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Installed Regime, Moral
Redefinition & Abdel Saboor

By Dr Mohammed Daud Miraki
Dr Rahmat Rabi Zirakya


Afghan history has been colored with courage, honor and national heroes. These national gains have been celebrated throughout Afghan history and continue to serve the social and historical benchmarks of the Afghan Nation. These national symbols and social and historical benchmarks guide the moral identity of the nation and its leadership. This is no different from other nations and their national values. However, these national traits and measurements of honor are compromised when the very essence of a nation’s identity is held hostage by foreign invaders, their stooges and self-sold surrogates in and outside the country.

Afghanistan entered these various stages and experienced moral redefinition for the past 30 years especially since 2001 when US-NATO invaded the country.

The installed regime attempts to please the occupying forces by tailoring their national values in manner to envisage their wholehearted servitude to the United States and her allies.

The following short write-up is an attempt to shed light on these social-historical realities, the moral redefinition of the installed regime and the death sentence of a national hero Abdel Saboor.

Throughout history, Afghans have exhibited courage in times of national emergencies including invasion by foreign forces and have fought gallantly in the defense of their honor. Whether the invaders were British or recently, the Russians, Afghans defended their honor by exhibiting outstanding courage on the battlefields that continues to form the hallmarks of the Afghan gallantry. However, in the modern history of Afghanistan, circumstances have emerged that either made struggle against the invaders difficult or required extraordinary efforts to outmaneuver their enemies.

In the 19th century when the British invaded Afghanistan and were unsuccessful, the British resorted to strategies similar to the current invaders by installing their favorite rulers. For example, King Shah Shoja was one such individual that succumbed to British pressure by accepting their mandate. However, even then, when the situations became unbearable, Shah Shoja informed the Afghan Nation that he is stuck in the British designs and instructed the Afghan people to rise against the British. Eventually, Afghans killed Shah Shoja for collaborating with the British. The current installed regime is in many ways worse than the reign of Shah Shoja because Hamid Karzai goes out of his way to honor American military and political leaders with medals of gallantry.

For example, Karzai bestowed the medal of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan onto the departing US Commander General Petreus. Incidentally, Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan was the Afghan Crown Prince who killed British Political Envoy William MacNaghten on December 23, 1841, and  people dragged his body in the muddy allies of 19th century Kabul, Afghanistan. Hence, Crown Prince Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan became a national hero of Afghanistan, but unfortunately, his symbolism of gallantry is bestowed upon the killers of the Afghan nation by the current installed regime in Kabul.

In this twisted state of affairs, the current rulers of Kabul have condemned Abdel Saboor, who would otherwise be celebrated as a new national hero, to a death sentence. Abdel Saboor, who served as a soldier with the Afghan National Army, gunned down five French soldiers north of the Capital Kabul. The installed government in Kabul arrested him and sentenced him to death. If the regime in Kabul were to subscribe to Afghan national values and iconic heroes, Abdel Saboor would deserve his rightful place in the hallmarks of national heroes of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the character of the installed regime, the national treachery it advocates and loss of national values are some of the factors influencing the rulers of Kabul to please their master and condemn Abdel Saboor to death.

It is necessary to explain why has the morality of some Afghans inside and outside Afghanistan degraded to choose collaboration over resistance. For example, many of those Mujahideen leaders that fought against the former Soviet Union have not only submitted to the US and NATO, but also facilitate the occupation and the daily misery in the country. On the same token, some members and relatives of former Afghan Royal families that live in the West stood in queue to volunteer their dignity wholesale. Some of these former members of the Afghan Royal families presented their assorted plans of how to guide Americans into Afghanistan and claim credit for being the first to offer their service to former President George W. Bush. Others served as translators and so-called cultural advisors to US generals, who led major offensives in the Pashtun heartland, massacred Pashtuns and destroyed their villages.

Even today, 11 years after the invasion of Afghanistan, large number of these money-grabbing ex-pats has included their service to American generals in their resume and standing idle during  the genocide of their native people. In essence, among them, the pseudo-Royals served and continue to serve as those beneath contempt. We call them pseudo-Royals for they lack the dignity synonymous with Afghans such as Crown Prince Wazir Akbar Khan.

It is important to mention that we are not oblivious of the treachery and murderous history of the Northern Alliance and their servitude to the invading forces as their hired killers and facilitators in the invasion of Afghanistan. It would be redundant to talk about the Northern Alliance, as every informed person knows the Northern Alliance constitute the core of the problems in Afghanistan as they serve anyone that offer them a larger stack of dollar bills.

Now, why these individuals that under normal circumstance would be dignified people continue to serve the US-NATO forces. These collaborators give different reasons, some explicit while others implicit, for their involvement with US-NATO forces. Some of these collaborators hope the invading forces would keep Afghanistan’s neighbors from interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan while others exhibit signs of war fatigue especially former Mujahideen leaders.  As we know, most of the neighbors of Afghanistan served the interests of US-NATO and the Russian federation, and we do not think big powers would stop neighboring countries from interference in Afghanistan as they function in proxy capacity.

It is our opinion that two fundamental factors played crucial roles in this calculus of servitude. The first was the overwhelming shock of post 1991 Gulf War wherein the US exhibited its omnipotent force unleashed on Iraq intended to ward off any anti-American sentiment. Thereby, in the uni-polar world, the cost of opposing the US served too much for most of the world; hence, most Afghan warlords preferred cooperation than challenging it. The second factor was the massive influx of funds and the creation of the economy of corruption wherein the facilitators such as the Northern Alliance, former member of Mujahideen and Western educated technocrats profited and flourished immensely. The sudden spring of consulting firms hiring so-called cultural advisors and translators opened a sudden opportunity to earn large sum of money. The cost was of course treachery and complicity. The people who lack the moral character saw this as a unique opportunity to earn a lot in a short period of time.

Hence, the economy of corruption inside Afghanistan and the sheer dependency on foreign funds created selective morality. The evolution of this corrupt enterprise, wherein millions of dollars await willing and able ex-pats, continues to attract and further corrupt morally weak individuals. Thus, this indifference and war profiteering on the part of some continue to put the stamp of approval on the mass murder of the Afghan people and reinforce the receding moral fiber of the installed regime. Consequently, Afghan history has been turned on its head, heroes such as Abdel Saboor are sentenced to death and traitors are labeled reconstruction, cultural and linguistic advisors.

Dr Mohammed Daud Miraki   

Dr Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar

c. 2012 - All Rights Reserved



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