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Presidential Hijinks 2012
By Karl Schwarz
I had to crack up laughing when I started this essay and came across a poll. It had one question:
"Does Satan want Barack Obama to be re-elected?"
Well, in the literal sense YES, if you can accept that the Rothschild banksters, the Zionist Neocon plunderers and the Federal Reserve, and that private banking cartel and shallow-as-a-saucer Wall Street are the Satan that is killing America. If one can make the mental connection that 'greed' is a calling card of Satan, yes is the correct answer.
Somewhere around $8 trillion squandered just during the Barky Obama Administration, and nothing to show for it. Two trillion of it up and disappeared (magic) so that foreign investors would not bring civil and criminal charges against DC and Wall Street. So, yeah those greedy Satanist banksters definitely want this sucker / fool to be re-elected so they can steal even more.
The Saracens and Moors and even Genghis Kahn had the right idea, cut off the hand that steals.
It does not matter what the greed is or from where it originates.  
Whether greed for money, or oil, natural gas and pipelines in far-away lands, greed for war to get oil, natural gas and pipelines, greed and arrogance wrapped up in one for empire building, greed for warmongering, greed for useless things, and needless stuff, and the inane, or greed to lie just so one can sit in the Oval Office. Yes, greed and Satan are synonymous.
Well, it has started again - the Race to the White House. That is not exactly what it is so please pay attention this next election year because your nation needs you, as do your wife or husband, children, grandchildren, friends, family and even co-workers even if you do not like them. The 'race for the White House' is an oxymoron, words that should never be used in the same sentence to create a context for anything.
Said another way, the Race for the White House is about as relevant and meaningful as watching 12 slugs laying a slime trail on the sidewalk and pretending they are in a dead heat race to win that seat in the Oval Office. The MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (if those words ring a bell in your head) is that the FEDERAL RESERVE and ELITE INSIDERS want you to fall for the ruse and elect the most corrupt whore slug of the bunch. Someone just stupid enough to believe the horseshit they spout off on the campaign trail and photo ops. Someone who thinks the smell of the grease paint, photo op makeup and sound of the applause is all about them, not about America and the needed leadership.
It does not matter if the winner has a penis or a vagina, a whore is a whore and the insiders want wall-to-wall whores and slugs in Washington DC. They especially want a slick-talking whore in the Oval Office that can bedazzle the ignorant electorate in the United States that refuses to pay attention.
That is the mission; keep the status quo exactly like it is so wake the Hell up to the reality of it!
Hell, even if you do not like your own family, pay attention, grow a set of balls and act in your own best interests if all you can do is be a selfish twit that is only marginally smarter than a mushroom or a dog turd presidential candidate.
There is only one announced candidate for President of the United States that gives a damn about America, so pay attention.
What is Presidential Timber? Whoever has the attention of tens of millions but the Federal Reserve, the powers-that-be, the War Machine and the media hate, smear, slight, malign, or ignoreS.. he or she is possibly the leader that Americans have been waiting for since they shot JFK to get rid of him.
Are the Far Right 'Pro-Life' candidates on target? Hell no! Abortion is a moral issue, is not and should not be a political issue. Making it a political issue was a CIA-funded feminism ploy to disrupt other meaningful discourse and yet another example of the US government treading on ground that is none of its business. All sorts of distractions to keep the Sheeple too confused to think straight and pay attention to what is killing America and even their futures.
One has to weigh a nation that pretends to be so loving and right-to-life, yet leads the world in snuffing out innocent lives and even supports other nations that do the same.
If anyone in the United States has yet to grasp how immoral and bereft of values the US government is while they mouth off in DC about values and morals, get the cow crap out of your ears you Itsy-bitsy American Mushroom. Wake up, take a shower, make sure all of that cow dung is out of your ears, and go outside into the Light. Take a deep breath of fresh air and exercise those ears, eyes and especially the brain.
Can the Far Left finance America into a Utopian Socialist State where American victims can just sit home, collect those checks and miss nothing on TV? Hell, no! Both sides of the aisle have bankrupted America pursuing their Pipeline Dreams, plum-drops of Empire, and Bogus Foreign Wars and entitlements that are nothing more than vote pandering and vote buying. The Party is OVER! The CREDIT CARD BOUNCED, DECLINED, REJECTED. Get it? Get a job or create one for yourself.
So, here is my read on the Presidential Toothpicks, Band Aids and Butt Wipes that are in the Slimy Slug Race for 2012, Republicans first, then the Democrat wannabees that think the DNC will not nominate Mr. Stupid Obama for a second term. (Barky has been the perfect obedient whore, so the insiders will definitely want to have him in an encore performance of 'Whoring in the Oval Office'.)
