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Remember, Remember The 5th Of November
By Jim Kirwan
The world has been given six weeks to come up with a solution for the Eurozone problems that are at the core of our global problems over the debt and the financial instability of global monetary funds.
This could also affect national borders inside Europe as well. 'What is at issue here is whether or not the European member states of that organization are willing to forego their individual nationalities to become just ONE STATE, this part of it is about the issuance of a currency for that completely hated idea.
So far this has been the deal breaker in all the bullshit talks that have been held - because the price of creating this single state has been the entire past of all of Europe, along with any real sovereignty or independence anywhere within the EU. Following this the USA, Mexicoand Canada are to come next. That will be the North American Union; another homogonous single state solution to a global problem that was created to force global compliance and eliminate every law, every tradition and especially the Magna Carta ~ wherever the remnants of that globally necessary document might still be alive.'
As it happens the final day, when this decision must be agreed upon falls on the Fifth of November: Which is Guy Fawkes Day in England. Guy Fawkes was the man who threatened to blow up Parliament on November 5, 1605. That did not happen; he was hanged instead.
However a 2006 film called V for Vendetta was made to combine the Novel "1984" with a new interpretation using the figure of a contemporary character that is a stand-in for 'Guy Fawkes.' The costume which this 'character' wore in the film is the one made famous here as Anonymous. The film describes a modern day plan to blow up the same Parliament in England, which his predecessor failed to do.  I tried for over an hour to find a version of this film which had been available from Utube and several other video sites-but it seems they have all been REMOVED from the web; thus proving once more that the owners are still terrified of words and pictures that can undermine their shitty-little-plan to end our way of life.
I'll give you the bare bones of the plot in the film. But first there was this today from Sky News in the UK:
"G20 finance ministers meeting in Washington have set a six-week deadline for the eurozone to come to a solution over the debt crisis. (This date works out to be The Fifth of November and the battle-cry of Guy Fawkes (in 1605) was"Remember, Remember the Fifth of November" We can choose to believe the Chancellor below, or in this amazing coincidence from Guy Fawkes)
Chancellor George Osborne said the deadline coincided with their next round of talks in Cannes, France." (1)
In the film, the slightly Orwellian view of the time in which this takes place is governed by a modern day version of "Big Brother." And in the film, Anonymous succeeds in hacking into the BBC and announces to the world, over the BBC; exactly what he is planning to do to Parliament one year before he plans to actually do it.
Ironically in real life, the demonstrations on Wall Street were called for by Anonymous and Ad Busters Magazine in Canada: And these demonstrations are still continuing.
This character that we think of as Anonymous,(in the film) is wearing the mask and the familiar black robes; and his powers come from hacking and stealing from the state, to give back to the poor and to those that actually work.
In the film the BBC & Big Brother swear vengeance and set out to insure that this prediction can never come true. However Anonymous is a very resourceful man indeed and he finds unexpected ways finds ways to give himself and the public the chance to make his words come true: rent the film to see how this works out.
But in the meantime you should know that the fact that the new deadline for what is basically the end of the eurozone (and concomitantly the end of American dominance of the global financial order ­ is set to be concluded on Guy Fawkes Day at the very latest:
So once more it appears as if
"Remember, Remember the 5th of November"
might just have been given yet another chance to change history,
for the better!
1) FTSE Closes higher Despite Euro Debt Fears
"Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning for those who will listen, the annunciation of truth. And the truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?If you see what I see and you feel what I feel and If you would seek as I seek then. . ." (a)
Maybe that is what this 5th of November is all about?
a) V for Vendetta Speech ­ video clip
V for Vendetta Finale ­ video clip

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