4 min and 45 second VIDEO -Transcribed on 2-9-13

Jim Kirwan

We’re here in Southern California at the Naval Weapons Shipyard one of the only deep water ports in America that our military controls. Actually only one of three and it’s the only one on the western side of the United States controlling the Pacific. The Clinton Administration decided to shut it down in 1993, and now he’s letting his good buddies, the military-industrial complex of China, under COSTCO, the military-industrial shipping firm that is responsible for bringing slave-goods and some evidence shows, mafia-influences into our country. This is a major national-security breach.

We must do something and do something now.

Only the local people and a judge here in Long Beach, California had the will to stand up against this tyranny. And what is the tyranny? There are over 30-million political-dissidents in Chinese slave-labor camps in the mainland of China. This has been widely reported. Why then would we allow COSTCO, which is controlled by the blood-thirsty fascistic leadership of China to have our ONLY deep water port, right in the heart of our Western Coastline? And something that we really see no reason for is the fact that we have been ‘denied-access’ to this facility even though it is in the process of being dismantled and closed down.

We’re not allowed to show you the extensive shipping facilities, cranes, docks and indoor facilities for working on large ships that China’s military shipping concern COSTCO is going to get.

We talked to Ernie McBride, of Naval Intelligence here, and he told us that we’d have to call the Navy and get permission to get in. Well I did that three weeks ago and never heard back from them even though I called the Navy about 15 times. So – remember that your government at the top level is selling out: Thinks there’s no problem with the Communist Chinese that treat their people like slaves, are gaining our strategic military bases and ports all over this country.

But the people on the ground that are actually in the military guarding and protecting this place: They think it’s terrible because they’ve got some common-sense because they haven’t been ‘PAID-OFF’ like your president has. Again we have been DENIED-ACCESS to this facility.

Why is there this obsession in our federal government with weakening our constitution? Why do these lackey’s from Harvard and Yale and other places dislike us so much and are so willing to weaken America so that their friends in Europe can control the world? Because that’s what it’s all about. Make no mistake; this is about weakening America so that the Eastern Establishment, which is allied with the European Empire, can continue to flourish. This is real politics not what you’re taught by the mainstream media which are nothing but propaganda bureau’s of the corrupt establishment…

so you’re not supposed to talk about how the Chinese are fighting tooth and nail to get our deep water port on the Western side of the United States? “No I really can’t say anything”. Well thank you for saying that you don’t like it!

We can show you from outside the base, across the small bay, but it’s still hard for you to understand, and for us to understand the enormity of this Port-Complex and Shipyards that’s just being ‘handed-over’ again, to the Communist-dictatorship in China. Take a look! Endless! As far as the eye can see with conning-towers and deep water ports and shipyards and big-oil tank facilities, for refueling—they’ve got it all!

Ports are power! Wars have been fought over ports: And we’re just giving them to them! IT’S INSANITY. That’s not really insanity, we’re being sold-out. Our politicians don’t care about America—they’ve been taught “the international-language of trade”. SELL YOUR COUNTRY OUT. I’ll assure you China and Germany and Japan and England aren’t selling-out their ports; their military ship-yards: This is VERY DANGEROUS.

This is a strategic point in the United States of America