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Social Engineering - 10% Of The
People Control The Other 90%
Should You Blame Yourself for What Your Children Do?
By Ted Twietmeyer
Both of these topics can easily be two separate articles. But we shall see these two topics are inter-related. As a father and grandfather I humbly speak to fellow and future parents. There are many subtle aspects which affect every relationship that need to be exposed to help parents and children understand what's happening to them.
My wife and I were fortunate that our children became adults before cell phones and smart phones occupied almost every child's pocket. Today, if a cell phone isn't in a child's pocket it's probably being used by their hands. Any loving and caring parent would be deeply concerned if their child walked around every day carrying a 12" knife or a loaded handgun. Knives and handguns hurt or kill others, or even the person holding them. But a cell phone mainly does its damage to children and adults who use them.
Cell phones/smart phones do damage to owners in several ways such as:
Possible cancer ­ microwave radiation alters DNA. We lost a relative from a cancer tumor on the right side of his head, exactly where the phone antenna was. Although the tumor was removed early it developed into terminal stage 4 cancer.
1. Car accidents ­ texting while driving, and walking out into traffic, etc... while operating one.
2. Abnormal social relationships - a lack of physical and visual interaction creates social issues.
3. Impact on academic performance ­ excessive phone use interferes with study and homework.
4. Trouble with the law - sending/receiving x-rated images is now a felony.
I asked a struggling mother of two a few years ago why her soon-to-be teenage children needed cell phones. Her answer was, "All the other children have one. They'll be ridiculed if they don't have one, too." That's a pathetic excuse to say the least for not standing up for what's right. If the other children jumped off a cliff on a dare should her children follow? Is there any difference? Today's phones are high-tech equivalent of leaving a child alone in a book store in front of a shelf of x-rated magazines. Internet and smart phone surfing provides the same opportunities with no real way to stop it. X-rated images and movies can tempt children to sexually explore other children.
If all children do in their spare time is text and call their friends or send/receive illegal images to others, then when do they actually study for school? When do they explore and learn about the world around them? Is it possible for any child or adult to enjoy their family, form and maintain meaningful relationships with grandparents, smell the roses, plant a garden, invent things, play outside, see the clouds roll by, enjoy a sunrise or sunset - and still be texting and talking to friends all at the same time? All these precious things and many more will be left out as they pass by life with their heads buried in electronic toys.
Do we ever think about millions of senior citizens trapped in nursing homes or house-bound, helplessly staring outside through windows but unable to go outside and sniff the roses and flowers they look at everyday? Often in life many things are taken for granted until it's too late. Relatives are often heartlessly dumped into nursing homes waiting to die. And the elderly are very often fully aware of it, too. Some years ago, we saw a new patient in a nursing home. She awake, alive and vibrant and easy to talk to. In just two weeks she was acting as depressed and disconnected from reality as the rest of them.
Can you possibly imagine being a patient there? These people are watched and monitored, and are basically imprisoned without bars. Unless you die early unexpectedly this will be your fate too. Who will remember YOU when that day comes?
But if Obama and others have their healthcare vision come true with death committees, by that day people will be euthanized. Imagine this happening to you while you're still fully aware and ambulatory, simply because a secret death committee determined you should not live any longer. What then?
Many electronic-toy-obsessed children can kiss their college education goodbye. College is all about self-study and self-learning. If these skills are not developed and practiced by children early in life, they will have mediocre grades and never make it into or through college. All the family money, loans and grants in the world can do nothing to help them. Their fate as an adult WILL be sealed ­ all thanks to endlessly playing with hi-tech electronic toys for years and years.
Back in the eighties and nineties, responsible parents only had to worry about their children excessively playing video-games at home. As parents, my wife and I saw this potential mind-numbing damage right away and put great restrictions on it, especially on school days. Studying came before play. And we spot-checked homework completion, too.
Twenty years ago, any parent could remove a power cord, game cartridge or other required part to prevent playing a video game. With games downloaded into smart phones, that control and ability to manage children is now gone. Confiscating a cell phone until homework is finished is the only solid answer. Telling a child to self-control their phone use is equivalent to placing a bottle of liquor in front of an alcoholic and telling them not to touch it when you leave the room or they go to school. Anyone who thinks their child will resist that temptation and distraction is lying to themselves.
An un-managed smart phone given to a child may be one of the dumbest things a parent can do.
While smart phones and cell phones play a big part with a child's behavior they are not the only factor with a negative influence. Extremely violent television shows, movies and other media have successfully implanted violent thoughts in the minds of children and adults.
A normal person cannot watch a film like "Inglorious Bastards" without being affected. It raised movie violence to a new bloodier level. When I went to see it with a relative a couple years ago, I foolishly thought that this was just another German war film like the dirty dozen. Little did I realize how much up-close gore the film has. If this sort of thing does not affect you then something is wrong. Behind us sat several teenagers laughing at every bit of violence as though it was funny. These children would not be laughing if the violence portrayed happened to them.