Here are the results of the Ames Iowa Straw Poll held on August 13 to weigh the GOP candidates:
Well, they got weighed and most were found wanting, but one.
Michelle Bachmann? Dead from the neck up, so take a real hard look at Barack Hussein Obama and cut your finger off if you push the button for her. She is not presidential timber, would probably be worse than Barky Obama. Wow, she is Pro-Life, and pro-GWOT, and profusely blind. Get a grip America; that is not going to fix what is wrong with America.
If the rumors are fact that she bought 4,000 votes to help make her appear to be a popular front-runner, such would put her where she belongs next to Rick Perry and Ron Paul won the Iowa Straw Poll.
Ron Paul? He has my vote for two important reasons. First, he is a real Conservative and truly understands that debts are neither income nor assets, a nation, company or family cannot borrow their way out of debt, nor can a government print money to get out of debt. Those are fiscal values that are as alien to Washington DC as the surface of Jupiter or Saturn. Secondly, he knows who the real enemy is and it is not Osama bin Laden. Now, pay attention. The Real Enemy is the Federal Reserve, that private banking cartel and Wall Street, and these gutless DC politicians that love the money too much to stand up to them.
Got that?
Tom Pawlenty? Minnesota Republicans (like Michelle Bachmann) are not conservatives. They are Tax and Spend Democrats in Drag pretending to be Republicans and could not get elected there with the 'D' by their name, so do not fall for it. There is no 'Miracle in Minnesota' that qualifies this man for higher office, just as there was no 'Miracle in Illinois' to qualify Obama or in Texas to qualify either of the Bush morons.
Rick Santorum? I cannot vote for anyone who blindly supported Bush, the Global War on Terror lies and then Barky Obama continuing those failed policies and lies. Santorum does not vote his convictions, only those principles that belong to others and he votes as he is told to vote. That is not a leader, by definition that is a follower. He is too apparent as the next possible butt wipe that will do whatever he is told to do.
Herman Cain? I mean no disrespect to Mr. Cain but America has already suffered from one 'somewhat Black' president and I cannot support anyone who has "Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City" on his resume.
Maybe he is going to spill the beans on the Federal Reserve, but his resume and his message tell me to not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.
Rick Perry? Hmm, were not George H W Bush and George W. Bush enough to convince you that Texas and Oval Office should never be in the same sentence? If you can think coherently back that far, remember Lyndon Baines Johnson from Texas, the Vietnam lies, probably behind the assassination of JFK since the Cabal did not want to lose the Fed or be ordered to pull out of Vietnam. The arrogance of Texans is not a breeding ground for presidents. Get that straight, keep that straight. Texas is all about oil and money, and the Global War on Terror is all about oil and money on a global scale. Got that?
Remember this well, America. Supposedly GW was creating all sorts of jobs in Texas before he was elected and look what that moron did.  
Only his father rivaled him in how many US jobs were destroyed and he was beaten in 1992 by Clinton to show him the door before he killed more US jobs. Texas creates its own jobs, even if they had no governor. GHWB, GW and Rick Perry are not pro-business, job creating geniuses. Texas does well with or without the likes of them. Got that straight?
Cannot remember? Does "It's the Economy, Stupid!" ring a bell?  
Trailer-trash Bill Clinton slimed his way into the Oval Office on just those 4 words and the incredible indifference of GHWB towards Americans his stupidity put out of work. Then along came Junior and proved he could outdo Dad in killing America and American jobs.
Oh, he throws around that word 'traitorous' at the Fed but fails to mention his traitorous running buddy George W. Bush when he was governor, Perry was Lieutenant Governor and assumed the office of Governor of Texas when Ole GW bullshitted his way into the White House about what a great Job Creator he was down in Texas. Well, they tell Big Lies down there in the Big State of Texas. You might have to be from Arkansas or Oklahoma to have a clue what I am writing about.
I was asked on Wall Street once 'What part of Texas is Arkansas in?"  
The person was being intentionally rude and condescending, him being from Fort Worth and I from Little Rock, AR. Right in front of his boss, the Chairman of one of the Wall Street majors I gave him this response:
"Not sure exactly, I just know I have to head South until I smell it and then turn right until I step in it to know I am in Texas. My guess is Northeast part?" Everyone laughed hard, except me and Mr. Rude.
