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2013 - The Year Of The
Manifestation Of Righteousness

In The Midst Of Demonic Self-Destruction

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave It


Welcome again.

This is a brief essay in point form to review topics, refresh your memory and introduce new concepts that I will write about later as the year progresses.

1        The classification of Consciousness in all levels of Consciousness, into Viable and on-viable, has concluded.

The separation from the non-Viable can now begin in earnest.

2        I have told you previously that this is the present make-up of the worldís human population:
·        9% Viable consciousness from the Robotic Population which make up 69%
·        31% are Demons. Not one of these is viable.

·        A few thousand Theomorphs who are assisting the last phases of the Rescue.

You will note the percentage of demons has increased and it will continue to do so as we progress to the Endpoint. This is mainly due to demonic possession of the bodies of non-viables who engage in activities, particularly drug taking, that facilitate possession. You will have no doubt noted that there is a rapid movement for the expanded use of such things as Marijuana.

3        It is now, more than ever, a Demonic World, and I shall give you examples as the year proceeds.

4        Destructive changes are afoot, and they will affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

5        I have previously stated ĎJehovahí is dead. Part of that Ďbeingí manifested as the Monetary Being from the beginning of the Error. I know this is difficult for non-metaphysicians to accept, but letís proceed.

If you are new to my writings, I suggest you read from Page One of my Website to this point, and if you can spare a dollar or two, read my books.

I will not be answering emails that ask for medical advice, personal advice of any other type, specific metaphysical and spiritual answers, etc. The answers are somewhere in my site, my books, my poems, etc. Find them.

So, what else does 2013 have in store?
6       We shall see the complete control of the Virtual Reality by Demons. This will occur rapidly all over the globe.
7       Demons live via death, destruction, deceit, dishonesty and desecration.
8       They will begin to manifest a Path of Self-destruction.
9       This will cause pain, suffering and misery to all!
10  Their actions will cause fragmentation in all aspects and all levels of existence ≠ Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, etc.
11  You can extrapolate from the last sentence what is going to happen. There will be instability in all those classes of Consciousness with disastrous consequences.
12  All this will be allowed to happen to end this absurdity, this Error, this Abomination.
13  Fiscal Systems will collapse because the Fiscal Being has been dead for some time. Short-term measures will all fail.
14  For those who do not understand, it will mean Despair, Anxiety, Depression and untold suffering.
15  Lack of energy will result in tiredness, inability to cope, rage, more conflict and wars.
16  The Media is making things worse by presenting a false scenario to fool people further. Alternate magazines are guilty of this also and I shall give examples as we proceed during the year.
17  Those a little more awakened will become impatient for the End. They will become more and more sensitive to the negative essence flooding the plane and will feel unwell from that. It may manifest as nausea, unwillingness to mix with those of Darkness, and deleterious effects from perceiving thoughts of disillusion, desolation and despair from the Negativity Pool surrounding the earth.
18  Minds will become darker, and as the thought of the End crystallizers in non-viable beings, rage, savagery, homicide and suicides, will increase exponentially.
19  Psychic abilities will continue to develop so we shall see who is who. But what is seen will not be always welcome or pretty. Brace yourselves, Many shocks are in store.
20  Eventually, even the fooled non-viables will see they have been fed BS with the writings about their becoming Ďgodsí, about the Ascension of Earth, joining the Galactic Federation, Earth being a benign classroom, etc., etc. I have covered these points previously. The difference now is that they will awaken to the Cultivated Ignorance and the fact that they have been fooled and been taken as fools. Anger and violence shall be their response.
21  All will see the Demonic (Evil) plots far more easily. This fact is becoming obvious daily. You really have to wonder just who the Demons think they are fooling. They are fooling themselves of course. But, that is the Way of Evil.
22  More falsity about UFOs, Governments, Religions, Science, Humanity, Evolution, etc., will enter the plane but people will NOT be fooled.
23  Viables will be frustrated because they cannot understand why the unawakened failures cannot see the more complete picture as they do. I have told you often the Demons and failures cannot see the Light or Truth or respond to Real Love. Forget them. They are Wraiths awaiting disintegration.
24  This is going to be a time of massive crisis. Like frogs in a drying pond, 2 basic Ďanimalisticí energies/instincts  will come to the fore:
a.  The instinct for survival ≠ thus people will become selfish in the extreme to survive the odds ≠ which they cannot, of course. But, you can see the looting, violence, wars of conquest and stealing of resources, etc. To this end, the elite have built themselves tombs, have they not? Trillions have been stolen from the citizenry to build underground complexes in which the thieving elite can drown like failed rats.
b.  The instinct to reproduce and save the species - hence sex energy in abundance will flood the plane. Lower centres will be agitated, attacked and often abused. Protect well. Share love not sex. Realize that is why you feel these instincts.
25  Humanity will divide into 2 different mental worlds: that of the Viables and that of the non-Viables.
26  While we are still in the physical, it will be impossible to avoid suffering, so be prepared. Help others, but realize many are not Viable and will separate away from you, emotionally, mentally and spiritually if not actually physically.
27  Timing of the End is not important, but it is sooner than most think.
28  The concentration of the New Green Energy will fluctuate as some of you may have already noticed.
29  A New Energy has been released
30  Realize that what is occurring is a massive operation involving the entire Physical Universe, not just Earth. That is one of the points I will highlight when I discuss some of the essays being published in magazines that push the BS of Cultivated Ignorance (CI).
31  What is occurring here on Earth is occurring in all the celestial bodies in the Universe.
32  People will be force to awaken to the existence of Evil. It is being minimized in the media and alternate literature. Twenty plus years ago, New Agers and the like denied it even existed.
33  Everyone, yes, everyone, will, per force, come to the realization that this existence must come to an end. As I will show, alternate magazines are giving all the BS of continuation in a different form. For now, they just canít believe or accept what I assert. It does nto matter in the slightest. What is to happen will happen.
34  The Process of Fragmentation and Finalization to the Problem of Evil cannot be stopped. It is way beyond the understanding of humans and/or their control.
35  If you are one of the Workers, realize that the Higher Consciousness often leaves to go elsewhere. Details are not important. But during its absence, the body can feel abandoned. It can feel despair, become fretful, depressed, think it is abandoned, that it has failed, etc., etc. It picks up the evil thoughts and despair of the doomed more easily. The best way to deal with this is to realize what is happening and shut down! Do mundane chores and donít think too much.
36  That highlights the importance of Protection, Cleansing and Connecting to the Higher Centres. Read inspiring material. Listen to Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, etc., or meditation music such as that of Kitaro. I found his earlier works were delightful.
37  Spend more time with your pets. They will be undergoing exactly the same stresses as you in this End time.
38  Focus on what it is that is happening. Dispel all Doubt and Confusion.
39  Learn to discern the energy of everyone you meet, regardless of whether you have known them before or not. It is either harmonious with yours or it is not. If it is not, whomever you have met, assuming you are of Light, is not your friend. Beware.
40  Finally, remember each morning to SURRENDER yourself to the Will of the Highest Good. And as you do so, realize you cannot Ďcarryí anyone into the Light.


