Reply 1 - 'Jeff Rense's Abuse Of Power & Trust'  
Reply Posted 2-16-12
(Article First Published Elsewhere 2-8-12)


The following is the latest, 'greatest' zionist hit piece on yours truly and It is as vile and filth-ridden as most of the rest - and every bit as full of lies and misrepresentations as any we have been subjected to over the close to two decades we have been serving our country and our Constitution. This assault is not fact, it is the farthest thing from it. Regrettably, it is yet another indication of the Terminal Madness of the End Times that is enveloping and metastasizing throughout the internet...and therefore, the planet. In many ways, the Internet now IS our planet. Here is the piece in question and my replies to it...

REPLY - First of all, the title itself is contrived and a complete lie of fact. Notice it does not read 'alleged', is making a statement.  This title uncannily represents the proverbial statement: "The accuser often stands justly accused for the same transgression in the end."

"(left, the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld)"

"No Readers for You!!!"

REPLY - The above is essentially calling me a neo-Nazi and anti-semite.

"No one has the right to hold our movement hostage, especially not someone with US Secret Service connections." -- by Henry Makow Ph.D.

REPLY -  This is direct libel with zero proof and intent to harm.

"Jeff Rense rants about our politicians' abuses but behaves like a petty tyrant."

REPLY - A 'petty tyrant'?   Interesting.  I have never seen that one in 29 years as a professional journalist.

"He postures as a champion of free speech but bans a long list of articles, writers and websites."

REPLY - I am the editor-in-chief of a privately-owned and operated news service which is deservedly respected worldwide because of the generally very high calibre of the material offered.  I often filter through several hundred stories a day to select those which I feel are worthy of your time.  Those that are not chosen are not 'banned'...they are not chosen.  My site, my choice.

"He condemns censorship and propaganda but in fact may be controlled opposition."

REPLY - Oh, really?  May we see some proof?  No, that would take away the fun of smearing someone.

 "All the while, he grosses over $400,000 a year. (To be fair, he does work 24/7.)"

REPLY -  'Fair'?  What, pray tell, is remotely 'Fair' about this libel?  What is earned or isn't earned  is my private business.  I will offer that I am anything but 'rich', am approximately $800,000 in debt, pay 30-40% of what I do EARN to the IRS, and have enormous expenses running the site and radio network operations.  The wholesale costs products are extremely high, and dozens of other obligations which must be paid.  To throw such a figure around is a typical zionist ploy.

In fact, I work 12-14 hours a day, 365 days a year, closing in on 14 years without a single unencumbered day off.  Never a vacation...the news never stops.  I earn every single penny I am fortunate to make and if I were clever, I'd be earning a lot more.  I have old-fashioned work ethics and want to make sure my products - news and all intellectual properties - are as good as I can humanly make them.

How am I $800,000 in debt?  I will tell you.  I am a single father and raised my 16 month old child singlehandedly.  I lost everything twice and went bankrupt once stemming from 15 years in court.  I fought and clawed my way back from oblivion while being a single father both was not easy.  I have been self-supporting financially since I was eleven years old so I know how NOT to be a quitter...nor am I a victim.

Trying to achieve the 'dream', I put most everything I had been able to save, qualified for a large mortgage, and 'bought' a home on a few dry, weed and thistle-covered acres.  The house on the property was larger than I wanted but the land had good potential.  We moved into the home and I put a lot into fixing up the inside over the next several months to make it a special environment for a wonderful youngster.  Then came a time to install a new, large window in one of the exterior walls which had to be rebuilt to accommodate the window. 

A backhoe was brought in and upon digging down next to the outside wall to examine the foundation, it was discovered there were NO foundations.  No footers, no nothing.  The exterior walls of the house went straight down into the dirt about 18 inches and stopped.

The county building department came out and immediately tagged the home a danger, ordered us to move out, and told me I had to demolish the entire fraudulent structure.  I bought some time and was able to upgrade the GARAGE into a minimum legal living structure...built a bedroom and bath in it for my child and we moved into it.

I did what I was told and paid to have the home demolished and the wreckage hauled away.  I kept working 7 days a week but I was making large mortgage payments on what was now a hole in the ground where the home had stood.

We had to live in that garage for the next seven years.  Losing a 3,000 sq ft house is a disaster.  The house was much too large but that's what was on the property when I bought it.  It costs about $175 a square foot to build a new home now, so I lost $500,000 in replacement costs and demolition.

Eventually, over the years, I saved up enough and was finally able to refinance the property and build a modest 2300 sq ft cedar-style replacement home...a real home with footings and a foundation.  So, seven years after discovering I had been duped into buying a fraud of a house, I was able to move into the replacement home.  The two mortgages were now close to $600,000.  No, I will never get out of debt but at least I am not living in a garage any longer.  Life is full of challenges. Not the least of which are lowlife, lying, subhuman, contrived libel and defamation attacks.

"His website is an important center of opposition to the New World Order.  In the face of this mortal threat, we expect someone in his position to unite instead of divide us."

REPLY -  A truly hilarious statement.  Who, in fact, created this libel? Who is the one attempting to divide 'us'?  This is a putrid, rudely obvious effort at projection of one's own artifice upon the victim target.  It is not journalism, it is not fighting for Liberty and is pure evil.


REPLY - Once again, this is a complete untruth.  Neither he nor his personal writings were banned from my site.  The offer to continue posting his authored columns was made...unfortunately that offer was rejected by him.  Facts are facts.

"I was banned by Rense after a 12-year collaboration...."

