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When Everything Is Family
By Jim Kirwan
We're in one hell of a mess because the way this world began was patterned on the success of the individual family-first. Since those primitive days many societies have tried to hold onto that initial pattern of responsibilities and actions that would always keep in mind the ultimate survival and success of the family, before all else was even considered.
Since that long ago time, going back to the time of the hunter-gathers before the agrarian-revolution and long before the Industrial Revolution those early families were beset with a hoard of problems brought about by the feudal patterns of life that were centered around survival and the family as a unit of clans or tribes as their larger version of what later became city-states and then feudal kingdoms; that centered around various authorities that held people in their sway, which eventually became acceptable even though it was still barbaric.
In the hypothetical modern age, the 'idea' of family was submerged beneath the various isms and ists' of Communism, Corporations and raw Capitalism, along with the various religious overtones of societies that were trying to move forward but who got stuck in the primeval wastes of the pre-industrial age. This is where we are today. Stuck in a Bronze-Age idea of family-first that is in actuality nothing more than a primitive throwback to a time that no longer exists. That may sound harsh, but look long and hard at this concept especially in the middle of the USA. Family-first is a single marker that dictates virtually everything else politically and socially in the world today, despite all the other templates that have attempted to stamp it out.
People with this belief system believe intensely in what their forefathers believed, and nothing can shake the depth of their belief despite the naked facts of current life as we have come to know it today. This is why people cannot accept the idea that the political parties which their grandparents were part of could have become so totally corrupted as to be the problems in the USA today. It is also why few can ever believe that the president of the USA is a total and complete TRAITOR to this country, and the facts of this basic-treachery are simply ignored by millions of otherwise intelligent people. The same is true of the congress and the courts: Every branch of this government, as well as every official department of it, has been totally corrupted-and this fact is simply unacceptable to most Amerrikans today. The only people that believe the truth are those who are willing and able to fight against what is happening to us all because of this idiotic belief system which has no standing in the world today-no matter how fervently held it may be! USI knows this and is using it to divide this nation along with the wars between the sexes, the races and the religions which are all over-used now to keep people apart-along with the insane idea that the USA is the official policeman of the world today. There is absolutely no data to back up this arrogant idea.
The US is just one flawed country among the 130 nations of the world. We are a colonial power that has overreached our chosen slot in the dynamic of the global society of nations-and we are about to pay dearly for that completely unnecessary aggression! Strangely enough there is a direct symbiosis between Family-First and "flag-waving-patriotism." Please remember that gangs like armies have replaced the normal family connections whenever those ties fail to address who the individual is or who he or she is likely to become. Let's look at some specifics.
"When we say "John is a patriot," we mean "John is a reliable member of our dog pack," nothing more. The pack instinct seems more ancient, and certainly stronger, than morality or any form of human decency. Thus, once the pack-citizenry, I meant to say-have been properly roused to a pitch of patriotism, they will, under cover of the most diaphanous pretexts, rape Nanking, bomb Hiroshima, kill the Jews or, if they are Jews, Palestinians. We are animals of the pack. We don't admire patriotism. We admire loyalty to ourselves.
The pack dominates humanity. Observe that the behavior of urban gangs-the Vice Lords, Mara Salvatrucha, Los Locos Intocables, Crips, Bloods-precisely mirrors that of more formally recognized gangs, which are called "countries." Gangs, like countries, are intensely territorial with recognized borders fiercely defended. The soldiers of gangs, like those of countries, have uniforms, usually clothing of particular colors, and they "throw signs"-make the patterns of fingers indicating their gang-and wear their hats sideways in different directions to indicate to whom their patriotism is plighted. They have generals, councils of war, and ranks paralleling the colonels and majors of national packs. They fight each other endlessly, as do countries, for territory, for control of markets, or because someone insulted someone. It makes no sense-it would be more reasonable for example to divide the market for drugs instead of killing each other-but they do it because of the pack instinct.
Packery dominates society. Across the country high schools form basketball packs and do battle on the court, while cheerleaders jump and twirl, preferably in short skirts (here we have the other major instinct) to maintain patriotic fervor in the onlookers. Cities with NFL franchises hire bulky felons from around the country to bump forcefully into the parallel felons of other cities, arousing warlike sentiments among their respective fellow dogs.
Such is their footballian enthusiasm that they will sometimes burn their own cities in delight at victory or disturbance at loss. Without the pack instinct, football would hardly matter to them at all.
It's everywhere. The Olympics, the World Cup, racial groups, political parties-Crips and Bloods, all.
Part of patriotism is nationalism, the political expression of having given up to the pack all independence of thought.
Patriotism is of course incompatible with morality. This is more explicit in the soldier, a patriot who agrees to kill anyone he is told to kill by the various alpha-dogs-President, Fuehrer, emperor, Duce, generals.