Most all parents proclaim love for their children and caring about them. But rarely is any thought given by parents to the future effects during those formative years when children are exposed to hateful rap music, excessively loud volume and terrible television shows ­ all very capable of bending the mind into submission and acceptance - and prepare them for what's planned.
For decades much has been said about the flicker rate of television to open a channel for mind control Those days are now gone with advent of LCD panels. Now subliminal audio and video tricks are used by social engineers and marketing people to pump messages into everyone's head. It's all in plain sight if you know what to look and listen for.
In public schools children are taught a combination of truths, lies and half-truths. Laws make school a requirement but there are ways to combat this problem. Contrary to demonizing by mainstream propaganda, home school parents are loving dedicated parents. I've known several parents who successfully home-schooled all of their children.
Home schooling requires a rigorous schedule which may not be practical for every parent. Usually a small classroom is set up in the home, which may simply be a spare room, corner of a living room or family room. Occasionally children must take exams at a local school so government can confirm the children are learning what they should for their age. Teaching children at home eliminates exposure to today's perverted sex education, sex, drugs, smoking and drinking. Many home-schooled children are academically one or two grades ahead of their public school counterparts.
For grades 8 through 12 children offend attend some classes in public school such as physical education, chemistry or biology. It's prohibitively expensive for average working parents to build a small gymnasium and buy all the required equipment to teach these classes.
Social engineering is a devious science. According to one facilitator who discussed her former job on the Genesis radio network, facilitators move into communities in order to influence school systems and further social engineering agendas. Often these people get on local school boards to influence voting. They may also work online to influence thinking on a variety of subjects.
People often say, "What you don't know can't hurt you." This is probably the biggest lie there is. Those who don't agree with this should look at what Washington has been doing behind closed doors, having earned the title as the worst Congress in the history of the United States. Whenever you're not aware of something happening which negatively affects you and your family that will be the time when it will do the most damage. And you can take that to the bank.
So what about the first 13 years of a child's life? Childhood is largely wasted by mandated, forced brainwashing activities at school 5 days a week throughout most of each year. It exists mainly to make children fit into society and believe the party line. In China, children were taught "Don't be the nail sticking up out of the floor." In other words, conform or a hammer will come along and pound you back down.
Here's an interesting exercise - sit down and write out everything you learned in school over 13 years. Don't worry this won't take long. Let's be honest - what do any of us really remember from grade school? How to add, subtract, multiply and divide? Do percentages? Forced reading of boring and pointless mandatory books? Perhaps we might recall the right duties and due process of the senate, Congress, House and president? How to compose and write a proper sentence? If your eight grade child placed an equation in front of you could you solve it?
For many adults memories consist mainly of basic mathematics, learning proper English, some basic Spanish, French or Latin and perhaps some American and world history. Of course, we must not forget those "approved" versions of American and world history everyone must learn, whether or not true and accurate. As we age most memories of grade school are either lost or become a blurry, distorted memory - except for some notable experiences involving bullies, dances and perhaps sexual encounters.
If no other skills are learned in grade school, self-study of various topics is perhaps the most important tool all children can develop. In my profession in electrical engineering I have to keep up on technological advancements with self-study every week. There are no tests or exams, nor does anyone ask me if I'm doing this. The real test comes along unexpectedly one day when a new product or technology must be used to solve a difficult problem. People take it for granted their problem will be solved.
So what's my point? Children could learn everything taught in public schools in just a few years or maybe even less without all the mind-numbing repetition.
Throughout the entire interview Boehner never once looked at the camera or the reporter [1]
A recent interview with House speaker Boehner is a great example of how effective social engineering is on people ­ even on those in public office. After a recent budget vote a CNN reporter interviewed him in the nation's Capitol.
Here are Boehner's cryptic answers to reporter Kate Bouldan's questions about what he thought of the vote: "Strong vote, but first of many steps yet to go." Another question she asked was, "What do you think the message is to the American people tonight?" His answer: "The process works. It may not be pretty, but it works."
What other steps is he referring to? Is a process that narrowly avoids government shutdown almost at the eleventh hour as one that works? What is Obama and Capitol Hill not telling us about the "other steps?" Yet no one seems to care except some protestors. But one thing has been made public already - grad students will be paying on their loans before graduating, effective July 2012. This should be interesting in a land that already doesn't have enough jobs for graduates. Surely there are many other surprises awaiting the American people in this secret budget deal.
Yet the average person will see the Boehner interview and others like it on television, feeling secure within their brainwashed minds that it must be OK for him to act like this. Social engineers heavily count on brainwashing as a key tool. Brainwashing maintenance includes entertainment.
