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The Results Are In - Industrial Agriculture
And Industrial Medicine vs Organic
Farming And Organic Medicine

By Eric Johnson
Industrial agriculture is toxic.  One has only to look at the Punjab in India which was ground zero for the Green Revolution, to see what "gifts" it has delivered.
"The power point presentation and speech of Sukhi Chahal's , who is a founder of Punjab Foundation was so emotional and powerful that somefemales of the sangat cried upon knowing the ground realities of the increasing number of Childless Couples, Spontaneous Abortions, Premature Births, Low Weight Births, Early Childhood Deaths, Congenital Malformations, Menstrual Disorders, Ovary and Uterus Tumors; Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases, Bone and Joint Diseases, Allergies, Asthma and Cancers which are the well-known effects of Water Contamination and Environmental Toxicity which is visibly on the rise in Punjab."  www.punjabfoundation.org
The toxicity of industrial agriculture becomes the greatest argument for the non-toxic and health giving qualities of organic farming.  And beyond toxicity to life, there is what industrial agriculture is doing to the planet itself.
But only half the picture is being given and there is more toxicity to come.  When one points out that industrial agriculture causes cancers, the sick are then directed  to industrial (conventional) medicine for the treatment of those cancers - yet industrial medical treatments for cancer are delivered by the very same companies that caused the cancers to begin with.
This is the Idiot Cycle at work (video).
Industrial agriculture poisons:
the land,
the water,
the plants,
the animals,
the people.
It causes cancer.
Industrial medicine's treatments of cancer do this:
Pharmacists give themselves cancer from dispensing toxic chemotherapy
Chemotherapy - Induced Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Chemotherapy causes widespread DNA damagein leukemia patients; multiplies future risk
Chemotherapy Causes Brain Damage
Chemotherapy side effects: A cause of heart disease? - MayoClinic.com
Study Finds Chemotherapy Causes More Infertility In Women Than in Men
Neuropathy from Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Causes Delayed Severe Neural Damage, Study Shows
Chemotherapy side effects - permanent organ damage to the heart, lung, liver, kidneys ....
Where does one turn then?  Just as the solution to the evils of industrial agriculture is organic  farming (without synthetics pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically engineered seeds, animals or trees), the solution to the toxicity of industrial medicine is organic medicine - without synthetic drugs or genetically engineered drugs or vaccines.
The pharmaceutical industry has been active in suggesting that nutrients are ineffective in treating diseases (and toxic!), but the difference in the ability to deliver survival between industrial medicine and organic medicine is massive and is strikingly in favor organic medicine.
An NIH study using Linus Pauling's protocol with IV vitamin C found "unexpectedly long survival times" for terminal patients.  Now finally promoting what Pauling had suggested more than 40 years ago, they said IV vitamin C "should be reassessed" as a treatment for cancer.
Another NIH study with IV vitamin C showed it selectively kills cancer cells.  [That is, it is harmless to normal cells (who use it to boost their own function) while simultaneously killing cancer cells, versus chemotherapy's toxicity to all cells, which induces vomiting, hair loss, organ damage, etc.]
"On the average [patients using IV vitamin C] lived about 12 years after being pronounced terminal with untreatable cancer." 
Industrial medicine offered only 6 months survival time. IV vitamin C (with other organic nutrients added) thus provided 
24 times longer survival time compared to convention chemotherapy.  It also provided an entirely harmless, non-toxic, non-painful treatment as opposed to convention medicine (industrial medicine) whose chemotherapy treatment s extremely painful, nauseating, highly toxic, psychologically overwhelming (as with hair loss) destructive of organs, and causes new cancers and other diseases.
A video of IV vitamin C shows it curing a terrible infection (and a cancer at the same time) that industrial medicine had not only failed to cure but had given up on.
The Punjab Foundation, in not understanding that industrial agriculture and industrial medicine are one and the same, is seeking funding for mammograms and other cancer testing but mammograms cause cancer and cancer testing becomes a direct chute into toxic chemotherapies.  Thus they are accidentally urging more profit for the pharmaceutical industry that as industrial agriculture, caused the cancers to begin with.
Organic medicine is needed.  IV vitamin C, for example, provides cures for disease after disease - instead of causing more diseases and hundreds of thousands of deaths as industrial medicine does with its drugs.  Organic medicine is cheap, non-toxic (gentle), and works well with other nutrient based treatments such aryuvedic medicine, so ultimately even supports farmers (since the nutrient sources are natural).
But industrial medicine, already massively dominant in Western countries, hrichard gas entered India on a grand scale now and is building a highway to its own door.  And even those who know about how terrible industrial agriculture is are climbing onto that highway, because the fuller picture is missing.  Industrial agriculture and industrial medicine are one and the same.
Pesticides and GMOs were developed and are being aggressively and corruptly promoted by the same corporations that control medical schools and research and offer toxic chemotherapy.  Profits are made from industrial agriculture, cancer is created, and then even greater profits are then taken by industrial medicine.  The pharmaceutical industry depends on disease and it creating its own market.  Renowned cardiologist Mattias Rath describes the reality of the pharmaceutical industry's mission.
"It is not in the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry to prevent common diseases ­ the maintenance and expansion of diseases is a precondition for the financial growth of this industry."
One need only look at Bayer's products to see that it is both an industrial agricultural giant and an industrial medical one.  Their wide range of pesticides (their pesticide is considered a major cause of bee die-off, which threaten agriculture in general), and common drugs (which are killing but are now dangerously being promoted on a one a day basis), and medical equipment and drugs for oncology (chemotherapy) demonstrate this.  Bayer's commitment to human health is itself at issue given its connection through aspirin to the 20-50 million deaths during 1918, Bayer's history of heinous medical experiments and genocide, and more recently the threat to lives from its knowing selling AIDS/HIV contaminated blood and its flu vaccines containing live avian virus (classified as a bio-weapon).  Yet people injured by the pharmaceutical industry-qua-industrial agriculture are directed toward these same companies when they are dressed in medical clothing.
As groups increasingly expose that industrial agriculture with its pesticides and GMOS has caused the cancers and diseases, they have been directing people away from toxic industrial agriculture and toward the health and effectiveness of organic farming.
Now it is time for the same groups to describe the full picture to people and begin directing people sickened by industrial agriculture away from its twin - the disease-causing exorbitantly expensive, profit driven, patented, toxic, painful, and ineffective industrial medicine (the pharmaceutical industry), and start directing them toward organic farming's twin - health-giving, health-focused, un-patented, inexpensive, gentle, and extremely effective organic medicine.
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