REPLY - Not banned, simply reclassified to the extent that the string of non-authored articles submitted by this person which had, long ago, often fallen below my standards.  However, as a personal favor, I continued posting most of them, sending all the link traffic to his site.  In fact, I had not only been posting these non-authored articles in my Headlines but also in the man's Columnist box effectively creating a miniature homepage for this man on MY homepage...a kindness and gift unprecedented in internet news sites to my knowledge.

"....for posting this synopsis  of Jim Stone's theory about Fukushima on my web site."

REPLY - I finally reached the point of being fed up with much of the sketchy material being submitted and thereby informed the person that I would no longer link to articles he, himself, did not personally author.  However, I made it quite clear that I would be happy to continue posting his personally-written articles on my site.  That was not good enough and the end of the 'free ride' of linked stories TO his site from my site was too much to take.  That said, attacks the likes of which I am addressing clearly do not just 'happen' overnight.  This is a planned and coordinated libel, hiding behind the US-Canada border.

As for the particular story about 'nuclear bombs' being used to cause the Fukushima quake and tsunami, I will not entertain such trash on my site.  Period.  Japan is the earthquake capitol of the world and known universe.  See this story and link if you have any doubts:

Stunning Japan 2011 Earthquake Visualization Map

"Rense didn't even link to it."

REPLY -  As I have explained above.  Damned right I didn't link to it anymore than I would link to a  three-headed Pleiadian women's coffee klatch held in an Andromedaen donut shop.  Hmm...come to think of it, I probably WOULD link to such an event.

"As a result, Jeff said he would post my articles, on his site..."

REPLY - How incredibly ungrateful of me.

"....but would no longer link to my site for me or my freelance contributors.  I got half my readers from him and he knew it."

REPLY -  No, 'he' didn't know that.  And frankly, after having essentially 'made' this man a vaguely 'popular' writer on the net, if anyone 'owed' anyone...well, let's just say the man has his priorities (and understanding) ass-backward.  I keep forgetting the second Golden Rule 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (by libel and slander).'

"I make my modest living from advertising and books on my site. Of course, I would not continue to send him my work."

REPLY - Unlike him, however, I don't divulge or twist or corrupt a few private phone conversations or private information into self-serving libel.  For example, if someone were to tell me he or she had a father who was dying and that he or she was just waiting for that death because he or she expected to inherit several "millions" from his or her father's estate, I certainly would not write about that on the internet as part of a contrived smear designed with malice aforethought to professionally and personally harm someone.  Nor would I ever attack an HONEST patriot.

"My many contacts and contributors were an important tributary of information flowing into his mighty Amazon. Irrationally, he shut it off."

REPLY - 'Irrationally'?  As explained above, the hundreds of favors extended to this man had run their course and the quality of the majority of the 'contributor' articles had long since passed being of interest.

"Jeff claims to sell $300,000 a year in advertising. He makes another $150,000 from his radio show archives."

REPLY -  No, Jeff doesn't claim any such thing.  He says that IF all ads were sold at FULL price 365 days a year, the GROSS income would be in that neighborhood.  With the economy breathing its last, the amount of fully-paid ads have traditionally been considerably short of such a goal.  Now that has a full-time advertising Director for the first time, we expect sales to increase substantially.  There is no other news service quite like it on the net and many people respect and appreciate that.

"He pays about $400 a month to his web provider."

REPLY - It's higher but this is very common figure in the highly-competitive IP market today.  As for my wonderful webmaster, James Neff -

"I don't know where Henry Makow is getting his information, but he'd better vet his sources more carefully. I have been working with Jeff since 1996 and have been perfectly happy with our arrangement and one should doubt very seriously the outlandish claim that I would remain in such a state of abuse -- negro on a plantation?!?! -- for 17 years! I am stunned at Makow's comments and attempts to cast Jeff in the worst light possible, to slander, liable and smear him. I can tell you first hand, and without shackles on my neck nor a whip at my back, that Jeff is a person of exceptional integrity, humanity and decency. All the lies in the world can't make Jeff the boogieman his enemies want him to be, because the truth is light, and the light shines in the darkness. It has been nothing but an honor and a privilege to be Jeff's webmaster these many years."

"I don't know if Jim Stone is Jesus Christ-returned or a CIA operative. I do know he made a plausible argument which deserved to be evaluated.  I have a right to make a mistake without being mugged by my supposed  friend and longtime ally."

REPLY - As editor-in-chief of my own PRIVATELY-RUN news service, I am charged with my own journalistic ethics to provide the best material possible to our readers.   As I said, many of the 'contributor' articles I posted as a *personal favor* to this man did not measure up to my standards.  My incoming reader email had been pointing in that same direction for a long time.

"This was a minor disagreement, just one of hundreds of important stories Jeff posted by me over the years."

REPLY - No, not 'important' to me at ALL in many cases, as I've stated.

 "Jeff posts stories about UFO's for heaven's sake!"

REPLY -  Uh, 'for heaven's sake!' ?  The most important story and the biggest secret of OUR TIME and this man still doesn't get that?  Ah, each his own.

"He wrote hysterically: "ANY story claiming some sabotage or military operation caused the disaster is, OBVIOUSLY, serving the dark side and the nuclear power industry. Nuclear power is destroying the planet. The entire Pacific is gone as a food source.... "

REPLY - Ah, this gets better all the time.  Now, to define my extraordinarily accurate and measured statement of the abject *truth* as 'hysterical' is quite the stretch if not downright pathetic and naive.  Fairly clear who the 'hysterical' one is... so we should not be surprised to see another classic example of projection of one's own status onto another.  I am particularly proud of my quoted statement above and only wish the MSM would report those truths to the public it so thoroughly brainwashes around the clock.