In the world of entertainmentl, acting takes place in one of three general environments:
1. Avant-Garde - there is often just a black backdrop on stage for an innovative drama.
2. Fully dressed stage - with backdrops on stage to add more realism.
3. Films, DVDs and television shows
For 1 and 2 above, the audience walks into a theater and sits down knowing the performance they will see and hear is fictional entertainment. But when it comes to the third type above showing a news or documentary program, people often tend to accept everything they see on the screen as absolute fact. When network news comes free into their home via television, they believe almost every single word and picture they see. This is when brainwashing maintenance takes place.
A perfect example of this is the Roswell story. First it was announced by the US air force it was a crashed disk and everyone believed it. After all, it was a newspaper headline so it must be true, right? And everyone accepted it as fact. About a day later the world was told this was a just a weather balloon and everyone believed that too ­ in spite of the previous news, facts and testimony of eye-witnesses. Many decades later, the world was told Roswell was part of secret project Mogul. Here we see blatant attempts by government to cram the proverbial genie back into the bottle and cover up the truth. Yet the brainwashed public believed all three news stories, thanks to brainwashing back in grade school.
For the majority of the population who were either too young or not yet born in 1947 this scheme actually worked. Anyone who questions the Roswell "official" story today is scorned, laughed at and ridiculed as a "conspiracy theorist." Again, these responses are merely the result of brainwashing. This shows the power of brainwashing and social engineering. Social engineers do not want people believing in aliens, talking about them or discussing them. But talking, writing or discussing lights seen in the sky is considered OK. This keeps unpleasant reality at a safe distance.
Another example of brainwashing is the fake green movement, complete with over-priced vehicles that don't live up to what's claimed for mileage. I know this fact from testing. What no one in the green movement wants to speak about are what happens when you break a high efficiency CFL light bulb. Glass tubing contains toxic materials like phosphors (a white coating inside the tubing) and 2 milligrams of mercury. These lamps cannot be recycled economically, yet everyone is supposed to be concerned about even the tiniest amounts of mercury? Even mercury thermometers have become extinct.
We cannot economically recycle millions of expensive, burned-out CFL light bulbs which are in landfills everywhere right now. Yet we still have to meticulously sort paper, plastic and metal in our trash? Does this make sense? Of course not, but that doesn't stop billions of dollars of profit made on innocent people trying to be "green." Ozone layer safe refrigerant now in every new refrigeration appliance is still not any better for the ozone layer. But everyone thinks it is because media has told them so. It shows how grade school brainwashing and media brainwashing maintenance at work.
Is it actually possible for a tiny percentage of people to influence everyone else? Recently an interesting study was released by the highly respected Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on this very topic: "Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society." [2]
Did a think tank pay Rensselaer to do the study secretly mainly to determine the effectiveness of social engineering? All research requires funding and someone, somewhere had to pay for it.
This study clearly shows the effectiveness a very small community of elite social engineers or a small part of the population can have on the overall population. It also illustrates the effects lobbyists (i.e.,hall-rats) in Washington representing special interest groups can have on everyone.
Is there a brighter side to these research results? Consider that the paradigm-shifted 10% of the population can re-educate the other 90% about the forces controlling their lives and create big changes. In war, every weapon an enemy has can also be used against them.
Social engineering effects on our children are like exposure to beta and gamma radiation. With radiation, the more intense the source and the longer you are exposed the more damage to your body you will have. Radiation damage is often permanent, yet the negative effects of social engineering on anyone's mind can be reversed through dedicated, personal study.
What about the effects of social engineering on you and your family? Mind control techniques and technologies are most effective when you don't know it is happening - much like the way disinformation works.
Manners and caring for others in today's world are quickly disappearing. Recently leaving a pharmacy was a elderly woman walking with a much younger woman, apparently going toward their car. The younger woman may have been her daughter or sister, but that's not relevant. The elderly woman was having trouble walking. As the elderly woman repeatedly reached out for the other woman's arm for help, the other woman kept pulling away or moving her arm just out of reach. Talk about cruelty. But one day the younger woman (if she lives long enough) will be reaching out for help herself. What goes around, comes around...
A paradigm shift only requires concentrated effort over days or weeks to awaken the mind through proper self-education to undo a lifetime of damage. At some point during the self-education process, a massive mental paradigm shift will hit the truth-seeker. When it finally hits it will feel like a ton of bricks was dropped on you. Those of us who have been through the paradigm shift can often remember where and when the day it happened.
We must help our children by encouraging them to have their paradigm shift early in life. It will prevent decades of darkness. It's one of the best tools we can give our children to survive in today's ruthless, social-engineered society ­ a society designed to produce the highest level of control on everything each individual thinks and does.
After experiencing the paradigm shift the eyes will be opened and life will never be the same again. A paradigm shift is a powerful, one-time life experience. This is absolutely essential to understand and survive forces exerted upon each of us every day. Perhaps you know those who need help understanding why their life keeps going in the wrong direction out of control no matter what they do. Hopefully this information may help them turn weaknesses into strengths.
Ted Twietmeyer
[1] - http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/
[2] - http://scienceblog.com/46622/minority-rules-scientists-discover-
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