A Good Friday Meditation
By Michael Hoffman

I am moved to write these words by a statement from the Israeli embassy in Berlin in response to a poem critical of Israeli nuclear weapons penned by the German Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass.

In the poem, "What Must Be Said," published by Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper on Wednesday in Holy Week (April 4), Grass asked, "Why did I wait until now at this advanced age and with the last bit of ink to say: The nuclear power Israel is endangering a world peace that is already fragile?," Grass writes in the poem. The 84-year-old also criticizes the planned delivery of submarines "from my country" to Israel, a reference to Germany's plan to deliver Dolphin-class submarines to "Israel" that are capable of carrying nuclear-armed missiles.

The Israeli response to Grass from their embassy in Berlin was as follows:

"What must be said is that it is a European tradition to accuse the Jews before the Passover festival of ritual murder. Earlier, it was Christian children whose blood the Jews allegedly used to make their unleavened bread, but today it is the Iranian people that the Jewish state allegedly wants to annihilate."

The Jewish leadership ordered the killing of Christ (remember: the Roman Governor Pilate sought to free him and would have done so were not for the Jewish mob which today is styled generically as "the people").

By alchemy, the rabbis have turned the death of Jesus Christ into their own victimization.

In 2011 Günter Grass told Tom Segev, a Zionist journalist: "...the madness and the crime were not expressed only in the Holocaust and did not stop at the end of the war. Of eight million German soldiers who were captured by the Russians, perhaps two million survived and all the rest were liquidated..." (http://www.haaretz.com/weekend/magazine/the-german-who-needed-a-fig-leaf-1.380883)

Do the math. Grass is stating, indirectly, that six million German soldiers were exterminated by the Soviet Communists.

Hundreds of thousands of German civilians also died in a true holocaust, at the hands of the Royal Air Force and the US air forces (dictionary definition of holocaust: death by fire).

The crucifixion of the Germans has been alchemically transformed into The Holocaust of the Jews.

Always this masquerade.

When one of us dares to raise his head and speak these truths, the Zionists shout back at us through their mouthpiece media: "it is a European tradition to accuse the Jews before the Passover festival of ritual murder."

"A European tradition."

What does this denote? That "Europeans" (gentile Christians) are hereditary liars, falsely accusing innocent Judaics of crimes they did not commit, and we gentiles have a tradition of being liars in this respect, according to the Israeli embassy.

Here we have, in the cause of human rights and combatting "anti-semitism" the group libel of the gentiles, which is permissible by the Talmudic double-standard of one law for the goy and another for the Jew. (Talmudic halacha permeates everything in the modern West and has become much admired in South Korea, of all places).

But there is more. The notion that accusations of Judaic ritual murder of Christians are nothing more than a primitive medieval atavism perpetrated by vile Catholics, has credibility only because Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff, son of the rabbi of Rome, was intimidated into withdrawing his explosive revisionist history, Pasque di Sangue ("Blood Passover"), which provides documentary evidence of Ashkenazic Judaic ritual murder of Catholics.

Toaff is one of the most brilliant of medieval historians. Immediately in the aftermath of the publication of his book in 2007, his academic career was threatened, his reputation blackened and the even the spectre of Israeli imprisonment was raised. So he caved, and suppressed his own scholarship. Pasque di Sangue was withdrawn. The Israeli embassy cynically exploits the vacuum which this Zionist intellectual terrorism generated, to lectures us on the alleged venality of our ancestors, who, it is proclaimed, annually engage in ritual defamation of innocent Judaics.

Certain lovers of truth have taken it upon themselves, independent of Dr. Yoaff, to translate his book from the elegant Italian in which it was crafted, into English. Blood Passover can be read or downloaded online in its entirety at this link: http://www.bloodpassover.com/

It is the best Good Friday meditation I can think of.

Michael Hoffman is the the author of Judaism Discovered, and Judaism's Strange Gods.

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/HoffmanMichaelA

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