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Where There Is A Will, There's A Way!
By Jim Kirwan
History is a wonderful thing but only if you remember it. For instance had most of the people living today chosen to remember our own history: Then maybe we would not now be so conflicted as to what can be done about the current situation.
In the colonies the Crown and its sympathizers ruled absolutely over the colonists with the iron-fist of the King of England; depicted here as CONQUEST. But his red-hot spike is being defeated by the awareness and response of QUEST that has blocked this effort to end a life.
In the history, the colonists were not just being horrifically taxed and insulted routinely; they were also being treated just like TSA treats us now. Their "troops" chose to board themselves in which ever house they chose; and they took whatever they wanted whenever they felt like it. One consequence was that the locks on their doors were useless against the criminality of the Crown. Just as today we might as well all just forget about locking our doors because whenever these modern-day Pinkerton Thugs show up the first thing they do is smash through our locked doors to search, destroy and sometimes kill our people. Apparently we have chosen not to pay attention to any of this. But back in the colonies this is what finally drove the colonists to rebel. The taxation situation and the tyranny were also there and it was growing every day: but what finally drove the patriots to fight was this final rape of their personal lives and the danger to their families: as well as the public insults they were forced to endure at the point of English muskets.
When the Constitution was written the prominence of the first, second and fourth Amendments were and still are IMPORTANT, because they reflect the most basic of all the freedoms we were born with.
We have the right to uncensored information as to what is happening in the world we live in: That is no longer the case. We have the right to own, to keep and bear weapons to protect ourselves; not just from criminals but from the government that now apparently wants to kill us. And we have the right to tell the state NO; whenever the state does not have either a warrant or just-cause to search or seize our property; without our consent. The entire Bill of Rights was called that because it was deemed to be so IMPORTANT, to the living of any life in the colonies and everywhere that free men and women are trying to live today. Yet we have FORGOTTEN why these things needed to be enshrined as a part of the original constitution. And perhaps most of all we have allowed a completely illegal Dictator to stamp both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights ­ NULL & VOID!
This is what we've become, because we failed to understand the history behind the founding documents by which our lives were supposed to be protected. Now we have some people that want to use the current unrest to throw off the 'no-longer-applicable' Constitution, so that they can write their own constitution. But these neophytes know absolutely nothing about the Constitution that they deserted; because they let these barbarians kill it without so much as even a whisper. All that is needed today is to revive and ENFORCE the laws of this land; we need no new laws at all: What we need is to return to the original document and abide by the laws that we already have against everything this fascist state has been doing to us since 12-12-2000 A.D.
This place is a disgusting mess and is no longer a nation in any sense of that term. We have literally become political 'CHILDREN':Naïve in the extreme! Basically we know nothing, we will do nothing and yet we still mumble about "standing up" while we only watch these privatized thugs beat our friends and relatives as if they were errant farm animals, or simply out-of-control children. No one gave them this authority over us-yet we do not resist. Daily they steal money from both our bank accounts and now from our safety-deposit boxes: and if any dare to speak or try to challenge these invasions of our lives: They can be seized, without charges, arrested and hidden away in some no-name military brig, until there is nothing left to steal from anyone in that situation. No lawyer, no due process, no trial, and now thanks to the License to Kill that was given to Bush (In 2002), and passed on to Obama: Americans can now be murdered at will, anywhere on this planet, preferably by drone aircraft that can do this-sight unseen. Suddenly it's BANG you're dead, because you must have been a terrorist! Is this not reason enough to challenge everything again and again until those in charge are forced to disband?
Compared to that and to the literally hundreds of crimes that are committed each and every day against us by this criminally-fascist-state: What do we choose to do about it? We choose to "demonstrate with signs and songs", but we will not confront or fight against this massive evil-not directly. A reader had this to say about that:
"Non-violent revolution is NECESSARY because 'we the people' don't have what 'they' have: sound cannons, tanks, rocket launchers, ELF weapons, satellite tracking, and lets not forget whatever the hell DARPA has created that we know nothing about. Some citizens of some nations have guns. The evil bastards that currently hold power have EVERYTHING- including guns."
That is only partly true; this nation has weapons and gun owners that outnumber the cops by at least ten to one. And as for heavy weapons, they would have to be able to move that junk from place to place to use it; and if the citizens patrolled the highways and the access points, the efforts of these thugs would be feeble at best. The United States has more weapons in private hands than any other nation on this earth, and enough people that know how to use them to make an armed attempt by this government to shut us down into an almost certain catastrophe for the government that KNOWS its nothing but a federal-criminal-gang that in reality has no legally based power; under which to do most of what they do today. The key-point here and with everything else that is wrong with this place is that too many people do not believe that they can win-and consequently they have chosen not to fight.
