It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now
By Jay Weidner

Fukushima plant number four is on the verge of collapsing. There are over 1500 spent fuel rods in the ceiling. If the plant collapses the effect will be like 800 nuclear bombs going off at once. This event could end up killing every human on the planet.

The Japanese government has been lying to all of us from the beginning of this tragedy. The United States mainstream press has been virtually silent about the entire affair. Only alternative outlets like Jeff Rense have been pursuing this in any way.

We created a United Nations to deal with internationalproblems. If Fukushima is not an international problem then I don't know what the definition of an international problem. The UN has done nothing to help the situation.

We are standing on the edge of an extinction level event and no one is doing anything to help.

President Obama is the biggest disappointment of all of them. He has not done a thing, he has barely mentioned the tragedy and it appears that he is more interested in bragging about his supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden then he is in doing anything about Fukushima.

This situation is incredibly baffling. Why is no one helping the Japanese? Why is Obama ignoring an extinction level event? Why is the media ignoring this, the biggest story of the 21st century? Have they all lost their minds? Have they all drunk from a giant cup of stupid? Are IQ's dropping? Why isn't everyone coming together and helping the Japanese out of this situation?

Now is the time to get real pissed off. Everyone needs to write to the White House, write to your local newspapers and media outlets, write to the UN, write toyour Congressman and Senators and demand that Fukushima be treated as an international incident. Demand that the best scientists and engineers in the world begin planning a way out of this nightmare.

If you don't act now, you will be dead. You may be anyway.



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