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The American Community Survey

By Jim Kirwan


Sent from

The United States Census Bureau

Which says it is also

The U.S. Department of Commerce

According to the last threat received.

I do not respond to anonymous mailings of any kind.

This Ďsurveyí came without a signature.

IF this came from the U.S. Government with this warning

ďThe American Community Survey

Form Enclosed




Then where is the signature of the department head and the quotation cited as ďTHE LAWĒ being referred to?

If you are the government you would be aware of the need to inform those you choose to make demands on ≠ and of the legal responsibility to do so according to the Constitution and the settled laws of the United States. Why are you asking these questions? Who does this benefit? And why have you chosen to take this way of asking questions that anyone else would need either an official- charge or a warrant to ask of any citizen?

I reviewed the 28 page survey form you sent.

Any and all personal information about me you already have because my phone has been tapped since 1964. Everything I do or have done is a matter of public record, and the fact that you have chosen not to address me personally is a farce.

The form asks for private information:

What is my race, number of vehicles, gas & electricity use, food stamps, type of residence, rent, prospective price of the land on which the apartment is located, last months costs of water, sewer, gas etc for the past year. The annual real estate taxes of the apartment building I live in? Mortgage payments, second mortgages, my entire history of schooling, how many languages do I speak? Where did I live a year ago? How much health insurance or how many health plans do I have? Can I hear, what is my emotional condition? Can I climb stairs; do I have difficulty dressing or bathing? Can I do errands, what is my marital status? Did I get married or have children in the last year? Where was I born? How did I come to live in the United States? Do I have grandchildren, if so how old are they? Have I ever served in the military or an active duty? Am I disabled?

Did I work last week for even one hour? Then thereís half a column about where that place might have been, city, town, post-office? Also which country, foreign, state or foreign country? How many minutes did it take for me to get to work last week? Was I laid off, or temporarily absent from work? Then another half page about the kind of work I supposedly did. And the total amount I got paid from Social Security last year ≠ that information is available from Social Security if anyone cared to know.

Since February of 2001 the government has been spying on every phone call and person in this country. So together with the initial watch-list, Iím sure you know everything there is to know about me. Your Washington office has called me twice on a cell phone that I never use. And your notes and reminders have come several times. The fact that you want to cloak this questionnaire by saying:

ďthis information is critically important

to your local community and to your countryĒ

Ömeans nothing, because thatís a lie. This government has been screwing both the country and the citizens since Iíve been aware of them for over the past 50 years.

Iím not a business and I have nothing to do with the U.S. Department of Commerce. Prying into events of the last week or the last 12 months as you do so rigorously in the first 11 pages, goes beyond the purview of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

I keep no records, because there is nothing to report. Iím poor, and all your questionnaire accomplished was to make me even more dissatisfied with this lame place that calls itself a country.

What is amazing is all the questions about the age and condition of my building and the apartment. Even the San Francisco Rent Board is not interested in that information. All of what you asked could easily have been found by researching the ZIP-CODE which clearly gives you the exact address. The City can tell you exactly how old the building is and who owns it. Google can easily show anyone what this apartment-building on the edge of Nob Hill looks like. As for what I do or have done with my existence, over the last 12 months that is my business. If the government has questions then ask me directly and on the record, and Iíll be glad to comply, provided you have a reason to ask and the legal papers necessary to require me to answer.

Iím an unemployed artist, with nothing to sell, who survives on Social Security and the charity of friends. Iíve lived in the same building for over thirty-five years ≠ and Iím single.

If my representative was anyone other than Nancy Pelosi, I would appeal to my representative to deal with this. As it is, this is my answer to this rather bizarre DEMAND.






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