"Then in his most patronizing tone: 'I have tried to help you see the bigger picture but I am not succeeding. I can't refer people to your site anymore.   You are disparaging me and essentially mocking my entire baseline position on this and other areas.'"

REPLY -  I could not have said it better myself...oh, I did say it.  Well done, then!

"One article out of hundreds? What other areas?"

REPLY - Oh, would that it were so.  NOT so, as I have clearly explained above.

 "(I don't share his admiration of Adolf Hitler. Is he referring to that?)"

REPLY -  Here, now, is the revelatory, obligatory, zionist hit-piece smear, the 'anti-semitic' slap in the face.  Truth be told, I do admire the ECONOMIC achievements of 1930s Germany and the rebuilding of an entirely destroyed nation in only *five years* did TIME Magazine who named Adolf Hitler, the zionist's eternal whipping boy,
Man Of The Year for his efforts and successes.  That was before the zionist press had a change of heart, of course, and declared him the wicked 'Adolf Hitler' of his age.  Or, is that a malapropism?  smile.

"He could have sent a rebuttal to Stone's theory. If he were proven correct, I would have tipped my hat."

REPLY - Yes, Indeed.  I should have to *prove* the US Navy did NOT sneak down off the coast of Fukushima and light off a couple of thermo nukes to trigger an earthquake and tsunami that will end up killing tens of millions, making the entire island of Honshu realistically, scientifically and radiologically uninhabitable and destroying the whole Northern Pacific Ocean as a food source!   Not to mention spreading radiation all over these formerly United States, and Canada and Europe.  Yep, those Navy boys and girls and all those Pentagram brass types are mighty smart folks, alright.

Someone once said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof."  Well, folks, as anyone who can read can see, there is ZERO proof, extraordinary or otherwise, of any of the absurd claims in this slick and sorry excuse for a 'news story'.  It's called sheer disinformation in my book.  'Journalism' is an old and once honorable profession.  It used to have as its hallmarks: "Who, What, Where, When, Why and How" as the criteria of proof.  Nowadays, merely seeing something in print is enough to make believers out of most of the sheep who can still read.  And the vile scribblers of such disinformation make me want to reach for a sick bag.

 "Instead, he dumped me and asked if I 'had an autographed picture of Abe Foxman in [my] office? You are acting like an arch Zionist now.  Maybe you always were.' "

REPLY -  Ah, yes, another fine and outstandingly cogent comment by yours truly!  Well done, again.  And more than a bit portentous regarding the final this very libel piece I am clarifying is, indeed, a prize example of organized zionist filth at its best (oops, an oxymoron if there ever was one).


REPLY - Hark!  At last a Freudian slippage!  A self-analysis of this libelous tirade by the author himself.  Bravo!


REPLY -  Aw, just when he was getting warmed up, too.

"Jeff's email is screened. He depends on a handful of contacts to provide him with news items."

REPLY - Good grief!  Screened email...OMG, there is truly something sinister at work!

"Thus, I was tutored in his many feuds and hatreds."

REPLY -  "Thus, I was tutored"  Uh...I don't think so.  This man does not know me from Adam.  My 'feuds' are common knowledge on the net and I frankly don't 'hate' anyone.  I don't have the energy or inclination.  One minute of 'hate' disrupts the human immune system for 6 to 8 hours it has been stated.  I care about staying well to serve those who appreciate what I try my best to do...and

"I learned who was "banned" and who was "OK." Banned meant no information from this source can be posted no matter how important to the reader or the cause."

REPLY -  Geez, there's that banned word again.  It almost seems this man thinks is the only news service on the internet.  I should guess there might be one or two other venues upon which material that doesn't measure up to standards just might be posted.  What do you think?

"Here is a partial list of the sites Jeff  "banned."

Rixon Stewart  -- Jeff thinks Rixon "plagiarized" his site. He goes ballistic every time Rixon's name is mentioned. He forbade Brother Nathaniel and myself from appearing on Rixon's site after Rixon criticized him publicly. He said we had to be loyal to him. This ban did not apply to Gilad Atzmon or Israel Shamir or Smoking Mirrors. But I accepted it out of "loyalty" and the belief that Jeff was doing a lot of good."

REPLY -  Remarkable that I have the power to 'forbid' another writer from choosing where to post his or her material.  I had no idea!  I simply informed the man what Mr. Stewart had done to and told him that I don't condone wholesale copying of other peoples' intellectual property, that I call it THEFT, and that if the man wanted to support such behavior, he was no longer welcome at  Gosh, I guess having principles is not in vogue with certain people.  What happened to, you say?  One morning, I awoke to numerous emails congratulating me on finally having a 'mirror site' up and running.  Unfortunately, I had no mirror site.  I looked at the link in some of the emails and it led to a site in the UK.

I was, shall we say, shocked at what I saw.  I saw virtual clone in every way...same three column set-up, same exact splash art space in the top center and to top off the dessert, a passle of stories right from my homepage...headlines and all.  Here is a statement that my geopolitical correspondent in England, Tim Rifat, asked me to include here.  Tim, it seems, was an associate of Mr Stewart at the time of the great heist. I called Tim as I knew he was acquainted with the proprietor of the clone.

Tim says...and you can verify with HIM..."I took a look and couldn't believe it.  I phoned Rixon and asked him what the hell he was doing. 

Rixon answered with insane laughter and said, "F*CK RENSE!!! Just let him try to stop me!!!!" followed by more maniacal laughter.  I immediately severed all business dealings and relations with him and consider what was done to you to be an MI6 operation to try to dilute the power of  Please tell your readers that anyone is welcome to contact me about this anytime."  --Tim Rifat.

