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The Unwanted Facts!
By Jim Kirwan
First of all the continued progress of this so-called election is nothing but an illegal exercise over rights and constitutional offices that no longer exist. The United States of America no longer exists: By deduction you cannot have elections for offices that do not exist under the Constitution of the United States, unless you are willing to collaborate with every single one of these un-American candidates who are all colluding in the illegal takeover the this country.
'Every single person in the coming elections is a TRAITOR, we no longer have a government; therefore anyone actually aiding this criminal cabal by pretending that we can even have an election is part of the TREASON and more; because by entering a totally illegal-election they are giving aid and cover to the BLOOD-ENEMIES OF THE
AMERICAN PEOPLE ­ that is the inconvenient truth behind the candidacy of everyone who is running for anything in the November Elections.' (1)
In brief this is the way this takeover happened. When the Bush-team was losing the presidential race for the White House in 2000 they appealed to the US Supreme court to stop the election count because they said: "If you don't stop the vote count, Bush will lose." The Supreme Court on 12-12-2000 did exactly what the Bush campaign wanted them to do ­ they stopped the Floridavote-count dead in its tracks and announced that the winner was George W. Bush! This violated the Constitution and everyone involved at the highest levels of this treason knew exactly what they were doing. The Constitution makes it clear that any irregularities that might occur in any presidential race must be dealt with by the Congress: And the Supreme Court, by Constitutional mandate, is NOT allowed to interfere with whatever the congress decides.
However in this case the congress did not challenge the illegality of the Supreme Court's interference in the presidential election of 2000; but neither did they chose to honor their own obligation to act on the irregulatities themselves. This act incidentally INVALIDATED every court in the United States, because when the Supreme Court breaks the laws of this country; then that makes all the other lower courts also guilty; because the highest court in this land made themselves into federal CRIMINALS on 12-12-2000.  Technically both the US Congress and the Supreme Court broke their solemn responsibilities under the US Constitution in the case of the Election for president of the United States in 2000. Yet no one was ever charged with this crime against the people of this nation and the constitution.
This was STRIKE ONE against the Constitution.
In 2002 The Dictator demanded that Congress grant him "a License to Kill" anyone, anywhere in the world that he (GWB) thought might someday present a problem to the national security interests of the United States ­ However this license did not demand any other proofs of guilt be found before these targets could be assassinated.
This was STRIKE TWO Against the Constitution.
Then just last month the Congress allowed itself to be superseded by a committee of twelve, plus the addition of the resident of the Oval Office, that has now collectively replaced the congress, and their duties to the citizens of the United States. This vile and completely illegal act calls itself the SUPER-CONGRESS.
This was Strike Three Against the Constitution.
Now there is no longer even any shred of constitutionality left in this fraudulent government: So to hold any elections under these circumstances is an obscenity and it is TREASON against the people of this country as well as against the U.S. Constitution.
As a direct result of these concerted and illegal actions the government of the United States is no longer the legal government because it has violated the US Constitution repeatedly and with malice of forethought in each and every case. The end result is that the congress is no longer a government of, by or for the people of this country-but is instead a government of, by and for the corporations that now own us all outright. Anyone "elected" under these conditions is by definition a TRAITOR to this country and to all that this nation was supposed to stand for.
Incidentally these facts also invalidate every order that George W. Bush ever issued, every presidential decree (because he was never the lawful president) and every action this country undertook when it unilaterally and preemptively attacked so many other countries: George W. Bush and Cheney and his entire administration must answer for these crimes before the International Courts because our own Supreme Court was and still is part of this theft of our nation!
The very fact that this country has continued to ignore these most basic of all the laws in the U.S. Constitution means that there is no longer a living Constitution on which to base anything any longer. We have become a privatized Outlaw-state that practices POLICE-STATE governance instead of having any relationship to what was our ConstitutionalRepublic. Neither democracy nor freedom actually live here any longer!
The elections MUST be CANCELED, and all those who are participating by running for these now illegal-public-offices need to be charged with treason. These are "The Unwanted Facts" that must finally be faced by this reluctant public that refuse to think of themselves as Americans; just  because they are far too busy with cashing in on the greed and criminality being spewed-out by the Democrats, the Republicans and nearly everyone else in office anywhere  today.
When the people are denied even a token "representation" inside the government they pay for-then WHY should anyone ever pay any taxes to them ever again! These bastards are not the government they are just private for-profit thieves and murderers wearing US uniforms when the fact is they are in reality just OUTLAWS in disguise.
Americans have been bitching that "Hey, there's nothing I can do!"
Well now there is something that everyone can do:
Get out there and STOP this COMPLETELY ILLEGAL ELECTION, and take your country back!
I know it's tough to learn that those you have believed in all your life have turned out to be nothing but thieves and liars, but that is also part of "The Unwanted Facts" that we must all come to understand if we are to ever have a chance for any real freedom in our lives again.
1) The Anatomy of Silence
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