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EThe US War Department
By Jim Kirwan
The United States 'government' is contemplating taking irreversible steps to place this nation in direct opposition to all International-laws and all global history dating back to the Magna-Carta; by declaring that America is not bound by any of the laws that were created to govern the Global-Community of nations. "Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War With No Borders And No Clear Enemies:"
This step which was outlined yesterday, amounts to declaring ourselves, and our national FEARS, to be above every global-consideration of all the other people on the planet. The public here seemingly still has no idea of what this could mean to each and every man, woman or child in this country: IF this piece of national-insanity is adopted, in any form (1)
The old USA was part of the Global Community of Nations wherein the rights of all nations must be considered by each member state, in the shaping of foreign policies as well as in what constitutes a legal act of war. This self-serving document will only serve the real-interests of the global-bankers and the elites around the world that seek only to further their various war-plans around the planet: The fact that such a suggestion was even seriously raised: Because of the threat this actually poses to the world, is a potential-crime against the people of the world.
But as with everything else that this Shadow-Empire has undertaken; there are several levels to the implementation of this attempt to commit national suicide by ARROGANCE, in service to artificial-and-nationalistic FEARS and PARANOIA run-amuck!
In light of the current global-situation the public needs to be reminded of the literal circumstances in which this OUTRAGE is even being suggested. First; the compartments of this government that were supposed to keep things like this travesty from being formed no longer exist. The US Departments of State and Justice have been absorbed into the WAR Department that has re-taken control from the US Department of Defense; which is no longer viable. (The recently resigned Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is the one who renamed his department for the public, as the U. S. WAR Department). Clearly this leaves the country with only one cabinet level position aside from the Administration that also has only one component: The Dictator that has replaced the President. The Courts for their part have also joined in knee-jerk rulings that favor both the new Dictator and the only US Department that has any real bearing on US polices or American life: The US WAR Department. All other departments are just window-dressing with no real power. Their "job" is to parrot the decrees of the Dictator or attempt to enforce the TREASONS being proposed by the WAR Department upon an unwilling and increasingly suspicious public-unilaterally and illegally.
So much for the format of what used to be this government. What we have now is a formalized and functioning SECRET-POLICE-STATE, founded in SECRECY, TREACHERY and TREASON against the people that, in theory, this government was formed to serve and protect? The proof of this contention lies in this SECRETLY written proposal that will by-pass any congressional discussion or public debate 'before becoming law' in this otherwise completely lawless-place.
On the practical side of this escaped thought from the TWILIGHT*ZONE of theoretical global-domination; there are many problems. Militarily USI is the largest military force on the planet today: But we are NOT the only military force that is active, or capable of serving to act upon this new "legislation." This FACT has escaped those zealots who support American military superiority over all other considerations. The Russians, the Chinese, the Turks, even Iranand a number of the NATO affiliates, all have forces that, if combined, could easily cripple our ability to fight the entire planet, over this ludicrous proposal. Our world-wide network of bases in one-hundred and twenty nations of the one-hundred and thirty nations of the world; could be easily overrun or isolated; if such a Declaration of Global War were to ever be formalized.
Strategically, this country cannot supply the well over 800 military bases that we have around the world, without the unqualified support of the nations in which those US bases exist. If we declare WAR upon the Planet, then every single base, anywhere in the world would automatically become a very high-profile target for those people living in the countries where these outposts exist. Strategically, this would not necessarily even involve weapons. Because all these bases require food and water as well as electricity and fuel; all of which could easily be cut off; once American policies became known to those countries. In addition resupplying those bases would become impossible: thus trapping the potentially hostile American forces wherever they are currently stationed. That would amount to a death sentence for every American soldier stationed anywhere outside the USA.
Commercially of course this would also spell DISASTER to every product or company (as well as the employees of any of these "American Enterprises") anywhere else in the world that is seen to be affiliated with "America," on any level or in any place. As badly as this place needs 'business' this is the worst thing possible that could be done to this economy, to our financial system or to this nation-another brilliant stroke from the idiots that have bankrupted us three-times over and have driven our national debt into the Quadrillions of dollars! And with half of Japan now uninhabitable, and the USA that is about to be gutted by the NEW Madrid EXERCISE-a move such as this, at this time will definitely fall into the category of attempting to commit international suicide by decree: Instead of having to face the FAILURES that these "leaders' have wrought upon us all for the last ELEVEN YEARS OF THEIR ADMINISTRATION.
Tactically, the loss of our ability to use our foreign-forces from foreign bases would strip the USI of any advantage they might believe they currently have. What all of this will do to the safety of Americans living anywhere else in the world would of course be as catastrophic, as it is unnecessary and in the long-run would be suicidal when it comes to any long-term survival of Americans-anywhere!
And finally on the home front; which of course was and is the real target of this proposed SECRET legislation. The goal (under this proposed Declaration of Universal WAR without borders or clear-enemies in their Perpetual WAR without End) is to make every American a viable and defenseless target for whatever this so-called government might want to do to any one of us: The tradeoff however is that by doing this so brazenly (putting targets on the chests and on the backs of every man, woman and child in the United States) - the POLICE-STATE is inviting an open rebellion as well as a myriad of covert actions that could easily paralyze the entire nation-because without the CONSENT of the governed; this place simply cannot function. These are just a couple of key points that apparently USI has overlooked in their haste to end the old USA and anyone else that might oppose "THEM" in their haste to finish stealing the very little that's still left of this misbegotten place.
This is what happens whenever this people stop paying attention to the psychopaths and sociopaths that we have allowed to penetrate the highest levels of this government. The Zionistas have been running the machinery of society in this country for far too long. They have total control over every aspect of 'creativity, information, resistance, health, education, occupations' and virtually all of what used to be public-that-has-now-been-privatized. In fact that branch they created of the military that is now privately-employed (the mercenary-armies) are what have allowed the US to run such failed wars as the two we're still losing in Iraq and Afghanistan, while we are still adding new wars to these continuing failures with astounding speed (Libya & Pakistan ­ for starters). There are several others begging to be added to the list; Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Bahrain, Yemen, along with those countries that recently began to free themselves such as Egypt and Tunisia. The wildcard throughout the whole charade is Palestine where the criminal-captivity of that state is finally being challenged by many other nations; which is finally beginning to spell the long-overdue end of blood-drenched-Israel and the Fourth Reich of which both USI & Israel are the only surviving members.
This potential insanity by the elites to actually Declare WAR upon the World, might just hasten their own end instead of ours: Think about it: Then DO something, on your own: According to what you can do to bring all of this obscenity into sharper focus for the entire world to act against!
Here in this country, specifically in Tucson, Arizona we have our own Death Squads that are allowed to murder people without cause or reason. The citizens of Tucson ought to be all over that city's police-forces, and their city government: DEMANDING a full and open investigation of the murder of Jose Guerena. But apparently the citizens of that city don't give a damn about what happened to that ex-marine that did two tours in Iraq only to be murdered in his own home, by a US DEATH SQUAD! (2)
Ultimately there is no escape from these criminals at all levels of this government, of this privatized POLICE-STATE, or now apparently from the obscenity of their global-lusts for absolute POWER over everyone-else on the planet! The only thing still pending is what, if anything, we plan to do as individual-Americans about any of this shit!
1) Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War
With No Borders And No Clear Enemies
2) America's Death Squads
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