So, I think the reader will understand how and why I asked the man to choose sites.  Since I had a bigger circulation and could benefit him more, he chose

"Mark Glenn --  An eloquent critic of Zionism, banned after Mark protested some anti-Islam articles Jeff posted."

REPLY - I urge all readers of this to simply scroll down the page below and read what the man wrote about me and only a year and a half ago about the coordinated attack on me...which incited certain Islamic elements to make death threats to me.  I immediately informed the writer inciting same that unless he stopped with the hate and vitriol that was resulting in death threats and putting me and my family at severe risk, that I WOULD contact DHS and report his efforts to cause me grievous harm or worse.   See below...but here is a teaser from it for you... "Jeff Rense's website and radio program represent an oasis of truth for countless people around the world who can still think for themselves.  That's why it was both puzzling and painful to witness a vituperative attack on Jeff by his erstwhile friend and ally Mark Glenn."  -- Henry Makow

"Alex Jones --   Dueling egos, Jeff feels "the fat man" reneged on an agreement to exchange links."

REPLY -  No comment needed.

"Ken Adachi   -- Banned in early 2011 after 14 years, for disagreeing with Jeff over "the driver shot JFK" theory. Jeff sided with Jim Marrs who suspiciously downplayed this view."

REPLY - No, Mr. 'Adachi' was not 'banned'...I did stop posting his material after he publicly degraded me because I don't believe the JFK limo driver was an actual shooter.  My view, my belief.  For that, I was attacked.  So, no more Mr. Adachi on

"MIke Adams (Natural News) and Activist Post  - Both disinformation agents, according to Jeff"

REPLY - No comment really needed.  However, for the record,  I have posted many Natural News articles, many from Mike Adams, and many from the Activist Post.  There is some outstanding information on these sites or I would not link to them.  As we ALL should know by now, the best way to control the opposition is to create and launch it 'overnight' and then manipulate it. The internet is loaded with such disinformation sites.  Who are they?  Your guess is as good as mine. 

I have even been duped into presenting disinformation, unknowingly, over these nearly two decades.  It happens to everyone.

Having watched how sites are created and launched with a major saturation technique, it doesn't require a PhD in Physics to figure out which sites might be creations of the government in some form or another.  In fact, there have been many recent, extensive expose' articles about how the government controls vast areas of the internet and has created great numbers of sites and 'personalities' to do their bidding.  That, boys and girls, is just how the game is played.  If the manipulators and propagandists have to put out solid gold, true information to further their overall control of the alternative news on the internet, they will, and are, doing so all the time.  It is, indeed, an 'alternative news saturation ploy'.  I look forward to posting many more Activist Post and Natural News stories...unless I'm 'banned.'   smile.

"Activist post is the enemy and supports the FAT MAN. It is a globalist site being run out of Costa Rica...the CIA two guys.  It is another part of the 'alternative news saturation' ploy.

The late Joe Vialls  -- Joe hit the nail on the head on several occasions, particularly in his research into the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. He really hit home with that and it unnerved the powers that be. Rense gave it minimal coverage and actually posted material alongside Joe Vialls work that disputed his findings."

REPLY -  B.S.  To this day, I rerun Joe's superior, invaluable pieces about the 'peak oil' fraud and the staged shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania which was used to take guns away from Australians.  Joe and I exchanged a number of mutually supportive emails before he passed on. 
Also - beware, Americans, if you lose the Second Amendment, the First will follow and your imprisonment will be complete.

"Mike James -- Rense removed all Mike James' work from his website after Mike was attacked by two thugs in Germany. Coincidence?"

REPLY -  More absolute B.S.  I have never, ever removed 'all Mike James work' from  Kindly visit and enter 'Mike James' in my site search engine.  You will see at least 430 references with the lead Mike James article being: 'Will Zionist Jews Kill Mike James?'  Mike is a brave writer and his work has always been and will always be a welcome part of

"NewswithViews - Jeff resolved never to link to this site because they banned Rev. Ted Pike for his outspoken analysis of the Zionist factor."

Reply -   The B.S. hit keep coming...   I've known Paul for many years and my site search engine shows over 6,600 hits for News With Views articles and essays and mentions.  Paul is an extremely dedicated and hard-working patriot.  I have no recall of Paul banning Ted Pike for anything.  It's news to me.


"Larry Sinclair, the man who claims he had sex with Barack Obama, was cracking under the pressure. He called Jeff and told him he had swallowed enough pills to commit suicide. To his credit, Jeff kept him on the line and then had the call traced. Sinclair was found and taken to the hospital where he recovered."

REPLY -  This is UTTERLY inaccurate.  The full story of that night will appear in Larry's second book.  I did not know Larry had overdosed until I went on the air that night and had received an email from my attorney back east that Larry had swallowed pills on video and had uploaded the video himself to the net several hours earlier.  It was assumed he was dead by the time she emailed me. This hit me quite hard only minutes before airtime.  I had done over 25 programs with Larry and knew him and his story very well.  I have a great deal of respect for his courage even though I don't know what really happened because I was not there during the alleged Obama events.  I started the program feeling shocked and saddened as I think you might understand, but did my best to present the kind of program the listeners are used to and deserve.

The program airs from 7-10 pm Pacific.  At about 9:04 pm that night (the third hour goes live with me at 9:06), my studio phone rang.  It just doesn't ring ... so I picked it up.

It was Larry, mostly dead but still alive.  I was staggered, as I hope most of you can understand.  I had only about 90 seconds to airtime.

I listened to him talk...he started out by saying that he had gotten *timed release* opiates by mistake and was mad about it and that the reason he called was that he wanted to thank me for all the support, and for letting him tell his story to all who would listen.  It was not easy to do this for several reasons, not the least of which was because he was barely conscious.

