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America Under Siege!

By Jim Kirwan


When Rumor & Truth are locked in total-conflict
No one can survive!


The Disunited States is under siege by the lawless elements of the planet and increasingly there are fewer and fewer places to hide from this global-attack. In the long history of the world, no country has ever been able to achieve “full-spectrum dominance” for very long. In fact before computers the very idea of such a plot was not possible—much less as thinkable as it has become today. For any state no matter how well armed, to attempt to ‘manage’ an entire nation state in even in the smallest parts of its society is still impossible. To attempt to “manage” the entire planet in that way goes far-beyond traditional-folly. But to attempt to “manage’ the entire planet in this totalitarian way is total insanity: That is where the world finds itself today.

The military tactics used in Watertown, Mass. perfectly mirror the way Israel treats its own citizens and those they are supposedly responsible for throughout the Middle-East. What America can expect from Israel’s lock-downs or “Shelter-in Place” are only the tip of Israel’s double-bladed axe: BTW “Shelter in Place is actually a far more-dangerous tactic than almost anything else any potential victim could do; because it means that the victims so instructed can not escape whatever is coming… And America is about to become the western version of Gaza, even before the summer starts. (1)

We know that the coming Economic Disaster is being managed by the Zionists that own the banks-globally. Politically the same kinds of no-win choices are being presented to the world to “control” the savagely-damaged political-fabric of the earth that under Israeli and New World Order voodoo are offering nothing but total-servitude and unending wars to anyone they decide might be allowed to live to see the end of the year.

The arrogance and the greed being expended on this criminal-takeover of what were the world’s leading nation’s amounts to an international-siege without relief. Those that have used and abused global free-trade agreements to inflict the greatest income-transfer and theft, in the entire history of the world - will fail, but apparently not until at least half the population of the planet is also erased.

There is a single bright spot still available. But the only way we can win is if the planet decides to take back the nukes that Israel has stolen, and force them to have to live with the legitimate nations that currently surround them. This is what the last sixty-five years have been about—yet still there has been no-change in Israel’s demands except to increase the Israeli call for unconditional-surrender from every nation and people that surround them.

Israel has bled the United States dry with thefts from the black-ops budget, the stealing of military secrets and weapons, as well as obscene amounts of “aid” while Americans are dying in the streets to pay for Israel’s addiction to illicit power and the paranoia they cannot escape over their current positions on top of the real powder-keg they created. Their prisons, razor-wire and torture make the Inquisition look like a game for four year olds.

Ironically none of this could have been possible if the USA had not been forced to pay for everything that is now being done to us—as the latest series of victims that must now beg Israel for the crumbs of existence needed, just to survive. (2)

This cannot continue in a world where the bulk of the nations tend to try to respect international-borders but where USI & the Zionistas continue to flaunt every law, every code of decency, every human instinct which they destroy with every breathe they continue to steal from the rest of the people on the planet. The only way this can be prevented is if we take away Israel’s nuclear weapons. But that’s the real and very physical power that Israel has been using, since they acquired nuclear-weapons, to blackmail the rest of the known world with!

Trying to watch USI “manage” the global situation along with all the massive inequities, not just in every downtrodden nation-state—but now it’s the USA that is being ripped apart and imprisoned under the bloody yoke of Israeli-terrorism in every place that Israel decides she has an interest in stealing.

There will be a BACKLASH coming and when it happens no Israeli sympathizer will escape. When it’s over there will be an uninhabitable desert where Israel exists today; because there have too many lies, far too much deception, and absolutely no cooperation that ever comes from anything that involves Israel, no matter how small.

I have lived with Israel’s atrocities for my entire life. They have cost me several professions, and over thirty years of war with various agencies and governments in this country—yet still it continues because they will not stop until they have total control of everything and everyone on this earth: No race, no individual, or country is that “SPECIAL” because the world is still too large to ever shrink itself down to just one of every facet in every society.

They have used FALSE-SECURITY as their answer to the world’s problems. But since they began this final chapter in their evil plan to bankrupt and steal the known world ­ the poverty of their plans has become clearer with the passing of every bloody-day and haunted-night: Without surcease!

There is not room enough upon this planet if Israel is allowed to continue to exist. The people of the planet must come together to make life for every Zionist, impossible to continue to exist with—unless there are enough of us to crush them as Israeli’s so richly deserves. Israel’s Zionists hide behind walls, behind global-terror, and beneath any shred of human-decency. But the earth has a responsibility to erase these criminals from anywhere on the planet, to live out whatever they might have left of their pitiful lives…


Must be heard from or the USA will have finished digging our own graves because we refused to fight this global evil.

1) Dozens of Economic Forecasters And Military Insiders Are Saying America Is Headed for Unrest ­ 6 min VIDEO






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