That's only because it has 'NOT YET BECOME BAD ENOUGH' for people to actually begin to reach for their weapons. The American War for Independence did not happen until it got bad enough for them to begin to fight back: Perhaps with the continued invasions of so many homes and businesses today; that day for us is not far off! All I know for certain is there are things that must be fought for and while non-violence has a proud history and has succeeded in some places: It will not dislodge these traitors from their continuing conquest of all that they can steal or destroy in this burning and broken place,
How many mountain tops have to be bulldozed, how many streams and lakes and rivers have to be completely and totally polluted before people begin to say "ENOUGH!" Our soil is now contaminated by nuclear and cesium fallout from Japan that will last and intensify for years and yet no mention is ever made of the war that Japan has declared upon the US ­ several weeks ago? Our food has been poisoned, our air polluted, and most of what we grow here contains all sorts of toxics, chemicals and poisons that are being used to defeat our immune systems and shorten our lives-still we do not actually try to close down the EPA, the FDA, the government or any of those agencies that are dispensing death by the mouthful, each and every hour?
Our media belongs to the government, as does the entire film and publications industries: but we do not complain. Our businesses have been sent offshore for profits that only the owners realize. Our education and our health systems are a disgrace for any nation but it is especially true when this place claims to be a leader among nations.
Government has sabotaged every effort to create a free government health plan for everyone in this country. They did this both for the astronomical profits that could be engendered, and for the disadvantage that this left Americans businesses with, so that (a) We could not compete against overseas companies and (b) so that Big Pharma could reap even greater illicit profits from the Death Industry we created instead of a national health plan for everyone. The same has been true of virtually every formerly American Enterprise that was sabotaged either by importing illegals to do the work for spit on the dollar: or by regulating-to-death what few industries there still are that can no longer make it here because of massive red-tape and the rigidity of the Banks that absolutely REFUSE to lend money to those (with good credit) that must have it to succeed. The entire business model for this country has only one aim in mind: END THE USA ­ forever!
In this process Big Government, Big Unions and virtually all the so-called social-action agencies are all major players in the outright destruction of what is left of this place. Our so-called politicians are sworn to defend Israel, and not Americans; and our national policies would make Genghis Kahn blush. We have become an Outlaw Nation among the community of nations: and the whole world seems to know this except those Amerikans that seem to think that they can come together and march away our problems-but this is not the 1960's and it is we who are making war upon the entire planet: If nothing else then that too will finally catch up with us.
But since we are part of this and since it is we who have chosen to INVADE, to OCCUPY, to rape, to torture, to maim and kill so many millions of people everywhere: Don't you think it is up to us to at least try to stop this Barbarism here?
Here was my response to those that want to create a "New Constitution":
"There is one more thing 'out there' that needs - not just to be shot-down - this 'idea' needs to be totally destroyed!And that is this idea that these idiots could ever craft a New Constitution. First of all it's NOT NEEDED - all we have to do is ENFORCE the one we had. Eventually all the surrounding BS concerning participatory democracy (in an overactive police-state) needs to face the actual facts.
1) "THE PEOPLE" have been on-board with all this criminality since war was declared on the people that owned this land.
2) Since this Millennium began even more people have flocked to support the CRIMINALITY, in order to "SHARE" by way of stocks and dividends in all the rape, torture, murder and genocide that we've been doing, most recently, since we became a dictator-controlled Empire, patterned on the Colonial model.
3) Now that what we've been doing to the whole world has come home to roost: our cry-baby population is screaming but are still not doing a damn thing to stop this international outrage whether at home or overseas.
4) If non-violence works then why was it not used against the English when we broke away from that colonial government? Read the US Declaration of Independence. That does not mention violence, but it is very clearly against continued OCCUPATION. The ONLY way that could be accomplished was to fight the OCCUPIERS, not just with words but with weapons and strategies that won out in the end. The answer is simple because real change can only happen when people are ready to fight and die for what they believe in.
5) This country is still making unrealistic demands of a broken government, a criminal congress and a Treasonous Supreme Court. Hell we cannot even come to the realization that every current political system is owned by those we oppose. If the demonstrators are serious then they need to stop voting and start charging the people currently in office with the crimes they've all committed.
6) RESIGN from whatever political party you supposedly belong to - as George Carlin put it "They don't give a FCK about you (or me)" - so why should you encourage them by pretending that they are not at the very core of all this criminality?
7) It is never enough to read about this, or watch a video: People have to live what they say they believe in; it's both as simple and as difficult as that! It's time to get specific and stop playing at this demonstration game: Get out there and physically stop these cops from beating people up; taking videos is NOT enough, we must all begin to partake in what we say we believe in. No animal (and we are all animals) ever survived by praying away the predators: They either flee or fight ; because that's the way nature designed this planetary system for human-life to work, for all the animals that live here, at the moment.
8) We must cease being passive observers wherever we are. In many early nation states to remain a passive observer would either get you killed or expelled from many societies - because it violates the very bedrock of what a civilized society is supposed to look like - that would be a society that actually CARES for all its members: especially if those members are threatened or beaten and who are often tortured - not to even mention the over four hundred that have already been killed here by this criminal State.
9) Think carefully before you act: But no matter how serious the action chosen, see it through to its natural conclusion!"
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