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World War 3 Written On The Wind
By Jim Kirwan
Walking through the pre-dawn shadows of this cities' streets, on the way to an O'Dark-thirty appointment with an outbound train; I had a preview of what this society has become consumed with. Rounding a corner and suddenly being confronted with blazing light in a room filled with sweating spandex-clad creatures on their treadmills while reading their Wall-Street-Journals, or the New York Times; while others in the background played with weights or fumbled through a variety of warm-ups or stretches-and each of them being plugged into something musical or antidotal on some kind of headset in a world where reality never ventured to enter. I continued on amid the undead left-over's in the darkness who were as oblivious to themselves and their own efforts to make it to the coming dawn, without the benefit of latte's or croissants: In the shadows that returned after passing through the unreality of that morning's workout, I tried to make some sense of any of this world. . .
It has only been a few days that I was not paying attention to the world and to what was happening in that world that is always filled with reports of what is happening and what is not around the globe. What I learned this morning from the part-time-person who sells the Saturday Chronicle on a corner on the way to coffee was something that I won't bore you with footnotes for, but instead I'll leave that to you to find or ignore these stories for yourself if you care at all. Here's some of what he mentioned so casually.
It seems that our illustrious Supreme Court has just decided that having public money involved in public elections is now UNCONSITUTIONAL; despite the fact that unlimited corporate money can now be anonymously spent by corporations in any amount, on any candidate, without reporting where it came from or who might benefit from such corporate largess. In addition it now appears that this country may well be heading for allowing only property owners to vote for anything in the future-so we're going backwards once more to where this all began. And as if that were not enough, in two states child labor laws have been done away with, along with minimum wages; as apparently the current minimums amount to unreasonable-wages that have been responsible for lowering the profits of some corporations; so the laws that govern a living wage had to go.
It also appears that those deprived owners of private jets or yachts will not be burdened with new taxes when it comes to their ownership of such necessities. The poor however will be facing the end of any and all subsidies very soon-because those legally created systems (and all safety-nets) have become a hardship on those who have more than enough money to survive in this Depression that is rapidly becoming the full-blown-collapse of the entire society. The nine flagrantly-criminal 'SUPREMES' are apparently not obligated to disqualify themselves, over any issue that comes before the court: Apparently members of the Supreme Court are allowed to be self-policing when it comes to deciding whether or not being bribed or coerced by their own private interests, has anything to do with how each 'justice' might or might not vote.
This being the case this is one "institution" that we could definitely do without! But then the Congress and the entire Executive Branch are equally culpable to the same flagrantly-criminal-behavior; which the Supreme Court has been following since they intervened in the 2000 election of George W. Bush; in which they broke their own laws and thereby rendered every court in this country an outlaw-body incapable of rendering any legally-binding decisions. Perhaps this is why states and cities are now able to fire elected officials at all levels of government so that privatized corporations or individual political appointees can now replace elected representatives: Thus successfully and "legally" privatizing this country in every aspect of life.
We are officially "at war" in eleven countries but we only recognize four of those illegal wars; and there is no end in sight. After we got into Vietnam, where this video question originally surfaced and still has yet to be publicly answered, we have remained stagnant and silent right up until now. (1)
And because we failed utterly to answer this most confounding problem of our Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex we now are facing this problem which is called "We Can't Make It Here Anymore" by James Mcmurtry. (2)
Basically we have sold ourselves for a "FUTURE" that never arrives: 'Everything good' will be coming soon in the future, but as everyone knows the future cannot ever be achieved: Look around you, today is the future that both-Bushes and Clinton and Reagan promised each and everyone one of us: So how's that going for YOU!
Well here's what happened that has created this sad-day-in-Hell. It's been "in-the-works" since the time of the Pharos-do you know what happened to those illustrious thieves and murders from the time of Ancient Egypt-because you should definitely know this one in spades. And maybe you would if you'd had even a few minutes to even think about that question, but that's definitely out of the question now given how full every minute of every day has become; for any of the walking dead that we've become. . . (3)
These footnotes to history are just the latest additions to the New Madrid Fault lines, the natural gas lines that sit atop earthquake fault-lines and the continuing neo-nuclear fallout that began with Fukushima but which has progressed to the USA and to our failing nuclear power plants along with the forest fires that have surrounded Los Alamos and its over fifty years of nuclear wastes from bomb manufacturing. (4)
And of course there is always the intransigence of the longest running war-crime in modern history that we call Palestine which is at the root of all the criminal-violence that continues throughout the Middle-East: The answer there is to abolish Israel and end the Fourth Reich, created by their pact with Hitler (And signed in 1923) which they have brought into the world of the twenty-first century. But the only actions on the horizon seem to be coming from the same Outlaws that are behind everything from the rise and dispersal of those ancient Pharos that are still with us in so many places all over the earth today: Still calling the shots only this time they want EVERYTHING, no more exceptions!
So here we all are treading water while the disaster-laden-waters keep rising. We have come to that point where the credit line must be raised; because if it is not raised, then the water will begin to hit the imposed ceiling and there will be no place for all of us that are trying to tread water (or the shit) when it finally hits the ceiling and that will be the end of trying to survive by not objecting.
The rumor is that the ceiling will not be raised; and that this will TRIGGER what so many have been theorizing about for centuries: And that ladies and gentlemen will bring about the real-changes that so many different treasons committed by so many different war-criminals shall have finally wrought upon the cowards of the USA!
1) Buff Saint-Marie Universal Soldier ­ 4 min 33 sec video
2) We Can't Make It Here Anymore ­ 7 min 10 second video
3) David Icke The Fascist Bloodline Network ­
Trying to Create World War 3 ­ 11 minute video
4) When We Went to War!
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