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'Something Wicked this Way Comes'
By Jim Kirwan
In the early days between the first two world wars, there were traveling circuses that roamed the land with all the gypsy excitement of the carnival: There were sword swallowers, dare-devils acrobats and jugglers; and of course each of them also had a merry-go-round for the children of all ages to ride.
The "Merry-go-round" is what we in the post-television era might have missed, but it was a fixture in these roving carnivals and circuses especially in the smaller towns where late-summer-days and Autumn nights came to need some additional excitement. For those not familiar with the ride it featured many hand-carved creatures, each with a saddle, and a poll that the rider could hold onto, as each creature rose and fell while traveling in the continuous circle. There was also a "brass-ring" that each person could attempt to grab as they rode by, and those who succeeded got a free ride.
What politics in amerika has become today is something very close to the ancient merry-o-round. Like our financial situation the riders go up and down as they travel around in circles; and nothing about the ride or the financial situation ever changes for the better. The same promises have been made every two years now since LBJ (when wages were frozen for the common man and woman)-and wages have been going backwards since the Tri-Lateral Commission met for the first time in 1973. And despite all the campaign-promises government has just continued to even-bigger every minute of every day.
To this day we have never received full medical coverage for every American, nor have we ever had an increase in jobs since the end of WWII. Now we are beginning to lose all the other benefits that came from the last time we chained up the Robber-Barons. Social Security along with our retirement accounts and the pitiful Medicare that only did half the job are all on the way out. This government has made the destruction of the safety net for the poor and the middle-class a top priority. Yet these promises that are still being promised today, along with an end to the all the wars that we started and are still paying for; despite the fact that we are losing everywhere our troops have been sent: Remain the exact opposite of what the public has demanded. Mainly we are losing these wars because of the contracts which the war provides; which must be maintained. Because if we won outright then we'd have no excuse to stay-and so we shall never leave until we are no longer even the shadow of this country.
We need to get off this merry-go-round and pull the plug on the whole thing forever. Stop reading the newspapers, and STOP watching the corrupted television reports ­ go online and unscramble the truth for yourself. Voting is not the answer to anything; it just encourages the criminals and prolongs the same old crimes. In fact most of those that committed our most recent series-of-crimes have been in government since the 1970's ­ so what does that tell you about your ability to get rid of these criminals by voting! The world believes that Amerika has lost its collective mind, and so do I. Look at these numbers and remember what you had to pay so that these people who only work 52 days of the years could afford to have their own personal wealth skyrocket: Watch the video and ask yourself why these creatures should not be lynched. (1)
Every selection now is nothing but a total lie and the "selection­season" is nothing but a parade of traitors, each one of whom tries to out-lie all the rest just to get elected, but there is absolutely no reason to believe any election promises that any of them ever make because their promises are all lies, and have been since LBJ for certain. Before the voting-machines were totally rigged, as they are now, they already had the fix in, in other ways. It's called "redistricting" which means that candidates get to run in places where there is not enough of the opposition to even worry about a nearly guaranteed re-election. Most people have forgotten about this insider's edge; because no one bothered to even notice just how twisted the boundaries for election districts had become.
The truth is that between now and the so-called elections the air-waves will be jammed with garbage and gossip about each and every person who is running for any office; and none of this has any bearing on reality! Just look at what they continue to promise: "jobs, jobs, jobs," while they continue to fire millions of people. Health coverage shrinks every time they mention it, and their thugs in uniform continue to torture, taser and kill people in random encounters for no particular reason at all. Only one police officer was ever charged (in Oakland at the BART station, Jan 1, 2010) and he got off basically with time-served. All the other "investigations that were held all turned out to be nothing but whitewashes that spared the so-called officers and justified their actions.
Meanwhile over three hundred have died recently in police custody, but only those that were video-taped were ever even discussed, much less prosecuted. And as for all the lies every police department speaks about (after one of these events) about their gloriously high standards: I'm surprised that lightning bolts have not struck down those chief's of police for the sheer-size of those lies they continue to tell the public about their thoroughly ROTTEN Departments.
If this country still had an independent media; one of the uncensored-networks would have immediately launched a new program called "AMERICA'S Most UNWANTED" The program would have featured interviews with the killers of innocent people and shown the public where they can be found; along with whatever these officers might like to share with the public to explain why it was that they were unable to disarm the man or woman in question without maiming or killing them?
These thugs are not Heroes; they're worse than common criminals because they are hiding their criminality behind their little tin badges. In most cases they are the ones carrying deadly force into whatever might be happening; and they usually misuse that deadly force because they are terrified of being even slightly injured: This speaks to terrible training methods and zero personal qualifications when it comes to interacting with the population. In fact the way most cops speak to most of the people they encounter, if they were NOT wearing guns: The number of members of the public that might just chose to deck those so-called officers on-the-spot; would have been immense because they're every word is usually both insulting and demeaning enough to provoke any normal person to instant anger.
But just keep on doing nothing about it and the day will come when the public will have finally had enough of this shit and some of the victims will soon begin shooting first. Then there will indeed be problems that ordinary police will no longer be able to control; much as they no longer choose to arrest those involved in flash-mob crimes because there are just too many of them so they don't bother answering the calls.
On top of all their other failures the uniformed thugs that enforce the police-state laws are basically cowards one and all, but "their day" of reckoning gets closer with every new beating, every malicious killing or every situation where the cops were the problem and not even remotely a part of the actual solution. A great many of them are about to fired anyhow very soon; so maybe it won't matter, except to the families of their victims ­ it's a sure thing afterall that the Department of Justice will never interfere.
A huge part of our problem is that far too many people never experienced life either before Television or especially B.V., Before Vietnam. Because it was not until After Vietnam that the media began to be bought-up and consolidated into what it is today ­ Disinformation, Psyops and Propaganda that simply will not cover the any real news anywhere! Those of us that remember how this country once was will find ways to fight this takeover; and it will be effective! "Today the world's media is 96% owned by just six Jewish companies. How could such a thing come to pass?" (2)
None of this will ever change until some of those on their side of this equation are being treated just like we are being treated each and every day!
1) Government Gone Wild - 3min 45 sec - VIDEO
2) 96% of Media is Owned by s Jewish Companies
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