2012 Tea Party Election? -
It's Not The Presidency

By Steve King

The election of 2010 was a most outstanding event in our Nation's History. Not in my lifetime, at least, had a grassroots movement changed the political landscape like the Tea Party did that year. The Establishment of the Republican Party was given the proverbial boot as the GOP took control of the US House and nearly took the US Senate. In fact, had Tea Party Infiltrator Sarah Palin not gone into some of the States where there was strong support for the Tea Party Senatorial Candidate, and campaigned for the Establishment Senatorial Candidate instead, those states probably would have won those seats for the GOP and taken control of the Senate. Also, that year, Voter Fraud had risen to its highest level ever and, among other races had, no doubt, been a contributing factor in Harry UnAmerican Reid's win.

Read Devvy Kid's latest article on Vote Fraud:

In spite of  this, the influence of the Tea Party on the 2010 election scared the New World Order (NWO) Money Lords to the point that they won't let it happen again; we can't take anything for granted this go around. Some of the biggest changes took place in the State Houses. Over 700 State Legislative seats changed hands. In Texas alone, before the election, the State House GOP enjoyed a 76 to 74 majority. After the election, the House GOP enjoyed 100 to 50 seat majority which is enough to call a quorum for a vote should the Democrats decide to run off to Oklahoma if they don't get their way about something.
OK, that was 2010. What about 2012? If you listen to Rush and Shawn and the main stream media, there is only one race this year - the road to the White House. Whether you're watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper, its all about the Presidential race. Some are already calling 2016 for Hillary. The media simply has most voters focused on this one race for four years, and even before that one is over, we are well into the next four year process. Yet there are 435 Congressmen, 33 Senators, state legislative offices, and other statewide races that are very important. The result of the focus on the Presidential race is we have a very uninformed electorate. And we have a discouraged Tea Party, many of whom are scratching their heads and saying, "Mitt Romney? Really? It's happening again, another liberal Republican to replace the liberal we have now."
Congressman Larry McDonald spent an hour and a half with me one on one explaining which political races we should concentrate our efforts on every two years. This was in 1982, one year before he went down in the supposed Russian shoot down of KAL 007. >From the 7th District of Georgia, Congressman McDonald had amassed the most conservative and Constitutional Voting record up to that time in the US House. Now Congressman Ron Paul has that distinction.
He explained that since and including FDR, with the exception of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, every Presidential nominee of both the Republican and Democratic Parties had been a member of the Elite NWO's Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Ronald Reagan had chosen George Bush as his Vice President who was a former director (one of five along with Henry Kissinger), and had over 250 members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission in his Administration. They are elected every 4 years and once again, this year we will have a choice between CFR Tweedledee and CFR Tweedledum. Once they get into office, forget the campaign rhetoric, they WILL fulfill the Elite's Agenda. So forget the President. You're wasting your time and money.
He said don't waste your time on the US Senate either, whose terms last six years. By the time the next election rolls around, they have so much in their Campaign War Chest that it is virtually impossible to to unseat them. Again, the Tea Party made a difference in 2010, but once they are in, with few exceptions, they don't listen to us. So again, don't waste your time or money. [Besides, the US Senate, as part of the separation of powers and checks and balances, is the State's House according to the Constitution. We need to return the Senate to its Constitutional intent with the State Legislatures choosing their own Senators. Judge Napalitano, my Congressman Louie Gohmert, Senator Mike Lee, and many Tea Party groups want to repeal the 17th Amendment and return the US Senate back to the States. They certainly recognize the problem, but you simply can't repeal something that does not exist. The 17th Amendment was only Declared Ratified.] We will save that one for another Article. In the mean time, Investigative Journalist Devvy Kid has done the exhaustive research including the National Archives proving the 17th Amendment does not exist and has written extensively on this subject including Articles in WND, Rense, News With Views, and are archived on her website:

One of her latest articles on this is found here:

That leaves the US House. This is the People's House carved up into 435 Congressional Districts. Do you know your Congressman's name? Do you know where he stands on the issues? We can control the  Federal Government by controlling the US House. Congressman McDonald pointed out that, according to the Constitution, all bills of revenue originate in the US House. This means we, through them, control the purse strings of the Federal Government. If we don't like a proposed bill because it is Unconstitutional or costs too much, we, as their bosses, tell them NO! If there is an existing law that is bad, the House can refuse to fund it. They will do whatever they please unless they hear from you. There are two places online I go to on a regular basis to keep my Congressman in line.
One of these contains their voting records. The Freedom Index which some of you will remember as the Conservative Index (the word Conservative is so misused by lying politicians that the name was changed to Freedom).  This can be found at: http://www.jbs.org  and click on "Voting Index" at the top to go to the Freedom Index archives. If you sign up for their alerts, you  can weigh in on current bills before Congress as they will send your comments by email to your Congressman and two Senators.
The other place I go to is http://www.downsizedc.org  I've been on this one for years and, like the alerts with JBS, you can receive Downsize's alerts and be able to, in a few clicks, weigh in and they also email your letter to Capitol Hill. I hear back from my two Senators on where they stand on the particular bill every time I use Downsize. I receive calls from my Congressman or his staff often with this as well. One key is to let them know, in your comments, you are a Tea Party participant or leader in your local chapter. It carries a lot of weight. I founded the Texas Tea Party in 2006 and start each of these letters with, "The Texas Tea Party is against (or for)..." You can visit my website at:  http://texasteaparty.org/  and view the videos on the left side of the page.
The full US House is up for election every two years. Most don't feel that comfortable that they will be there for the long haul, unless they are in a district that hasn't been holding them accountable, as most face opponents every two years and therefore are interested in your views because they value your vote. Keep the pressure up. Become informed on their voting record and request office hours and town-hall meetings. Bring other members of the Tea Party with you and don't back down by letting them squirm their way out by explaining why they had to vote wrong or Unconstitutionally. Once there is enough informed voters in your district and you increase the activity  of  keeping them accountable, they will change or you replace them. ALWAYS have a good candidate ready to challenge them next go around. Time is so short.
Steve King has been involved in grassroots activism for over 30 years with a focus on the US House and State offices. He began holding Tea Parties in homes for the purpose of educating the electorate at the local level in early 2007. He built the Texas Tea Party website in July of 2007 with the motto "Declare your Independence from the Two Party System" as a resource to help others in conducting their own home Tea Parties and to organize local chapters. Contact him at:  Stephen (Sky) King, Founder - Texas Tea Party and the Tea Party Movement: http://texasteaparty.org



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