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Reversing FRAUD And The National DEBT
By Jim Kirwan
This is about bringing the nation back together again. It's about closing out the massive criminal fraud of "student loans" throughout the entire higher educational system, while recovering damages from this fraud for anyone who was in college or university between 2000 and 2011. STOP paying your student loans ­ make them give it all back to you instead; because the entire thing was nothing but a massive FRAUD!
It's very simple but its also fair. Since well before the year 2000 the government was heavily involved in sending all the decent jobs offshore, or overseas. Yet the people behind the notes being held for college costs and tuition are ultimately the same people and the same government that insured that the United States would no longer have the kinds of jobs which millions of students were paying to attend college to get. In brief the government knew that there would, by now, actually "be no jobs to get" yet they continued to promote higher education along with it's heavy costs of from $20,000 to $240,000 per student, for student loans that they say must be paid back.
As structured; this clearly amounts to a massive fraud that defrauded students of their money; to basically sell the students an education that the government knew would be worthless, by the time they graduated because they made certain that there would be NO JOBS to get!.
I'm not a lawyer, but that looks like a clear-cut case of FRAUD to me; and when the number of students that fell for this con are added up: this might be one of the largest class-action lawsuits in American History. But the best part of this horrific crime is that the government could be forced to repay every student their tuition money; going back actually to the passage of the GATT agreement which began this fire-sale selloff of American jobs, to overseas companies and workers.
I know people with graduate degrees and two masters degrees that are now janitors or who are unemployed because there are no jobs: This situation was not only NOT a surprise to this government it was designed as far back as the Bill Clinton Years. If this is not a fraud against the public; consciously perpetrated through the willing compliance of Universities and Colleges cross this land, then I'd like to know what else it could it be?
Of course this would end the existence of most of those so-called institutions, but since they became complicit in this major crime, then that's no real loss anyhow. Who knows maybe the remaining schools might just go back to actually educating students instead of just manufacturing diplomas?
If this class-action lawsuit does nothing else it will span generations of students and bring millions of people back together again! Such an action could regain some or all of the money that was squandered on a totally fraudulent set of policies, designed to bilk billions out of students everywhere, but in the end this only served the very narrow income streams of both "false-flag-student-aid" combined with the outflow of good jobs to overseas markets; at the expense of the national stability of both American Jobs and the American Work Force - during a continuing Recession/Depression: In a TIME of WAR no less!
This circumstance was not an unforeseen trend of commerce or an accident of misplaced goals-NO this was part of a Calculated-Plan to destroy the manufacturing and industrial base of the United States; while raking in billions in fraudulent student loans that would never result in any job here, for anyone, in this new forth-world, created by the recent and near total impoverishment of the USA.
So instead of having to declare bankruptcy to pay off these fraudulently contracted student loans: Maybe the students will end up getting their money back with interest and penalties ­ for this crime against them that was actually perpetrated by the US government? And it just might wake up more students to the importance of paying attention to more than just their own private interests even if they are just students. . .
The foregoing is just one possible outcome of an out-of-control compact between the people of this nation and our government that to date has broken every component of this compact since the Constitution was signed. BTW, the same kind of an arrangement could also work in the case of the DEBT ceiling that was artificially created by the major corporate banking and investment institutions and then dumped back on the taxpayers to be paid-off.
Since the DEBT was created our of thin air; and then it was totally wasted or lost on the same companies that demanded more and more and yet more payments from the public; before they finally dumped their corporate losses Again & Again back onto the poor and middle-classes; while hoarding the profits made and then demanded even more money while denying services to the people that needed the services, which accepting this corporate-debt, should have guaranteed them.
But instead' these same institutions are now demanding AUSTERITY and the complete rape and plunder of the entire nation in exchange for 'nothing at all' except ever greater DEBTS. Maybe there is still a way that we could reverse this situation as well? Much like the Student-Loan-Scandal above; this is not the Too-Big-To-Fail conspiracy but it is just as fraudulent and just as liable to be reversed in order to free the nation of illegal debts, and kill the corporations while enabling the public to punish those responsible in kind - while seizing all the assets of every corporation and everyone else involved in this blatant con-job? Hey why not do to those corporations exactly what they've been doing to us for decades!
What got me started thinking along these lines, yesterday, was something very similar about everything that is going on now. I was just wondering how the country went from paying a very small percentage of what everyone makes, just to pay for running the government to the obscenity of over 85% of everything that any working person earns which is where this problem of "partnership" is now: While the actual amount of what are called taxes remains smallish; when you add in all the fees, fines, permits and virtually everything else that the government charges us for living here and then that ends up costing every person at least 85% of everything they earned just to live here. That is not a partnership; that's outright financial slavery! But this isn't even the half of it.
In addition to this; our supposed "silent-partner" is poking its head into ever single aspect of our lives and making virtually all the decisions that are supposed to be ours, and ours alone to decide on.
The government does this saying that they are trying to PROTECT us: But the only thing Americans really need protection from is the US government and all their schemes (As in the two criminal-schemes outlined above).
Americans cannot make a move or have a thought or chose any course of action without first consulting the government for permissions, fees or fines just to do the simplest things in life which being a citizen should have earned us. This situation has become not just obscene; it is invasively hostile, ILLEGAL, and can frequently be deadly and yet no one seems too upset by this total rearrangement of everything that was once ours outright. This so-called partnership with extremist government now controls our thoughts, our lives, our jobs and even our dreams with their overbearing and criminally inclined view of every American: In which they currently now view us all as ONLY - ENEMIES OF THE STATE!
In that amateur study I mentioned in the previous article: There was something else I could not help but notice. On Television today "Killing a Cop" is somehow on a par to having murdered god. But the cops have forgotten that this outdated tradition comes from a time when the cops were on our side against corruption, wherever that was. Today the cops have changed sides; they now attack the public they were sworn to protect and protect the murdering criminal-powers that are trying to kill us? So not only are these so-called cops NOT doing the duty they were actually supposedly hired to do; but they've turned their weapons and their wrath against the public with a vengeance that has resulted the deaths of over 400 people that we know of, on video.
So when a cop is killed somewhere now, then basically that's just one more criminal we won't have to worry about prosecuting: but whatever else he or she is today: They are definitely NOT heroes or anything more than some overpaid-jerk in a uniform that has come to harm us any way they can. Yet on-TELEVISON and in the films "killing a cop" is still somehow the same as it was way back in the mists of pre-television history. It is way past time that the thugs (and the script writers) begin to GET this message; loud & clear! This recognition of the players and who they really are is just beginning to infect the scene here in the land of the obsessed and the totally pre-occupied: But with events like the possibility for the reversal of the Student Loans-Scandal; then just maybe things in this sadly worn-out country might just be able to enjoy a breath of fresh air for a change.
NO FREEDOM, no life. NO PARTICIPATION, then there will be no future for anything or anyone. And when the public's protectors will not speak to those they supposedly are protecting about what exactly they are doing when they trash people in the streets for no reason at all: Then this government has just issued an invitation to every citizen to rebel in kind with overwhelming numbers to end this illegal occupation once and for all from this foreign force, that is occupying American streets and Highways-without our permission to do any of this.

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