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Prosecuting The Public
By Jim Kirwan
Thought Crimes in the Corrupted Legal System
There is one avenue of Tyranny that has managed to remain almost entirely overlooked; amid all the chaos of this disintegrating society. Let's look at the Judges, the Courts, the Prosecutor's and the hopelessly corrupt cops that are responsible for the world's largest prison system that incarcerates more people than any other nation on earth. Over 95% of the people in the US prison-system are there not because they committed violent crimes, but because they "violated someone else's idea of how they should live."
The privatized prison system is a fantastically successful 'income-generating stream' that furnishes the corporate world with virtually free labor; while providing the government with a massively powerful image they continue to use to threaten anyone that might even think about opposing the current system. The virtual KEY to keeping all of this governmental crime operating has always been the co-opting of the totally flawed JURY-SYSTEM that is a by-product of thought control and the entire CHESSBOARD that now rules over politics, education, and civic-interaction but especially over private-thoughts: Altogether this creates the ingredients necessary for the commission ofTHOUGHT-CRIMES.
This one-track system that we currently have holds that anyone who disagrees with any government policy is automatically an Enemy of the State. When an individual is arrested and charged; his or her chances for a "fair-trail" are far from good if that 'suspect' has any unusual or suspicious habits in his or her life. The population is now expected to live their lives without ever making a single recorded mistake-anywhere within the official record of their lives: Because no matter how long ago, or how trivial the mistake; that "ERROR" can always be recalled to color the personality of the accused to suit the prosecutor's (and simultaneously the skewed JURIES ends).
The completely distorted powers of the judges in most criminal cases has become a criminal-farce. This is true because American LAW has never been about either justice or truth: Rather it has always been about playing a privately-conceived legal game inside the courtroom according to the rules of British Maritime Law. In this game the judge alone gets to decide which items of evidence can be admitted into the decision and which cannot. This has nothing whatever to do with the US Constitution or American laws at all ­ but is a function of Admiralty Law of the Seas and dates back to the Magna Carta and before. Basically what we have today is CORPORATE-LAW being exercised between the various Corporate-Rules that govern Human Ownership. (1)
The key to keeping all this criminality in motion has always been the completely suspect verdicts of the jury-system. I say "suspect" because the lives and thoughts of the jury members are not solely those of the individuals themselves but are rather a construct of imbedded action-reaction-equations that this society has been inculcating its citizens with, from the moment of their birth. Consequently the "principles" that ought to be at stake in any trial don't even make it into the room. Instead juries tend to listen to the guidance from the bench about what and how they "MUST RULE" in any given case: And when the judges are as crooked as the cops and the prosecutors there is virtually no-chance for the defendant to escape conviction; which actually has nothing to do with whatever he or she was originally charged with. This is because Amerrikans now believe that there can only be one way to deal with people that do not obey every rule created at the whim of fascist police-state in which we now live.
The so-called police now openly murder people, for no reason whatsoever; and contrary to every police-department that always swears that it will "INVESTIGATE" ­ magically the cops always seem to evade prosecution or as in the case of the cold-blooded murder of Oscar Grant in Oakland: his killer was released after serving just 11 months in jail. The latest case from Phoenix illustrates my point here very clearly.
Basically the message to the public (in Phoenix) is if you want to die at the hands of police then "go ahead call 911!" The 29 year old UNARMED man was having a dispute with his mother, she called police. They arrived, entered the residence and within less-than a minute the family dog was killed and the suspect was first Tasered and then murdered. The conversation consisted of these words: "When they entered the home the 29 year old told them to leave saying they needed a warrant. Officer Chrisman (?) then pulled out his gun and put it up to the man's head saying: "I don't need no warrant, mother-*****r". Then it turned into a heated argument and a scuffle; the victim was Tazed twice, the officer then shot and killed the family dog then shot and killed Rodriguez as the two argued."
This was witnessed by the other police officer who said that "this was the worst day of his life." But the most telling statement about this MURDER came from the end of the tape whereon the Union Rep for the murderer demanded that his client (the killer) be given a fair and complete hearing about "all the facts in this case," BEFORE any action can be taken against this so-called officer? How is it that the killer can demand just treatment and the victim who was murdered got none of that: He was simply murdered by a psychotic rabid "officer" with deadly force in both hands. The law either applies to everyone involved or it applies to NO ONE ­ which would include those that resist any official in a uniform, anywhere, from TSA to anywhere USA. Listen to the video-tape and decide what you think for yourself-which incidentally just happens to be the key CRIME (actually thinking for yourself) behind committing a thought-crime in theUS today. (2)
Cops and first responders are just NOT that SPECIAL. They are not heroes or legendary warriors they are public servants that are over-paid to do their jobs. Part of their jobs involves life-threatening work, that's true, but no one forced them to do the work they do. And above all they should be held to HIGHER STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR, than the public they are supposedly protecting: However the fact is they are biased, terrorized and terrifyingly deaf, dumb and blind to the public that they are called on to protect. After so many public-whitewashing of events that have seen hundreds of citizens die at the hands of police that are never charged with any crime; Even this herd of useless spectators might actually begin to answer fire with fire-unless something radically-fair begins to happen in every instance that happens from this day forward. We have enough problems without having to worry that every cop responding might just choose to execute the man or woman instead of actually abiding by the so-called LAW that only protects the filthy-rich from those that have nothing!
In the Handbook for Human Ownership; the way the public's ideas about the system and their own responsibilities are now formed within that system is thoroughly explained; and what it shows anyone willing to take the time to listen to the tape is that our 'people' are controlled from the cradle to the grave in order to be useful slaves and nothing more; to whatever the OWNERS of their lives decide that they MUST do.
What is also clear is that the personal-habits of the Judges, the Prosecutors, the Cops and the OWNERS of the Human-beings that make up this society are NEVER called into question-EVER! Please remember that these are the same people that created the screwed-up educational system, along with all the very twisted norms of behavior that everyone else is supposed to live by today. THEY however are immune from all the laws, and all the normally applicable consequences for their actions, while the rest of us are overtly responsible even for "thinking" the things I've just said above. None of these perverts in office could withstand a complete and unbiased examination of all their habits and preoccupations; if they were ever to be subjected to the same interrogations that "suspects: have to undergo at the slightest indication of any possibly suspect behavior! WHY NOT? That's easy because they are the ones that created all these hoops for the rest of us to jump through a thousand times each and every month! (3)
Victims in this country are a dime a dozen; and since we do not care what happens to those that fall into that category it will only get worse. However everyone that is so lucky will live to see old-age and this is some of what they have to look forward to thanks to what is about to happen to Social Security coupled with our assassins in uniform that still call themselves cops! You can change this by simply defending those that you love whenever they get caught up in anything from a TSA line to a traffic-stop; but you have to be willing to take action because these creatures will not just walk away or change on their own into what they should have been all along. (4)
This straight-jacket we are living inside took hundreds of years to create; and if the public actually were to become motivated it could be destroyed in a month; but only if and when the public finally comes to understand that it is the American Public that is now in the CROSSHAIRS of every one of its own government agencies, not to mention the completely failed two-party system that perpetuates the myth that there is any choice or difference between any of the serving politicians regardless of what they might choose to call themselves. . . it's still up to us to DO SOMETHING to change this intolerable situation!
1) Freedom to Fascism ­ full length video
2) Arizona Police Officer Execute Man for telling them that they needed a warrant
3) The Handbook of Human Ownership
4) The Forgotten Victims
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