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Seeking & Thinking
By Jim Kirwan
How do we measure anything from emotions to ambitions, from values to the worth of human life? We have allowed our real affections to be outlawed as a personal requirement in everything we 'do' with our lives.
In addition we have allowed a fascist-society to interject itself into every transaction, every word and deed as well as every thought that any of us might want to think about. Because of this blatant disregard of these most personal aspects of any life, we have silently accepted the tyrannical 'punishments' handed down by this totally corrupt and illegal state.
Anyone that actually cares about their own lives or the lives of anyone they love is now suspect. This has become the new basis for criminalizing the public in virtually every respect of the lives that millions are still trying to lead. What is clear is that the public has stopped "SEEKING" or even "THINKING" about this silent surrender that is sweeping over this land like a nearly invisible plague.
The price of putting up with this pre-emptive strike against every American is government sanctioned punishment for anyone who is found guilty of caring about anything that might be happening in today's war-torn circumstances. The fact is however; that this drug-addled world is not negotiable for those that can no longer feel or think and so consequently these same disabled shadows can no longer act, even in their own defense! Here is some of what is coming as a result of our failures to intervene against the privatizing of our lives:
"The signs of incipient troubles are everywhere. The conditions cannot continue as they are for very long and so they will do what they always do, when they are up against the conditions they set into motion in the first place, they will initiate some horrible event in order to take the eyes of the world off of their outrageous turpitude. As we well know, on 9/11 they had a full military press of training exercises, devoted to the very thing that actually happened and on 7/7 it was the same thing. Military exercises are going on all over the place in this period. Yes, it is very interesting. It is very interesting indeed. Here's America's end of the equation. Is there anywhere that this sort of thing is not happening at the moment?" (1)
Over the last ten years and more a lot of us have become fixated on finding out what has really happened to us all, both in this country and around the world. At first this was mainly about "What Happened" and then that moved on to "Who Profits from What Happened"? Then that morphed into "Who Exactly Pulls the strings"? And while we were distractedly trying to do all that, the Elites were very quickly moving to finish closing their global trap that is intended to end this nation and the world.
"I'm going to break it down for you in simple terms and you're welcome to disagree with me but that is unlikely to change my perspective (grin). We get people coming around and saying the world is run by Mason's, the illuminati, the Catholic Church and Zionist Jewry, or Jewry in general. The primary origins of secret societies goes back a long, long way, to the cult of Mithra and well before that. They haven't always been evil and they haven't always been good. The original intention of secret societies was for the preservation and perpetuation of the mysteries in times of darkness. These societies are only as virtuous as the times in which they exist and the men and women engaged in their operations.
People believe that these societies are the enemy of humanity and that their purpose is the subjugation of the public for the perpetuation of a ruling elite and for the profits of the same.
The fact is that humanity has an ancient enemy who is given his powers by the hand of God. I can talk more freely about all of this now since I don't have to tailor what I say for the tastes and preferences of atheists, who suppress this sort of thing, while bemoaning the presence of censorship by everyone else. You can call this enemy the devil. He's the one who gets changed into an angel of light at the given moment.
There's a reason for what happens in the various ages of approximately 2200 years each. There's a reason for allegories like The Tower of Babel, the presence of nations in opposition to each other and the proliferation of different cultures and creeds. Life is a movie set, where the varieties of human drama are played out over and over again. This was the point of Shakespeare, who articulated all of the tragedies and comedies of the human interplay. This devil, that you can call Satan or Ahriman, or any of the other names he goes by, works for the Supreme Being. He's an employee. His job is to play upon your weaknesses and to test your mettle. He's powerless except to the degree that you are vulnerable to him. He runs the manifest world and all whose allegiance and appetites are directed to that plane." (1)
At this point in time (and in the narrative as well) most people in the USA have already surrendered; very long ago. Now, these same people are dying inside, minute by minute and hour by hour each and every day and night. Here's a short video that outlines some of what is really at stake now, because this is about FREEDOM from SECRECY and TYRANNY now; for all of us! (2)
"He sits in the minds of the world's rulers and religious leaders and it is he that is responsible for what takes place at the hands of those who serve him. In times of darkness, his powers seem great and if you want to know why some people act the way they do, you don't have to look further. In a time of summing up, which we are presently in, things begin to go the way they are going and secret societies, certain tribes inclined toward materialism and the various religions, are all in a state of corruption at the hands of the evil one. Sexual perversions and the seduction and debasement of the innocent are all par for the course. It's nothing new. It's what you see at the end of any age. It's why new ages appear. We're at the end and the beginning of a grand cycle of 26,000 years so it's a deal more intense now than it usually is. Everything is breaking down in the process of being recycled into the new conditions.
When the avatar comes and he comes like clockwork, The first thing he does is to sweep the inner planes outward before him for the purpose of judgment. It is on the inner planes that the really evil centers of broadcast are resident. These are the ones who control the ones you see and they are the source of the bad behavior on the part of those you would think would know better. As the avatar pushes these entrenched and malefic souls before him they are forced to occupy the bodies of those open to their presence because they have to go somewhere. The majority of today's politicians and religious leaders are like stolen cars. They don't know why they do what they do. They just do it. The same is true of the judiciary and law enforcement. It's why the police are so brutal at the moment. It's why the media is filled with lies and superficial garbage and why trivia is exalted as the public's most important focus, besides survival.
If you are not like this, count your lucky stars. If you are vibrating to another resonance, count your lucky stars. If you are sensing and responding to something higher within, count your lucky stars. A summing up is in operation and a great divide is also happening, as the people of the world are being routed toward the ends they have decided upon, through confusion and weakness or through clarity and strength.
Will something happen today? I don't know. Will it happen this week? I don't know. Is something going to happen shortly? Count on it. Personally, I can feel it. I can feel them plotting and proceeding. The people who believe they are in charge have no power over their own acts. They are possessed and it seems to them that this is what they have to do. They don't but you can't tell them anything. They bought their ticket and they are on the train. In the space of a blinking eye, realization will dawn on them. It's going to dawn on every one of us." (1)
Each of us must make our own peace with ourselves and either come from the shadows and fight for what we want our lives to be like; or just lie back down in the coffin that you've been sleeping in, for the last ten years, and pray that the end comes quickly. My choice is 'FREEDOM' because for me there is no other choice and never has been!
1) Count Your Lucky Stars
2) America It's Time to Stand on Your Own Feet and Fight! - Video
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