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The Plunder & Murder
Of The Self
By Jim Kirwan
When the world entered the New Millennium in 2000 A.D. the battlecry of the politicians was nearly unanimous from every political voice in power."We must not look back; we must always look forward, to the Future!"
But this "storied-future" is not what most continue to think it is; in fact this 'future' that we are living-in cannot be viewed, or even lived, using any of the things that we thought we understood about our lives or our dreams: Because the language of living has been permanently changed to a new paradigm that has no room in it for human beings.
To understand this radical-revolution that has already taken place, you need to know about some of what you've lost as well as what has been forever changed by a new and deadly parallax-view; which has shredded every value of every life and dream that was once sought and celebrated.
The wealth of human values such as compassion, strength, determination and truth have all been sent to that privatized-pawn-shop of the elites; wherein our lives are dissected into a thousand useless parts that can be recombined and resold sold to the highest bidders: Much like the mortgages that were "packaged" to create the Housing-Bubble that became the bust of 2008.
To survive today you need to know that there are no longer any real political parties on any side of any question. There are no democrats, there are no republicans, there is no tea-party, no 'independent political stances' there are only those in power and those who are victimized by that power. Today there is only FACEBOOK, TWITTER & TWEET; all else is only a cacophony of noise that is meant to leave people with the illusion-of-choice in everything which they can no longer have any effect upon: Because in reality Americans no longer have any voice whatsoever in politics, in the jobs that they try without hope to keep, or in the hell-of-the-work that they try to do, to survive. The current political circus being held nationally as the presidential selections of 2012 are nothing but a sideshow filled with lies and rumors-of-lies that signify nothing but more extravagant lies to come!
You know this is true if you look back at every major campaign promise for the last twelve years that has been not just been broken; but has been shattered and then transformed into policies that do exactly the opposite of whatever was promised. All of those who pledged to fix the problems they all said that they would change-once they were "in office," they each broke their campaign promises and reversed themselves while they continued to intensify the crimes of government against the public that they screwed; to get where they are today.
Contrary to popular belief, "we (the taxpayers) do not pay them." They are paid by foreign governments and lobbyists. What we contribute is their ticket-to-play in the great-game that does not, and has never included 'us' at any level. In fact this political treachery has held-true from the curse of LBJ in 1964; when the whole political-charade became visible to the general public.
But the public refused to notice, so this cancer continued to grow. And now the cancerous-parasite that began as a small infection on the body politic has finally matured to the point where it has devoured the criminal-government upon which the elites have been feeding for decades: Now it is we who have been enslaved and they who have been set free! This is what so many writers and commentators have been trying to say since before Bush-the-Lesser appointed himself 'The Great Decider" and 'the president' of the whole new-world-order!
Millions of Americans, some still very prominent, continue to talk of the need for "legislation" or for solutions to our problems in all areas of life today; as if anyone in government is actually trying to fix anything that is massively wrong with this country. In fact the exact opposite is true. Every action of this congress and the one before it and the one before that was designed not to fix anything, but to further ruin what was once here; back when we had a fully formed and viable nation-state with industry and jobs enough for everyone that wanted to work. That was before Ronnie-the-Nation-Killer unleashed the new-illegal-immigration policies, the Death-Squads in Central America and the horrifically-criminal corporate privatization fiasco that has now swallowed up every publicly owned part of this nation: Murdering most of our dreams, our intrinsic wealth and our health in the process.
Bush the Wimp, president no. 41; added his war-crimes to the prosperity of the American edge on the International Drug Trade with his invasion of Panama and his attempt to silence Saddam, because like Noriega of Panama, "Our Man-in-Baghdad" knew too much about the other end of the drug world that GWH Bush had been running since he arranged for the freeing of the American Hostages that were held in Iran, just after Ronnie won his ticket to the Big-Game back in 1980. But 'the Wimp' failed to end his problem with Saddam; which was the reason why Junior had decided to finish Poppy's protracted and vicious war upon Saddam that began in 1991 and was reinvigorated by Junior in 2003: Our war on Iraq is the longest-running US War in our history because it has been going on since 1991 continuously, right up until today.
That makes Iraq a war of twenty years; in which we have virtually nothing to show for all that blood, death and destruction that was created illegally by both GHW Bush and his evil-offspring, the 1st Dictator of the New World Order. Did you know for instance that we actually lost over 300 US troops in a single battle on a single day at Falcon Forward Base in Iraq? No? (1)
That's probably because it was blacked out here. Had that "news" been made public the day it happened (October 10, 2006) the WAR-on-Iraq would have ended immediately: But Hey! You and I are just part of the stupid public; government can't let us know what they're really doing, ever: Because you don't need to know, and if you did, you might have just
demanded an immediate end to that war "for national-security-reasons" that had nothing to do with 'national-security'and everything to do with protecting the Bush crime-family of Nazi sympathizers and sponsors, which included three generations of their corruption in various offices, since Prescott Bush was convicted of trading with the enemy during WWII. Look it up on Google!
After Bush-the elder; Clinton began to put the finishing touches on plundering our rights in the world by imposing international-trade-agreements, that have now trumped US protections for all US citizens in favor of global agreements that punished us and destroyed our right-to-choose or not to choose how we would do business with the world. Somewhere in all this theft and deception the UN's Agenda 21 became a fact, along with the coming forced merger of Canada the US & Mexico into the North American Union, which has already become the case in everything except the name.(2)
The whole scheme was horrific and has been the only point now since long before the public ever had even the smallest of clues about the true nature of the openly criminal American government along with all those sycophants that continued to serve its corrupted purposes since they were old enough to understand how profitable corruption can be-if you're willing to sacrifice your soul for some blood drenched money that someone else will just steal from you at the end of the day.
This is the stuff of novels way too long to even begin to delve into here. I'm just sick of hearing from those that actually believe in this political system that has been dead so long that nobody can actually fix that date of its burial. But the "true-believer's continue to prattle on about the candidates as if any of them are real. There is no-one of substance running because the office they supposedly want to be elected to is nothing but a podium for a puppet to appear at. The "job" consists of continuing to mouth the latest set of lies and orders from the élites, to a brain-dead public that has long since given up having any real belief's in anything except themselves. And ironically; because that's true; these idiots never bother to ever question any of the blatant-deceptions or the cover-ups that in Libya for-instance; have begun to crash into each other throughout the entire series of false-flag attacks and denials to the point that it makes the key-stone cops look smart.
We have so many illegal and completely un-American things going on today everywhere that it boggles the mind: and despite all of it, the government behaves as if "everything is fine, the jobs are coming back, we'll correct all this in 20 years?" Really! And this from the same people that are denying the DEPRESSION, and who are oblivious to the random violence everywhere, over 400 police murders of ordinary citizens, not to mention the totally illegal TSA sexual assaults and the official muggings, the x-rays, the degradation and grossly insulting treatment in custody that happens every minute of every day, with this government's blessings. And all of this is coming from incompetent fools that have totally FAILED to catch any "terrorists" doing anything. And still this cowardly public puts up with this!
The Congress 0fficially spits on you, the president and his government belongs to Zionist Israel and has made us all into enemies of the state; and the courts sold us out on 12-12-2000 - So how many of you actually think you're still Americans? Just wondering. . .
1) Loose Ends can sometimes tell the tale
2) The Ninth Wave, Agenda 21
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