with drugs, violence, sexual degeneration, societal decay and a destitute spiritualism. The system allows these things and punishes for them very lightly, because they know a society with no morals is a society that won't fight. They will only live and die by the state's mercy and permission.





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