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Slogans Are No Substitute For Reality
By Jim Kirwan
Two days before the farce being celebrated at ground zero and Obama is at it again with another bucket-full of solutions that won't kick-in until next year if at all. It's fascinating how the public keeps right on taking-the poisoned bait while completely ignoring the context for these fragments that can never do any of the things they are supposedly meant to accomplish. People: This is another "election-year promise" (Another massive set of lies) that purports to help when all it will do is stifle any real solution. The proof of this is in the track record of this talking-skull, and all the rest of those lackey's that serve only the one power that exists today. Ordinary people seem to have overlooked Obama's own record of promises made-and promises broken.
Gitmo is still there, the wars have increased from two to five countries invaded and occupied; (And another six more to come). Unemployment has soared beyond anything seen before and the global financial scene has shown global victory over the needs of the world's people by the same powers that created this crisis in the first place. This nation has never been worse off no matter what area of life you examine with an eye to fixing any of those things that are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. (1)
But the real changes in this country are not being featured in the headlines; they are never even discussed. First of all there is no "HOMELAND" in the United States. That term was created by the Nazi's for Germany in 1934. Consequently the term "Homeland Security' is both an oxymoron and a traitorous LIE-yet since 911 whatever is occupying the Tarnished House has used this term to justify their own existence. The brain-dead public still has no-clue about this completely anti-American term of Deception & Takeover that is already in place and is responsible for all of the ad-hoc crimes committed by this government every second of every day since Bush stole the office in 2000. In fact the public has signed-on to the idea that 'DHS' is somehow supposedly going to protect the now naked-public from all the things that DHS was created to invent-in exchange for people "giving up not only all their rights", but any real future for themselves or their children except what is waiting for us all inside the FEMA camps that will be run by DHS and the White House. How "American" is that!
Yesterday a reader wrote: "I just read your essay on Rense "We are all targets..." I had to tell you how brilliant it is, you are. The other day I heard you interviewed on Rense and you said that some of us lived free and know what it is. I have thought that many times. I have looked at people and thought exactly the same thing so many times. It was an important thing to put out here for everyone to think about. Thanks." (2)
The truth about "living free" is that 'yes it can be very costly on the one hand but in the end there can be no substitute for the practice 'of living free.'
Freedom is something that everyone was born with and to the degree that anyone is able to maintain this most fragile of realities; is the degree to which they will remain free of all the nightmares that assail those who have rejected even the idea of FREEDOM. What makes that true is that too many have already cut-their-deals with those who worship only greed and power through their obsessions with money-that will in the end only leave them enslaved, to the same forces that have now converted this nation into the slave-state of USI.
What is happening here and now is the final death-throes of the end of the Republic and the U.S. Constitution that is being guided by those in public offices who are still using stationary that makes them appear to be American officials-but who are in reality members of the Nazi-party of 2011 that has existed since 1923.
This treachery was first created by a secret pact between the Zionists and Hitler, before Hitler began his rise to power. After Hitler's military was defeated the surviving talent in the Third Reich came to the west by thehundreds of thousands. In this country they went to Los Alamos and developed the US weapons systems and atomic as well as nuclear weapons, supposedly for the USA. On the intelligence side thousands went into the Intelligence arm of the government which was then the OSI, and which became the CIA, supposedly devoted to protecting America and Americans.
We have Dirty-Harry Truman to blame for this.
In recent months over 300 US members of Congress, over half of the 535 members of that body signed letters of absolute-loyalty to the Zionist-Apartheid-state of Israel; Swearing their oaths, in writing, to support the needs of Israel above all else in this world; which was a blatant act of TREASON, committed directly against the U.S. oaths they took when they were "selected" to be in the US Congress. And yesterday this Zionist led congress finished destroying the reason for their existence by shattering the terms under which their offices were constitutionally created in the first place. (The SUPER-COMMITTE held its first public meeting, complete with a closed door 'SECRET' hearing in the middle of it) The U.S. Constitution was violated by the US Supreme Court on 12-12-2000 when the court basically appointed Bush to be the next president against the specific prohibition of the interference by the court in any US Presidential election: That job was to have been done by the Congress who refused to stop the court from breaking the constitutional prohibition.
So we have the Courts and the Congress trashing the Constitution and of course the Tarnished House with its' over 5,000 employees vigorously supporting the Zionist State of Israel against all challenges to their illegalinvasion and occupation of Palestine. This same position in the UN over the rights of Palestine to be internationally recognized as a state, in the community of nations, proves yet again; that if it were not for United States Incorporated and their junk-yard-dog that bullies the world from Israel-there might indeed be a lot more peace in the middle-east and the world than is currently the case.
This is perhaps just wishful thinking, on my part, because the targeted nations throughout the world have been targets since before WWII began. But at least we now know the facts that allowed this treachery against so many nations to come together under just two flags: The Star of David and the Stars & Stripes who together have cause unimaginable bloodshed and massive Crimes-Against-Humanity the world over since 1923. This means that the Third Reich has lasted not just the twelve years that history has claimed for it; but is in fact is still alive and slaughtering people as the real-time extension of the WWII Nazi's which are still here today, some 88 years after they were created.
This administration needs to PROVE me wrong!
Not because I am anyone in particular, but because this charge against this government and the unfinished "state" of Israel is not just illegitimate: It is ongoing and runs counter to everything the USI has publicly stated since Bush was appointed by the Supreme Court on 12-12-2000. In particular the solutions to our problems as offered by the current imposters in government and politics will, if we continue to follow them, succeed in ending the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and everything this country once held dear. Because this government now only represents the truly Un-American Forces that are now openly seeking to end the United States as a country, as an idea, and most importantly as a people with any kind of future that does not end in a FEMA concentration camp!
Free people will always resist Treason & Tyranny ­ the rest of this country will simply get in line and will falsely hope to survive whatever comes next because they have apparently lost their own will-to-live. Being "free" is not something that anyone else can give to another person: That has to come from each individual, in the course of living their own life. No government has the right to issue the kinds of orders which this one has issued. Only the people can chose what they "must do" ­ and in reality this government has NO RIGHT TO DO ANY OF WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING SINCE EVEN BEFORE 911 ­ WHEN Bush Jr. BEGAN SPYING ON EVERY AMERICAN, SEVEN MONTHS BEFORE 911 EVEN HAPPENED!
Pick a side America, because your life and the lives of everyone you care about depend upon it. . .
The Next-Time you have an encounter with the Police, city, state or federal, many of whom have stopped wearing badges because they have numbers on them: Here's something that might help to clear your mind as to what is really about to happen. Visualize either of these images so that you cannot mistake what is about to happen to you. That way there will be no misunderstanding in your mind as to who and what has come for YOU!

1) Here is your future - video
2) We Are All Targets Now
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