Is this not literally true? An adolescent enlists, never having heard of Ruritania, which is perhaps on the other side of the earth. A year later, having learned to manage the Gatling's on a helicopter gunship, he is told that Ruritania is A Grave Threat. Never having seen a Ruritanian, being unable to spell the place, not knowing where it is (you would be amazed how many veterans of Viet Nam do not know where it is) he is soon killing Ruritanians. He will shortly hate them intensely as vermin, scuttling cockroaches, rice-propelled paddy maggots, gooks, or sand niggers.
The military calls the pack instinct "unit cohesion," and fosters it to the point that soldiers often have more loyalty to the military than to the national pack. Thus it is easy to get them to fire on their own citizens. It has not happened in the United States since perhaps Kent State, but in the past the soldiery were often used to kill striking workers. All you have to do is to get the troops to think of the murderees as another group.
If you talk to patriots, particularly to the military variety, they will usually be outraged at having their morality questioned. Here we encounter moral compartmentalization, very much a characteristic of the pack. If you have several dogs, as we do, you will note that they are friendly and affectionate with the family and tussle playfully among themselves-but bark furiously at strangers and, unless they are very domesticated, will attack unknown dogs cooperatively and kill them.
Similarly the colonel next door will be honest, won't kick your cat or steal your silverware. Should some natural disaster occur, work strenuously to save lives, at the risk of his own if need be. Yet he will consciencelessly cluster-bomb downtown Baghdad, and pride himself on having done so. A different pack, you see. It is all right to attack strange dogs.
The pack instinct, age old, limbic, atavistic, gonadal, precludes any sympathy for the sufferings of outsiders. If Dog pack A attacks intruding dog pack B to defend its territory, its members can't afford to think, "Gosh, I'm really hurting this guy. Maybe I should stop." You don't defend territory by sharing it. Thus if you tell a patriot that his bombs are burning alive thousands of children, or that the embargo on Iraq killed half a million kids by dysentery because they couldn't get chlorine to sterilize water, he won't care. He can't.
The same instinct governs thought about atrocities committed in wartime. In every war, every army (correctly) accuses the other side of committing atrocities. Atrocities are what armies do. Such is the elevating power of morality that soldiers feel constrained to lie about them. But patriots just don't care. Psychologists speak of demonization and affecting numbing and such, but it's really just that the tortured, raped, butchered and burned are members of the other pack." (1)
That set the stage for the fascist takeover of the USA. In that process the gangs have morphed into the thuggery of mercenary stand-in's for the Masters: In this case the TSA.
"Today, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and several federal, state and local agencies will participate in a scheduled exercise designed to enhance security in the Ohio-West Virginia area. TSA has partnered with local law enforcement to conduct thousands of similar operations from coast to coast. This is a scheduled operation, not related to a specific threat.
The exercise will cover approximately 5,000 square miles throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. The participating teams are composed of a variety of TSA assets including federal air marshals, canine teams, inspectors and bomb appraisal officers. They will be joined by state and local law enforcement officials to supplement existing resources, provide detection and response capabilities. The exercise will utilize multiple airborne assets, including Blackhawk helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as well as waterborne and surface teams.
"The exercise not only enhances security throughout the region; it gives TSA and our security partners the opportunity to work cooperatively," said TSA Columbus Federal Security Director Donald Barker. "This work increases our preparedness to respond in case of an emergency."
Federal partners participating with TSA in the operation include the Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard, FBI and Federal Air Marshals.
State of Ohio participants include the Ohio National Guard, State Highway Patrol, Emergency Management Agency, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Public Safety, Department of Transportation, Office of Homeland Security, City of Columbus Fire Division bomb squad, Ohio Fusion Center, several sheriff's offices and departments of emergency management.
West Virginia participants include the Department of Military Affairs & Public Safety, Division of Natural Resources, State Police, Office of Homeland Security, West Virginia National Guard, West Virginia Fusion Center, several sheriff's offices and departments of emergency management.
In addition to federal, state, and local assets, several other non-government entities are participating in today's operation." (2)
With all of this and more going on; (the shooting of innocent people by more rogue cops, (3a) and the giveaway of 50 square miles of Idaho to China, for a free-enterprise zone that would not have to abide by any US laws. NO QUESTION AT ALL ABOUT THIS - IT'S PURE AND SIMPLE TREASON to give away sections of this country without so much as a 'by-your-leave' from the people that live here! As far as I'm concerned Americans could just surround the place and open fire with enough firepower to totally destroy the entire 50-mile square area - and everything in it!
