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What A Week For WAR!!
By Galen Kelly 
Peace Activist
Folks, what a week for war!  Nearly unbearable. And on so many fronts. And on so many innocents...unarmed innocents. And on children.  
Seems we have to speak louder. Talk harder. Act stronger. It's up to each of us to get that more fully defined and take some steps for sanity. The war escalation is the biggest and bloodiest we've seen since the early invasion of Iraq. If only more of us wanted to do more to make a change-of-course difference, especially to somehow help those who are being attacked. 
So Few Care Anymore 
Many activists have given much of their lives to the peace effort, but we are a tiny minority. Many brave journalists continue, year after year, to bring us the truth about on-going and augmenting genocide. But again, they are a minority compared to the mainstream media pervasiveness. How to transform this minority into a majority and find a way to end the lethal sin of war? 
Where are the New-Agers? The love-and-peace people? The Professors? Their students? The environmentalists? The theologians? The church folk? The Buddhists, the oh-so-spiritual Buddhists? The doctors? The gay community? The poets? The musicians? The artists? The damn artists! Was a time when they were the cutting-edge, fiercely sayin' what needed to be said, holding back nothing! Where are they?!! Yes, a handful, here and there, but not yet enough to turn the tide. When's the last time you were able to move someone from complacency to activism? Not an easy chore, but utterly necessary.
I guess I'm writing out of frustration that so few are responding appropriately to the atrocities and to the global expanse of tyranny. It's like their humanity has been beaten out of them. Yeah, decades of eatin' what the system served, and comfortable with looking away. We keep banging the gong and they plug their ears. Some say, "Thanks for what you do," as if that exonerates them for not standing with us. As if we didn't desperately need them. How to convey critical mass? How to awaken compassion? Or at least the will to live free? So many questions; so few answers. 
I know that as I type, people are being bombed and killed. Lives are being shattered and erased. We know not what a privilege it is that we still have shelter, food, and clean running water, and that there are yet no bombers overhead. But, as you know, they're over our brothers and sisters.  
The 10th anniversary of one of history's greatest lies approaches. That twin-towers-event that launched the death knell into full throttle. I hope many gather on that day, Sunday, 9/11 and once again stand to expose the deceit and demand the truth. I plan on it. And that just might be the day for all of us to earnestly reach out to others, encouraging them to work for peace, and inviting them to stand with us. There is great hope in bringing up the numbers.  
Banging The Gong, Loud As I Can,
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