However, I knew intuitively that as long as I could keep him talking, there was a chance the police could find him.  I instantly typed out an email to the producer instructing him to run an encore for the third hour and then wrote to my attorney informing her that I had Larry on the phone.  I told her to call the local police in Virginia and alert them he was still alive and that I would keep him on the phone for as long as I could.

I managed to do so for about 37 minutes.  I got a couple emails from my attorney only saying that the police were having no luck.

At the 37 minute mark, Larry said his final goodbyes and so did I.  He was essentially only able to whisper by that time.

That is the last I heard from anyone until the next morning when my attorney called.  Unbeknownst to her, the local police has apparently phoned the Secret Service for help because the local police did not have the ability to ping a cell phone call...and the Secret Service did.

My attorney was angry and told me that no one had bothered to tell her what had happened the night before.  Neither of us had any idea if Larry was dead or alive until the next day.  She told me the police informed her that their call to the Secret Service the night before while I was able to keep Larry on the phone was successful.  She said she was told the Secret Service agents were able to ping Larry's cell phone while I still had him on and found him in a small motel with literally a couple minutes to spare.  Paramedics arrived and they got him out of the room and started to try to stabilize him, and rushed him to the hospital as fast as possible where emergency procedures saved his life.

So, the little man who wrote this libel and classic zionist hit piece on me doesn't know what he is talking about once again.  I have never phoned or spoken to the Secret Service in my life.  Clearly, when the LOCAL POLICE called the Secret Service, they knew exactly who Larry Sinclair is.  Of course, Larry is a 'person of interest' and the Secret Service probably got involved because of that.  Only they know for certain.  Now, look at this merde...

"I asked Jeff who traced the call? Who did you call?

Rense: "The US Secret Service"

Makow:  "Why would the Secret Service, charged with protecting Obama, save the life of Larry Sinclair who could blackmail the President?"

Rense: "He was a person of interest."

????  ( My guess is they have to keep him alive to control Obama.)

"The fact that one of America's "leading dissidents" has the number of the US Secret Service on his Rolodex is troubling. Quite frankly, real dissidents don't call the men who wear shades."

REPLY - To the little man who wrote this...get a life.

"During his dust-up with Mark Glenn, Rense threatened to call the FBI and charge Glenn with harassment.  Seems to me, Jeff Rense is entirely too friendly with law enforcement."

REPLY - I have explained this above.   Again, little man, get a life.

"I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he helped get my message out. I am not controlled opposition. But apparently Jim Stone touched a nerve. If I could no longer be controlled, I had to be curtailed. This is why I am speaking out now."

REPLY -  You curtailed yourself, little man.


REPLY -  Jeff Rense is controlling no one.  He is a professional journalist, not a phony, shit-slinging fraud.

"I am finding that the alternative media is just as controlled and compartmentalized as the mainstream. If you do not catch on with some large aggregator, your audience is limited.

REPY - Well, it had to happen...finally a true statement.

"The jury is out on Jeff Rense."

REPLY - The 'jury'?!  Zionist psy op innuendo never changes.  Defame, slander, smear, libel...and then convict.

"Certainly his hysterical reaction to Jim's Stone's thesis is very suspicious."

REPLY - 'Hysterical'?  Gee, and I feel so calm... 'Suspicious'?  Too funny.  The 'thesis' in question is so damned laughable it is beneath contempt.

"On the other hand, the biggest argument in his favor is: He has been trying to sell his website for a year and can't. No one will pay the exorbitant sum Jeff thinks it's worth. (He actually made comparisons with The Huffington Post which got $315 M.)"

REPLY -   Another maple leaf lie.  My site has been appraised at so far below that HuffPost sale price it is pocket change.  In FACT, the little man expressed great interest in buying to me repeatedly...but said that until a certain relative died and left him (a figure I recall to be in the millions) he could not buy it but that he would keep me informed and get back to me.  Hmmm...

"The bottom line is we can't afford to let egos or money interfere with the dissemination of information and opinion. The future is ominous and we need to put differences aside and unite on the basis of what we agree on."

REPLY -  Classic zionist mind manipulation in the home stretch.  Libel, slander and defame someone and then call for 'unity'.

"But if a key figure is guilty of erratic, arbitrary or suspicious behavior, he should be exposed. No one will hold us hostage, certainly NOT someone we trusted."

REPLY -  uh-oh...I may vomit.  The only thing 'erratic, arbitrary and suspicious' is this vile zionist hit piece itself with my name on it.   The only person who has been exposed is its author.

OK...thank you all for reading. These are dark days. I have work to do and real news to present.  Ah...but I noticed another dose of zionist excretia today, so stay tuned.  Wait until you find out the truth about what the little man calls 'face lifts'...and my fleet of Harleys...and tanning beds!

Comments welcomed - Send to subject line COMMENT


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About the Henry Makow mess... I just finished reading your response.
 I know it wasn’t easy to open up like that. You handled everything PERFECTLY. That’s a ROUGH arena you are in.
 And so sorry to read about your house too. What’a nightmare, living in the garage with a child. You have mentioned your daughter a few times to me, I had no clue that you have been a single Dad for so long. Any guy can be a “father,” but being a “Dad” is hard work. Sometimes gratifying, mostly HARD WORK that isn’t appreciated until the little ones have little ones of their own.
 You’re a good man, Jeff Rense. One of the marks of a “good” person is the number of long term friendships they have. You obviously have excellent long term relationships with Brad, Jim Marrs, Jay, Charlotte Iserbyt, Devvy, Patti Doyle, Frosty, Dave & Sharon, Brian Vike, and others. It’s been 10 years now that we have been listening to you and your guests. I’m a very intuitive listener and can spot questionable characters fairly easily. Not ONCE have I ever heard something from you that made me question your credibility.
 I had to think about this for a while, but it’s been several years since Henry was on the program. But I recall that he was kind of vague and flat. Not “reserved” like George Filer, he seemed kind of distracted. Sometimes you have guests on that are so sparkling (Adrian Salbucci, Dean Gotcher, John Barbour, Bill Deagle, Terry Arnold, Jim Marrs, Jay Weidner, Gerald Celente, and others) that, as a listener, afterwards I find myself thinking about what they said and looking forward to their next visit. Makow was just, FLAT.
So, keep on keep’n on, my friend.