Anyone in any kind of uniform that attempts to interfere with the AMERICANS that are bent on destroying this FREE-TRADE ZONE: Will obviously be seen as coming to the aid of a foreign nation against the Americans that paid for their uniforms, their weapons and their so-called status as soldiers who would then be serving the
If China wants to retaliate then let them, and then there will be nowhere for them to expand into. EVERYONE INVOLVED IN giving away parts of this country to any foreign country by an OUTLAW GOVERNMENT that no longer represents the people of this country - Should also be shot because they would be acting in defense of yet another crime against the constitution and this country. This shit has to end somewhere and this OUTRAGE is a GREAT place to start!' (3b)
All of this reminded me of a dream I recently had about how things might have been in the world that preceded this very twisted one in which we are all trying very hard to survive.
'I dreamt that congress had stolen all of our social security money and that over 81 million Americans that currently receive those checks were left without that resource. In the dream a number of individuals from the Tenderloin District and from the Mission District in San Francisco together with members of the San Francisco Chapter of the Gray Panthers and Code Pink decided to march with me into Pacific Height to the home of Nancy Pelosi, our representative. The signs we carried announced very clearly to any uniformed officers that might want to confront us ­ that they were the problem, and that they should "BACK OFF NOW" or PAY THE PRICE WITH THEIR JOBS AND THEIR OWN FUTURES BECAUSE OF THE LAWSUITS THAT WOULD FOLLOW IF THEY LAY A HAND UPON any one of US, as ordinary Americans bent on arresting Nancy Pelosi for criminal FRAUD and gross actions that violated our contract with the US Government going back to Roosevelt's days when Social Security was formed. Other signs we carried were WANTED POSTERS for the immediate arrest and prosecution of one Nancy Pelosi, who as our representative sold us out to the Asshole Association of Republican Politicians (AARP) for yet more kickbacks from that bunch of lawless-criminals.
The crowd was not armed, but was not in the mood to wait to be attacked by the so-called police. The crowd was taking this demonstration to those that were deployed to stop us from reaching her door, and they were not in the mood to put up with yet another series of beatings and gassing or tasering in that process, not to mention outright murder which they were expecting.'
But then I woke up and realized the futility of that "dream."
As the following day progressed I realized that San Francisco had a history of lynching crooked politicians, which in fact became what we call today 'Vigilante's.' I also remembered that US Marshall's can arrest anyone in the USA including the president when the evidence is overwhelmingly there-and immediately wondered what has been keeping them U.S. Marshall's arresting Obama, given all his illegalities and his actions as an outlaw head-of-state, not to mention being a major war-criminal?
Pelosi for her part has enough money to underwrite every person in her district that she will have cheated out of their Social Security money, for the rest of their natural lives, and still have billions left over from all of her criminal and 'family' connections back east. She should have to pay immediately everything that is due to everyone she represents, along with penalties and fines for the last two years of 'cost-of-living' increases that were illegally denied to all those on Social Security. But first she would need to be arrested and jailed for failing to protect those virtually helpless people that she deserted when the time came to protect them from becoming penniless!
Incidentally, those people that have that money "COMING" to them are the same people that were mostly responsible for everyone else "BEING HERE TODAY." Most of the people that came after them ­ because they had the children that are now doing "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING' to protect the lives and welfare of their parents and friends that are now facing this shakedown. But again I had to remind myself that this was just a dream, and given the inherent cowardice of this totally reluctant public: Nothing will be done to change any of this nightmare.
However the true irony in all of this is simple. Every city in this country has a representative that has to live in their district: And there is nothing preventing the people of those districts from going to the doors of the homes and offices of those representatives and DEMANDING the action necessary to stop this CRIME that violates every aspect of the contract between the working people of the USA, and the government that took their money for the entire lifetime of their working lives; with the promise of paying that back to them when the time came that it was needed to keep them (the Social-Security Recipients) alive!
Oddly there are 168 hours in the week. Most people only get paid for 40 hours of that time, but the corporations, the government and the nanny-state creeps demand that every worker give all 168 hours to every employer, without compensation for over three quarters of that time, each and every week. This is proven by their over-controlling interests in every aspect of every one's life that works for them, regardless of how many hours they are paid for. All their habits and attitudes are monitored, their actions appear on video even in the bathrooms at work, and their records are open to every two-bit-snoop and law-enforcement freak in the universe; without our permission: It is way past time that these bastards began to pay us what they OWE us for what we do for them each and every day of our working lives!
So while this might have been just a idle dream for me ­ it could turn out to be the one great thing that most people could do to change this entire mess into something wherein we have at least a partial voice again-as American citizens instead of as new-world-order slaves with nothing in our pockets and even less in our futures!  
Think about it long enough and that idle dream might end up having some legs after all?
1) Fred on Everything, Examining the Firmware of War
2) TSA ­ the new Gestapo
3a) We need to reign in these rogue cops - video
3b) Selling America to China: Treason by any other name - Barbara Peterson
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