Why did I repeat all these points most of which I have made before? It is to remind you of them and to make note of the fact that you will find them nowhere else.

To end this short essay, I would like to reproduce a poem by my friend and very close associate Jerry Attrick. Some of you may remember him. As senior moments make their presence felt more frequently, the Jerry Attrick has become a bigger part of the scene. This poem is from my book ĎMorning Glory, Afternoon Reflections, Vol. 1í.

If you donít understand Jerry, get into the habit of having more frequent and longer-lasting Senior Moments. They will do you good! Just joking!


And, just BTW, you will recall that I said Dementia would become endemic? The evidence is indisputable.


A love poem by Jerry Attrick.
Pretty log
(Pssss, Itís ĎPrologueí, Jerry)
AhrrrÖ thanks.
I want to tell you how to inter-pirate my poem so
you will get the fullest with it.
The scenes of the poem are set in your mind.
I begin with a ewefarm Ö.your familistic Öyour pharmacist Ö.
a youfarmistic celebration of the trials and joys of Physical
Immorality, err Immortality, but then, as in Thespian Tradition,
- this is a liberal society after all - I falls victim to the far-reaching
tentacles of Love ≠ thank Goodness.
(I Reach the music by Page Nine
Err Ö. I mean, I read the music by Paganini.)
Here goes, like ÖÖ
ďI donna wanna dye.
I wanna live forever,
Long, and hard,
So I can be ever fresh,
And sprout wings when
The GM foods mutate
My jeans with no fly.
I wanna keep on liviní
And enjoy life like in the movies,
ĎXcept I donít want their sinniní.
I wanna paint the town red,
Not lie like a dorky invalid in bed.
I wanna live till me kidder-knees give out
And I gets me own dialysis machine
With all them tubes that go in and out.
And sans teeth or hair,
Iíll emulate a gummy bear.
And Iíll come to grips
With walking when I have no hips,
ĎCause Iíll buy one of them
Darn-fangled machines
That move you around
And even let you fly.
And then Iíll wiz about
As like a young kid Iíll shout.
You see? I donít wanna dye.
And that ainít no lie.
But, if Iím so old that there is no air,
Why, Iíll wear a mask
With tubes to a cylinder
That I see people use even though
They canít get out of a chair,
And their brains, un-oxygenated,
Have the IQ of that chair.
And, if Iím so old my bowels donít work,
I wonít care, Iíll be no jerk,
Iíll let pretty nurses enematize me
For a fee thatís fair.
And, if my sight should fail,
Iíll watch TV in Braille.
I know Wally-mart has such sets
Periodically on sale.
And, if my legs donít work either
Along with the failed vision,
At the very worst,
Iíll hang on to your coat tails.
What? Whatís that you say?
You will have long said goodbye?
You mean Iíll be without you?
Iíll be lonely and on my own?
Well, in that case, dearest,
Iíve changed me mind.
The World without you
Would not to me be very kind.
Iíve changed me mind.
With you off this World Iíd want to fly.
If you go, I go too.
Yes, yes, tell them greedy medics
That when I collapse
I want no part of their heroics.
When itís my time,
I too want to die.
Yes, dearest, when itís time,
Nowhere else but with you
Iíd want to be.
Without you? No Joy!
Iíd be most unhappy.
Donít you know?
Iíd cut my stay in Heaven short
If you, dearest, were not there,
For itís only your presence
That makes my life fair.
I want to be with you in the sky.
And that ainít no lie.Ē

 Copyright: Dr J Chiappalone

January 1, 2013





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