Those of us that love you are still with you and always will be.
Take care.

You Rock!   And....,Just want you to know that you have a TON on support out here on the net!
It's sad but true that there are a lot of sick puppies on the web who could use a good doctor.  Perhaps you can introduce Henry's scurrilous  ad-hominan attacks to my favorite medicine man....Doctor Delete!   LOL
Keep up the good work, Jeff!
You be 'da man!
-Cliff Mickelson


This Is Evil Henry
From Jay Weidner

Would you like me to travel to Jeff's with my video camera and prove to you that there is NO railroad built on Jeff's property?  Why are you saying this?  Where did you get this?  Who are you, Henry?  Is this your idea of investigation and journalism?  You are taking the testimony of one of Jeff's enemies.  I know who it is that you are talking to.  

What you are doing is destroying yourself. Jeff built his place from scratch.  Yes, he owns a motorcycle that he uses to get around.  Maybe it cost $30,000.  I don't knows and I don't care.  My car costs that much, too.  So, is anyone who has a $30,000 vehicle a greedy bastard?

Publishing the article by Lisa Guliani was the final straw.  She left her husband and three children and moved in with porn writer Victor Thorn.  They then teamed up with Laura Knight Jadczyk, who channels aliens via a ouija board.  The three then went out of their way to attack everyone in the 911 truth movement including Christopher Bollyn, myself, Jeff Rense, Michael Rupert and many others.  

Only liberals care about what someone else makes.  Only liberals are openly jealous of what another man owns.  Only liberals and communists go public decrying a man's personal property and possessions.  

You have been exposed as a petty person, Henry.  I cannot describe my disappointment in you.
So, please answer my question.  Should I travel to Jeff's and video his property to prove to you that there is no railway on the property or will you issue and apology to Jeff for saying this without any proof?

Your ex-friend
Jay Weidner


Totally support you Jeff and your website. Visit it often to get latest news. Find it eye opening and have found many great websites. I love researching. Sorry to hear of your row with Makow. I am on your side. He bit off more than he can chew here. I don't believe any of Makow's assertions against you.

A loyal reader,


Hi Jeff,

I and my groups (about 7,000 plus of us) wanted to show our support for you.

Please know that we have followed your work for years and greatly appreciate you
as a person.... we will continue to speak well of you and follow your news
Be well and sending much love and warmth to you and yours


Although unable to support your great work due to being laid off and semi-retired, I look to your site as a cornerstone of my insatiable need to "know". Opening to your web page is second only to my email site and both are kept open all day. I am constantly refreshing your page for the most current information. Disinfo is a constant problem, but I have come to appreciate your ability to discern fact from fiction and stay focused on the truly relevant issues with a depth and clarity that surpasses all other "alternative" news sources.

I am now fully prepared mentally (and somewhat prepared physically) for the imminent chaos thanks largely to you and Clif High. The standards set by Edward R. Murrow in journalism and investigative reporting (gratefully) have not been lost as exampled by the standards you have preserved. The Zionist have destroyed those standards within the MSM that they now totally control, but I know that you will continue to tilt at the windmills these rat bastards have erected.

I am sure you have your own "Bug-Out" plans in place, but I strongly suspect you will be among the last to abandon your post for personal safety. Not all heroes wear uniforms. You are a true hero of mankind.


Dear Jeff:

Your incredible website is the most informative, interesting and balanced on the net as far as I am concerned.
I am happy that you are distancing yourself from destructive entities like Henry Makow.
You are the most sensitive and knowledgeable interviewer I have ever listened to.
I do admire your resolve ........
Wishing you all the best from a most loyal listener


Thanks for your time in exposing Makow for what he is. I've noticed for at least a year that his stories are not worth the time to even glance at, much less read. And he writes essentially none of them himself, it seems.
Best wishes for continued success in getting out worthwhile information.


Jeff, or Jeff's webmaster, I have been a regular reader and purchaser of Oxy C since 1998. Normally I just read the articles, but I have been inspired to write this due to the Henry Makow situation. I just wanted to say to Jeff that he has earned my respect and trust over the years, and has no need to defend himself against anything written by Makow to me. His body of work speaks for itself.

I realize these types of situations occur fairly regularly (the first I can remember was with Dr Day), but I can guarantee that I will continue to support and visit your website until you no longer do what you do.


I just can't believe the level of unchristian character assassination to which Henry Makow has sunk against Jeff, and I'm sure he knows he's dealing with some lying person or persons to dig up all this nonsense. All Henry's rants about personal responsibiliy & christian living, just went right out the window! He has to know that by doing this he makes Jeff a greater target from those who would seek to harm him... how could he in good conscience do such a thing?? It takes a very wicked person to go this far. Shame on you, Henry. Shame. You clearly didn't go to God with this, you went straight to the devil and you're doing his work. What would Jesus do, Henry? You've attempted to damage Jeff irreparably, and that is truly evil, truly vile and truly wrong. Repent, and publish a sincere apology and recantation of your accusations, claims, liables, slanders and baseless smears. It's the only right thing to do, and you know it.

