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SDG&E Threats To Force
Dr. Deagle To Use A Smart Meter

Note - The following letter was sent to us by Dr. Deagle this morning.
~ Sempra Energy utility"
Raul Olamendi Smith
01 Ash Street, Suite 1100
SanDiego,CA 92101-3017
September 30, 2011
Dr. Bill Deagle
1995 xxxx xxxx Drive
Vista, CA 92084
Re: Account Number 894275502L Unauthorized Removal of SDG&E's Meter
Dear Dr. Deagle
It has corne to San Diego Gas & Electric Company's ("SDG&E") attention that you or someone at your direction has removed SDG&E's electric meter servicing the property located at 1995 xxxx xxxx View Drive, Vista, California. 
We further understand that you have installed your own electric meter and further installed some sort of cage around the meter that hinders SDG&E 's ability to access the electric Jeter socket and replace the meter. SDG&E takes this very seriously and would like to provide you with the opportunity to cure this situation matter before SDG&E is forced to exercise its legal remedies, which may include the discontinuance of service to the property, civil proceedings, and/or referral to local authorities.
The meter that you removed is SI(G&E's property and part of SDG&E's system for providing electric utility service to your property
By removing it and interfering with SDG&E's meter, you have affected SDG&E's ability to safely and accurately provide utility service to the residence, and you may be in violation of the California Penal Code.
As a result of removing SDG&E's meter and installing a non-SDG&E meter, you have
created the following conditions: (l) the meter that you installed has not been inspected, tested or approved by SDG&E, and, therefore, creates a potential safety issue at the premises that is subject to immediate disconnection of service pursuant to SDG&E's Tariff Rule 11; (2) b removing SDG&E's approved meter and installing a non-approved meter, you may be violatin Penal Code Section 593 that prohibits interference with electrical transmission lines /appurtenances and may result in imprisonment of one year and a [me up to $1,000 dollars; and (3) by removing SDG&E's approved meter and installing a non-approved meter, you may be causing the electric usage at the premiseJ to not be recorded accurately. This may result in a civill lawsuit for damages due to energy diversion and a judgment against you or others for treble damages, costs and attorneys' fees pursuant Civil Code Section 1882 et. seq. I
SDG&E would like to provide you with the opportunity to remedy this situation quickly.
As such, please remove the cage you placed around the existing meter and ensure access to the meter by no later than Wednesday, October 5, 2011 as SDG&E plans on sending a crew to your property to remove your meter and re-install an SDG&E approved meter. Also, when the crew is on site, please do not engage in any acts that may disrupt or hinder the crew's ability to perform the work or reconnect the SDG&E approved meter to the electric panel.
Please note that if the crew finds the cage in place, or it finds that it does not have access to the electric meter socket, or you or others disrupt the crew's ability to complete the work, SDG&E will be forced to immediately discontinue service to the premises by severing the electrical connections to the property. Additionally, if the cage that you have placed on the electric meter box has compromised the integrity of the panel, the panel may need to be inspected by the county's permitting agency before SDG&E can energize service.
Very Truly Yours,
Raul Olamendi Smith
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