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Qualifications Are Required
In Everything We Do Or Say

By Jim Kirwan
There's a whole lot going on in the world right now, but unless you grab hold of this part of the conspiracy, you won't survive any of what is unfolding today or tonight. This is about ESCAPE & BONDAGE.
All that is required is that you look at the personal qualifications or the lack thereof, of those appointed to "police us"to understand the enormity of the crimes that are being committed each and every day, against all of us.
Look at any profession, anywhere in the world and you will find that there are certain basic considerations that must be met, before anyone can be hired to fulfill any task that is considered to be 'the job' at hand.
Case in point is the article of yesterday called "Localizing the License to Kill," This was predicated upon the License to Kill that was illegally and unilaterally granted to the then President in 2002. (1)
"The failures of George W. Bush will cause history to cringe from the mention of his name - in coming days. It is up to each of you, as to whether the Congress of the United States will share the infamy that Bush is creating with his beyond-the-pale policies both at home and abroad.
When this president came to power - people had jobs, there was a huge surplus and the world was at peace. Even before the rigged election Bush began talking recession. This became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thereafter Bush began a series of complete reversals of the nation's course on international agreements of all kinds. This man is clearly unqualified to lead anything larger than a small bar full of drunks. His language is primitive, his professional knowledge of diplomacy is non-existent, and his feelings for his fellow human beings make a mockery of all that matters in the real world. And yet you embrace him even as you grovel in your pathetic attempts to please him." (2)
When Congress gave the president this License to Kill it opened the flood gates for what we have in the streets and cities of America today: And unless this illegal and unilateral permission is withdrawn now, there will be no way to save the people of this nation from total extermination.
Let's be specific for a moment. When TSA hired those creatures of nefarious origins to man their checkpoints in the airports around the nation there were no qualifications that had to be met. Many of these creatures are pedophiles, many have records for sexually based offenses and many more are common criminals: which does NOT qualify them to do these sexually explicit pat-downs or to conduct those physically invasive and extremely sexual encounters with the public. These screeners have no knowledge of weapons or of military procedures, much less of the far more complex issues behind bombs (hidden or otherwise); and yet these creatures continue to invasive assault every American that closes to fly. It's also interesting that no training has been furnished to any of these thugs that might help them to differentiate between probable causes for the routine searches they do, from the reality of those people subjected to their criminal assaults, and anyone that might actually present a real threat to this society or to anyone else besides themselves.
Psychologically the screener's posses approximately a sixth-grader's understanding for what they are routinely doing each every day and night, to Americans that have no reason to be searched or intimidated-yet none of that seems to matter! Mentally these screeners have the capacity of someone with an IQ well below fifty; and as such they are not qualified to judge the veracity of any possible threat or even to comprehend any of the answers given them from a public that generally-speaking is light-years ahead of their capacity to comprehend the answers given them (by those they routinely assault). If this does not stop then these same screeners may soon begin to become targets themselves, for the outrage they routinely foster by their actions (in their jobs), each and every time they suit-up!
Watch the behavior of this completely incompetent moron in a uniform. Here is someone that is obviously mentally incapable of rendering an intelligent decision about any action taken by a member, or not taken, by any member of the general-public. This creature is obviously a victim of roid-rage, along with the mental incapacity to comprehend the circumstances along with a built in hatred for the public that he is supposedly "serving."
This "officer" should never have been issued a deadly weapon of any kind and he certainly should never have been allowed to interrogate members of the public with his assorted prejudices and personnel fears that he brings to his supposed job. This murderer is just looking for an excuse to murder anyone that he deems is "too stupid to live." If ever there was a case for an "officer: trying to be both judge and jury as well as executioner: this is it! (3)
This is about YOUR life and YOUR possible death-how can so many people remain so unconcerned about these everyday occurrences that are becoming much more evident no matter where you might live. No officer has the right to accuse anyone of anything without probable cause; and intimidation by an officer threatening to murder a person, just because he the officer is angry, is no reason at all for any action to be taken: Much less for a senseless murder to be committed by an overgrown and immature asshole in a uniform, just because he's having a bad day.
This far overweight child-in-uniform is not mentally competent to make the decisions he supposedly came to. He's a coward and a bully and if he were faced with the same kind of death-threat, he most likely would piss himself immediately: He's just that kind of guy! The tape itself is evidence that this officer is incompetent, mentally disturbed, and probably under the influence of steroids (roid-rage). Why are he and millions of others just like him allowed to roam freely on our streets and highways? THEY are the real problem in this society far more so than the ordinary criminals. That's because they are supposed to serve as real examples among the population, but instead too many have chosen to use their jobs to gratify their own petty hatreds and obsessions.
In the Bay Area the cops have recently murdered four people and only one of those instances has ended up in court. So that's "COPS" 4, and the public 0! This is not a Sunday football game: This is life and death; and the cops obviously don't give a damn how many people they kill. We need to make a national list of the names and addresses of these officers nationwide and issue routine updates on them and their shitty little-lives. The public needs to know who exactly these thugs are and where they live. We also need to put these killers on a national-list of dangerous-murderers-still-at large! These creatures are not heroes, they're not even people and we need to ostracize them from the communities in which they live. They keep lists of our names and places; we should begin to do the same; because in the end it is going to come down to us or them in the streets and on the highways-think about that please, because unless we act to turn this new nightmare around there will be NO GOING BACK AGAIN ­ EVER!
If we want to pretend that we have a society then we have to reestablish a police force that protects us from the government as well as from the common-criminal-thugs. If this cannot be done then ordinary people will need to begin protecting themselves, because at the end of the day we are each responsible for our own survival: Especially if the cops are not around or if they have become the enemy of all that we say we believe in!
1) Kirwan- Localizing the License to Kill
2) Open Letter to Congress
3) Cop Threatens to Kill Concealed Carry Gun Owner During Traffic Stop
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