_________________ has real news and an open mind that can present subjects others cannot conceive of. I am not one of those people who complained about Makow but frankly his articles I felt were not up to the standards one otherwise sees on Makow’s articles can be recognized by title … I hover over the link…see his name…skip that article. I think it is pretty obvious that Rense was being generous to post his articles alongside the likes of most of the other contributors. Makow paints Mr. Rense as being successful as if that’s a bad thing. When did that happen? Personally, I think what Mr. Rense owns, buys, makes or anything else is not any of his listeners are readers business. The claims Makow made were clearly invented, puerile mudslinging and were very reminiscent of the tantrums of other chubby little men lacking good sense, love for their fellow human, and ethics. These fine qualities of common sense, love of humanity and ethics are clearly possessed by Mr. Rense in abundance. I am glad that you have spoken to this assault on your character Mr. Rense. Please don’t ever stop what you are doing. You are a jewel and a light and I am grateful for all you do


"Makow is a dingbat most of the time. He can string a sentence with a Christian twist and on occasion come across as intellectually competent but mostly his work is that of a fiction novel. I would NEVER put much thought into his theories ...'shallow, shallow...' ~ And he obviously knows very little about finance 'that was clear in his smear'... His gossip column is just that and I saw that from the onset of reading his material; he is the usual Christian gossip; YUK! A dime a dozen..."

I applaud you sir, very well written replies to your slanderer. I have read your site since spring 2000 and still do to this day. Just one thing, please don't lump all of us Canadians into the same boat. Keep up the great work Jeff :)


Keep it up Mr. Jeff Rense, don't let the detractors get you down, keep up the Great work that you do. Thanks


"keep fighting the good fight Jeff"


Jeff. Thank you for your work. Still most of the population is asleep, but some are waking up. It will have to get a lot worse before it gets better.

“Hello, Jeff, ,,,,I'll make this email brief, as I am sure you have many many emails and articles to read & research.

I started listening to you in September 1997, I had an interest in the Alien/UFOlogy subjects but also a deep interest in health/nutrition, human history & military geo-political news issues. I was attracted to your calm tone & speaking demeanor and that you would just let your guest talk, and of your guest were so knowledgeable about subjects & issues that was non-existent on the main stream TV & radio. After listening to your radio show it was almost like I would step into the REAL world when the Jeff Rense show came on, and when I was watching main Stream TV it was like I entered an artificial reality, just like the movie The Matrix.
Through listening to your show over the years, you have introduced me to guest, topics & subjects that I would have NEVER looked into on my own. And I just want to say this, I don't always agree with the viewpoints of all of your guests say or even all of your viewpoints, Jeff {although, I do admit I probably in agreement with you 98%+ } but, regardless, I have absolute respect and admiration for your ABSOLUTE IMPECCABLE PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM, and that you NEVER EVER compromise your values or viewpoints,
I have been listening to your show for such a long time {almost EVERY DAY for the past 14+ years} that I consider you and almost all of your regulars guests ... like family, Jeff, is your radio show, Jeff Rense & your regular guests that keep me anchored in the real world, thank you, Jeff Rense, for doing what you do,
Best Wishes & May the Force be with you,
forever, a proud loyal listener........(snipt)"
"At this point they don't go after you unless you matter. "


"We're with you Jeff. He was entertaining for a while but its fairly clear what has happened. Keep fighting the good fight and stay out of the mud! "

Stand strong, brother.

"I'm with Jeff Rense. Sorry Makow, but when you get your mind made up you are so bull headed as to be impossible. "
"You need help with anything you call upon our family. Wonderful rebuttle by the way. "
“I been goiing to your site ever since I had a computer. Wealth of information. Don't let the dirty bastards get you down, Jeff. All dogs got fleas,,,,bigger dogs got bigger fleas. Peace be with you!”
“I'll share. Makow is unprofessional and hitting below the belt. Intuitively, I know he is trying to make a victim out of you. This type of slander appears more and more often and I will have no part of it. Thatnks for your integrity, Jeff. Namaste”
“Keep up the fine job Jeff!! By their fruits ye shall know them!”

“I never liked that dood. He's a misogynistic homophobe. good riddance.”

"you sir, are a legend"
"I used to read H. McCow with interest but his work slowly eroded in terms of originality, insight, truth. I wonder when and how the "turning" took place? Is this a spiritual drift that we can't touch or see? Or is it part of concerted dirty tricks by alphabet agencies? Are we near an endgame of sorts, where all the stops get pulled out?"
"Jeff, you should just ignore these devils who aren't worth your time. "
"We support you fully!!!! " The (snipt) family.
"As a musician, Jeff, I learned that the kings of old were very careful not to malign the traveling troubadors (the journalists of old) in any way, as they would someday catch wind of the resulting song, ridiculing said king, that was writte...n and bandied about in the very next town or fiefdom. Makow's tune is just beginning its rounds, from what I can see here. Your response was measured, well-written and peppered just right. I've never liked Makow's writing nor his point of view, anyway. He really has no idea what women want. :)"

"I have been a huge fan of yours since 1998. Keep up the excellent work."

"All alternative media is under attack, Rense, Jones and all truthseekers. Stand your ground for the battle is long. Godspeed Jeff Rense.... "
"Love Rense I go there everday, its the best thing on the web, the best...I don't understand this at all, it doesn't make any sense, unless its a counter intelligence attack, in preparation for the Iran war, and some sort of false flag..."
Excerpt: "...Henry Makow -- a non-starter and a non-issue in the grandest schematic. Before he saves the males, somebody should save Henry from himself. No Jeff Rense, No Henry Makow -- end of discussion. I'll refrain from typing what I REALLY want to say about Mr. Makow, being that it is a glorious Friday afternoon, and I am feeling rather chipper today. Besides, there is no need to drag this on any further -- let's leave HM to wallow in his maniacal ego for perpetuity. Thanks for clearing the air, Mr. Rense (although you didn't have to); your tireless devotion and dedication does not go unnoticed.


