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In The Shadows Of Discontent
By Jim Kirwan
"Suspended in the Twilight
A Fugitive from Genesis
Is the Castle of the Heart
Our Shadow-selves engage each other
In a dance for those
Who have forgotten how to see
Upon this stage of life we try to live,
Beneath a bridge of two beginnings
Our private conscience tries to balance,
Cliché upon Cliché upon Cliché
But in this fragment, which is real and which is fragmentary?
Revised from Part 3 in Pieces of Dreams. (1)
In the continuing aftermath from London, a great many questions about the violence and the depth of injustice are finally coming from the shadows where the reasons for this rebellion have been in incubation now for literally hundreds of years. It is a battle between the castles of this society, in its boardrooms and from the segregation of its gated communities in this world of many colors that is disproportionally tortured each and every day-in a pathetic attempt to humiliate, to segregate and to crush the majority of the population which the owners treat like chattel.
When I was young, just after the military and while I was beginning to perfect my own profession; I was living in a rented room in the red-light district in Oklahoma City. It was the early nineteen-sixties and I had this scruffy little goatee that seemed to infuriate the OKC Police Department. 'Artists' at the time were considered bums, and were generally people that were to be treated as non-people, along with prostitutes, bootleggers, and smut peddlers (drugs had not yet become anything like they are today). As a consequence I was treated like the Indians and the Blacks, the Mexicans and just like any person who was other than white and law-abiding. So I got a first hand look at what it's like to be part of a segregated society.
The cops in Oakie City rode three to a car. There was a little black flag that flew atop each cruiser that was suppose to remind the population about the number of traffic deaths that occurred each year. But as the 'officers' in those cars were borderline-morons; everybody 'knew' what those black flags really meant: Because everybody who was 'undesirable' was treated exactly like the Blacks in Britain have been treated now for decades. In any given week I was stopped and thrown up against a wall at least three if not four times during the seven days. There followed an interrogation carried on simultaneously by the three pigs all screaming questions at me and demanding ID. "Where do you live! What's your god-damned name!" I would produce my driver's license that contained the information and they would throw it back in my face while shoving me from side to side and then they'd just slam me back into the wall again just to produce a violent reaction, which I refused to give them.
At least once a week these interrogations would be followed by "a ride" in the back of a patrol car. The longest such ride lasted several hours and involved being pistol whipped a number of times ­ because they said that I was lying to them. I kept a notebook with every badge and patrol car number along with dates and times for every event. (This helped when they were prosecuted for their actions (that was still possible then, if you had all the information and a really great lawyer). Eventually they would usually dump me in some vacant lot inside the Black-Belt, which was the black-ghetto inside the City that was larger than the white part of that city at the time. However as I had lived there off and on while in highschool this was not a problem, because I had many friends inside that segregated-place.
I was never arrested or charged with any crime, despite their repeated harassment and occasional beatings-and that was in a state that took pride in being at least thirty years behind the times. The cops thought they were living in the 1930's version of Chicago. Oklahoma at that time was already a third-generation Welfare State: And it was the place that was used to try-out all the garbage that went into LBJ's Great Society and his "model cities: programs. Oklahoma was a living Petrie Dish that proved that everything which Johnson proposed could never work anywhere! Here was my political-attack on Johnson's policies and programs two years later. (2)
Throughout those early years I began to understand a little tiny bit about segregation and isolation as well as what it meant to be an undesirable. The highschool I attended was integrated by the early nineteen-fifties; and when we competed in sports we ended up defending our black players as often as we tried to concentrate on winning the games-because we chose to, not because anyone had to.
In the military in 1959 I was on Guam where most of the businesses were owned by ex-GI's that were mostly black and bitter. That gave me a chance to feel what it was like to be hated and harassed just because of the color of my skin. Of course that was not the same as what blacks routinely endure in the wider society, because Guam was definitely an isolated case and (for me) this was not replicated anywhere else. There was another time, after Guam, when I was sent to Calumet Michigan where the Radar Squadron I was assigned to was in the middle of a race war on base. There were armed GI's at the end of the hallways in the barracks; and individuals needed to call out for permission to go the head, before attempting to leave the room. Anyone who just burst into the common hallway without permission was to have been shot. That situation was defused soon after I got there, and whatever the solution was it had nothing whatever to do with me. 
The point is that the global problems of race-inequality, segregation and social structures such as PRIVILEGE are under constant challenge from those that have virtually nothing. The consequently resulting mindset of the Super-wealthy seems to demand that they be worshipped by the rest of society; just as intently as they demand that the majority of any society must remain absolutely-beneath their contempt: Therefore in the New World Order just as in the Old World Order, most people must be cast as undesirable persons (chattel) in any "civilized-society." This is our problem this has remained in the shadows for hundreds if not thousands of years.
If the world does not address this massive inequality; then all the castles will be destroyed and their occupants will be forced to answer to those for whom they have always held nothing but a viral contempt that is no longer in disguise. No people can survive in a state of degraded subservience forever. Either they will fight their captors as the Palestinians have chosen to do-to the death: Or they will simply disappear as a people from the earth. The globe has seen what decades of isolation and abuse can do to any people, anywhere.
The reasons that this issue has burst into flames in England has far more to do with centuries of being singled our and abused routinely by "police" that need not have any reason at all for what they do to anyone they stop at any time; no legitimating "probable cause" is now required ­ before detaining, torturing or shooting anyone to death ­ anywhere or at anytime. That is also the police-state's current attitude towards Americans as well.
In fact in San Francisco HOMELAND INSECURITY has just spent $200 billion on installing full-body X-Ray scanners, along with facial recognition scanners on the city's bus system; "to guard against hijacking the buses to use in terrorist actions." This is the technological version of what was done to me and to thousands of others in Oklahoma (49 years ago) because I did not look just like everyone else. This is the POLICE-STATE in action and these Draconian measures being taken against the citizens of San Francisco must be BOYCOTTED by San Franciscans, in a very public way, if this tyranny is ever to be stopped!
Part of the problem is that most of those ridding the buses don't read signs, and many have no idea what these cameras and devices can do to them, whether short or long term ­ so a boycott by those who have no choice along with the poorest of the poor would probably not be effective. (3)
In the end if the world will not at least explore the particulars of these 'Shadows of Discontent' in their particular parts of the world; then there seems to be no room left for anything to really ever change, except to get much, much worse!
As I write this the markets are again racing downward at breakneck speed, having just passed -419. So we're in the fourth day of a yo-yo that's spinning downward and that will continue to tighten until it chokes those that designed this coming financial collapse. If you think that London and all the other places that are in the beginning stages of rebellion are bad now: Just wait until the dollar collapses and then you too will be able to experience first hand what the USA has been doing to the rest of the world for over two hundred years!
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2) Oklahoma 
3) DHS Funds Real-Time Spy-Cams on SF Buses
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