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Just Another Sunday In Amerika
By Jim Kirwan
Just another Sunday in Amerika where millions are now watching the games and grazing through the junk-food while swirling down the liquid of choice to forget, even if they knew, what is going on half-a-world-away in Gaza. How many of them do you think would even consider taking an hour and 21 minutes to see what their taxes have been used for now, for at least the last sixty plus years?
This is film of what it is like to live and die in Gaza at the hands of an Apartheid State, not a democracy in any way: Israel today is besieged from within by their own people demanding food, and jobs in the streets of major cities throughout that place. However their demands do not include what the rest of the world is DEMANDING, and that is simply to end this barbarity that was all made possible by the money which USI has stolen from Americans in order to make this most savage war upon the children of the open-air prison-camp that is Gaza today. (1)
Watch this film and then see if you can just go back to the trivia of "THE GAMES" and not see these faces, or hear their cries from beneath the ravages of the phosphorus bombs and the slaughter that destroyed so many lives, on the way to exterminating an entire people. The weapons being used herein were either American made or were paid for by American tax dollars: Does this make you 'PROUD'?
What kind of people undertake to slaughter ordinary people, and then dares to blame them for the unbelievable savagery which this film clearly shows the world. There can be no 'turning away' from this because this is what the jobs that you still have are paying for.
The "foodies" and the Yuppies and the bankers and the wall-street bandits are all celebrating today because it's just another Sunday in Amerika ­ and these real savages still have to figure out how to spend the billions they have stolen in the bonuses they are getting. This money was extorted from Americans, and it will only get worse; until what is happening in Gaza begins to happen here! If you think that this is somehow just an exaggeration then look closer at the real cities that you live in now. Twenty-eight percent of the people in theUnited States who were once part of the middle class have unceremoniously fallen into abject poverty, almost overnight. (2)
"What if" This film "Tears of Gaza" without its title; were to be broadcast, without commercial interruptions, on Mass Media throughout the United States as say "The Movie of the Week"? Imagine the public's reaction to this very direct and yet still very calm approach to this deadly-serious topic: Israel's standing in the USA would be at least cut-in-half overnight and would probably be ended within a week. This is why our "media" is over-controlled and censored in the extreme and has become our defacto STATE-TELEVISION, where nothing that might threaten to undermine our corrupted USI-policies will ever be allowed to reach the Amerikan public that avidly continues to stuff their faces while they try to silence any real thoughts about what is happening to either Gaza or to this country which too many still refuse to see for the POLICE-STATE that we have become.
The direct and unvarnished truth in this film makes my blood boil and yet the lawyers and the politicians and the vast body of the criminally involved herein do not bat-an-eyelash at this more than fifty year old CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY that continues to be represented as "A RIGHT" that Israel supposedly "has the right?" to exercise; because they are entitled to steal Palestine for themselves and therefore this treatment of the Palestinians' is somehow justifiable; because Zionist Israel is so much better than everyone else in the entire world!
The entire planet must come together to end this crime, regardless of religion, politics, money, or any other private-interests: Because any world where this behavior is not just tolerated but encouraged; is not a world in which real people will ever be allowed to live or dream or prosper.
This particular CRIME cannot be allowed to continue under any circumstances: Ask yourselves WHY, if Israel's "cause" in Palestine is "so valid or just" ­ Then why can this film not be shown openly to the whole world: So that people can decide for themselves what is true and what is not about the very real Suffering in Gaza?
Enjoy the GAMES while they last, and try not to over-eat or get too drunk or too-high today because tomorrow you have to go back to making more money for the continuing holocaust in Palestine
1) Tears of Gaza, whereisthejustice1 - 1 hr, 21 minute - video
2) Middle Class Death Watch
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