"I think I speak for most people here by saying how grateful *I* am (*we* are) for your service. There's only one Internet radio program worth listening to past midnight, M - F..."
This came with a Kitty donation:
".....just a small token of appreciation to show my support given the current smear against you. Incidentally, even if you did make the income from your archives that Makow alleges, I would still say good luck to you and that you deserve it. The cost of the archive subscription is extremely reasonable. The untold hours of high quality material that is available for your subscribers is quite remarkable testament to your many years of effort. Best wishes,....."
"If there is ever a feud with Brother Kapner, I just might shoot my computer! Keep fighting the good fight Jeff! "

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the best coverage on the internet, in regards to the Fukushima disaster. Only has great guests like Michael Collins and Yoichi Shimatsu.  I’ve been listening for close to 5 years now, love the show.

In regards to Michael's report back on 01/09/2012, my son just left on Wednesday for a year of schooling in Australia. I had him listen to the first 12 minutes of this interview and I also shared some of the knowledge I've gleaned from I then handed him a zip lock bag with a new Carbosrb Face Mask in it and I wished him good luck on his decision to wear it.

Honestly, at age 24, I wasn't sure if he was going to wear it or not. Thankfully he did and he reported back to me, just as Michael had reported; he appeared to be the only passenger on this 747 wearing a mask. He placed it back in the zip lock bag and will use it next year for his trip home. I also loaded up his suit case up with Atlantic Kelp Capsules. Thanks again Jeff

In closing, I work for large global Japanese Corporation and as far as I can tell, my colleagues in Japan are totally in the dark. Literally, as they work long hours in their offices & factories with no air conditioning due to the power shortages. Every watt of power is needed for production equipment. All I can say is God help them all.

Best Regards and God Bless
We listened to Jay's interview and read his article. My wife and I are longtime subscribers and really appreciate what you do. Hang in there. Don't let these jerks get you down. I have a blog that covers a number of UFO, sasquatch and paranormal experiences that I reformulated and reposted at the beginning of the year. I added a number of articles on 911, TWA 800,Bin Laden, Etc. The hits were increasing daily. Then, at the beginning of the week, it was like someone threw a switch and I haven't had one hit all week.

I realize that I'm small potatoes and wondering if there isn't an entire team of jerks trying to eliminate all of the detractors.


Jeff - It sickens me to see Makow's personal attack on you. As you wrote, "No good deed goes unpunished."

I see that you have taken down some of the recent Makow postings from your website and in my opinion you should delete them all in your own best interest. I never would have read Makow's false statements without reading them on your website. I know you are a private person and I feel uneasy after learning the personal details that you posted about yourself. Any thinking person knows that you alone control what is on your website and that you did Makow a favor by linking to his website. How you spend your money is your business. Do not apologize for your success. I am disappointed to learn that you are not worth 8 figures. Because of your talent and hard work you deserve to be wealthy and should not apologize for your accomplishments.

I'm concerned that you don't have enough free time to exercise. Even with a bad knee, I think you could handle stand up paddle boarding and maybe your ponds are large enough to paddleboard. I also urge you to enjoy life while you still can.

I have had my share of "Makow" type of events in my life that rob you of your time, energy, and tranquility. People I thought were my friends stole large amounts of money from me. My accountant stole $25,000 from me and went to prison. I have successfully sued 2 former attorneys and successfully sued the IRS. All these battles sucked the life out of me so I can empathize with you. I have kept this email short in the hopes that you'll see it. Your loyal audience is still behind you.

Keep up the good work


Dear Jeff, as a long term listener and reader (11+ years) I have felt compelled to write this to you.

Although I know no one ever gets everything right, I trust your judgement and I trust you, and I state here as a subscriber and reader that my faith in your abilities as a journalist, researcher and radio host have never been in question during any of the character assassination attempts on you over the years.

I know you, too well, Jeff.  I remember the first few times I listened to your show and there was a connection, something deeper than the rest of the radio show hosts I'd heard. All these years later I'm still listening, and you are still as passionate and steadfast as ever.  You've got a great heart.

The knowledge I've acquired through your show and over the years has been invaluable to my health and my understanding of reality. I honour you for that, what you do at and your radio show is truly remarkable - you are not just an American Treasure you are a Human Treasure.

I know I'm a subscriber and I've donated before, but I've never got in touch just to say thank you, and seriously man you really are one of my heroes (and I don't have many).

Having been an inquisitive child, with a interest in ghosts and the paranormal, I then started reading books and magazines on the UFO/alien subject matter from the age of 12, this led me to on to researching black areas of military and intelligence. It was only in 2000 when I left home for university and got my own computer on the internet that I realised I had barely scratched the surface.

11+ years later and I still don't have the full picture (who does?), but thanks to the extraordinary efforts of courageous people like you I have a lot more pieces to the puzzle.

I respect privacy and never expected to have the insights into your private life you have so honestly given recently in your reply to the latest pitiful attempt to defame you.

I smile, because when I think about it, I guess its always been just as I imagined you, a devout gardener, a free spirit Harley rider and a devoted Dad.

I'm sure you're like me in that you try your best to take the good from any situation. So I hope my words of support can be considered as part of that good.

Keep going Jeff, as an old friend of mine says sometimes, "When you're taking flack you know you're over the target."

Best regards



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