And, just so we keep the chronology and the record straight, it was this 'traitorous' Benjamin Shalom Bernanke that served on Bush's Economic Policy Advisors preaching 'moderation in the New Economy' and was then named Chairman of the Federal Reserve by none-other than Ole GW.
Well, unless the laws for gravity have changed the New Economy has now been shown to be a Complete Fiasco and largely based on brazen fraud.
These slugs do not look far outside of the Slug Community for the next slug to name to High Office.
Mitt Romney? I can say with absolute certainty that the Mormon religion is second only to the Zionist brand of Judaism in the percentage of brazen liars there are within the religious sect. Trust nothing this man has to say for they practice, believe and adhere to their right to lie to all, including Christians. Mormons are actually taught that they are the only true Christians, so beware of such institutionalized arrogance. Those folks in Massachusetts just cannot think that clearly with all of the other bats they have in their belfry.
Newt Gingrich? America, that man sold you out with the Contract with America that was actually a CONTRACT ON AMERICA on behalf of the Republican insiders. Do not EVER forget that and never let him back in. Rule number one, if he will screw around on his wife he will bend you over and butt hump you to death if you give him the chance.  
Think, Lyndon Johnson, or, GHWB, GWB, etc.
Jon Huntsman? NO WAY! This is probably your next Manchurian Candidate, a la Mormon Church style. The Chinese love this push-over. If you push that button, shame on you, amputate that evil hand. Hmm, the Mormons must want the Oval Office pretty bad, two of them in the first straw poll. Do not fall for it America, big mistake. (For all of their marketing about Pro-Family, are you aware that the Mormons lead the US in divorce within a given religious sect? That should tell you all you need to know.)
Thaddeus McCotter? I have not seen even one person come up with a plan to fix Michigan, much less America. This Michigan representative is not what America needs right now.
Sarah Palin? Slam that door shut, weld it, and do not let her back in. Just another Zionist Christian Israel-loving butt wipe that will continue the lunacy of the Global War on Terror that was invented by the Republicans, now endorsed by R and D types that fear the backlash from America when they wake up as to who did it and how they killed America.
I thought Sarah had potential until she started showing her true colors. She had my attention in a hopeful way for a short period of time, but she could never get my vote for any public office. Also, I still have this knot in my gut about the sham that John McCain and Sarah Palin tried to run on America as if they would have changed anything in DC. They would not have changed anything, which is the polite way of saying that every money-grubbing GWOT whore that GW let at the Hog Trough would have stayed and continued to suck America dry had McCain-Palin been elected.
That Barky did the same as Bush and this totally bogus Global War on Terror, shame on him.
Mike Huckabee? Was not Bill and Hillary Clinton fiasco enough to convince you that Arkansas is not a place to look for a president?  
Yes, I am from Arkansas but I have always been Christian first, American second, German third, Arkansan is a very distant 10th or less in rank. No one can control where they are born, but they sure can through life and I prove that every day of my life. Huckabee is a do-nothing, just different side of the aisle from Barky and many Americans have tried to warn you that Barky was, is, and will remain a big-talking do-nothing. Do not even think about letting Huckabee back in the door.
Of course, I have not seen an obituary so lurking somewhere like a Lounge Lizard is good ole Joe Liebermann. If he cannot get the GOP nod, he might go Independent again to block any Republican up-and-comer that the GOP does not really like that much.
Well, then on the Democrats side we have Barky and only those who are truly brain damaged or dead from the neck up want to keep him for another term in office. To say he sucks is being kind. This man is beyond pathetic as a leader.
Then we always have the fear that Hillary will see this as her big chance to be the first woman president and just think of the historical precedence. A former POTUS would be 'First Lady'. Do not go there America, you will live to regret it. Unlike most Americans, I know the Clintons. What I would like to do is loan them my Suburban and watch them drive off a cliff in it. I would miss the Suburban but civic duty is exactly that.
Of course, Michael Moore has proposed Matt Damon for President. He might not be a bad choice as to character and integrity, ability to act with credulity, but then he has no experience and my bet is he would prefer to continue to make movies, be happily married and raise his children. Why take the pay cut to be a hand puppet?
Then we have all of the usual Democrat bandits, wannabees and butt wipes that like to join in every 4 years and play 'ME, Too'. None of them have a clue; they prove it every day in Washington, DC.
Until the Third Parties unite behind one candidate, they are nothing more than a distraction and a bitch-fest about their particular grievances or narrow agenda.
If Ron Paul cannot survive the media bashing on one hand and ignoring the message on the other, I say America should get out the Yellow Pages and pick a reasonably priced undertaker.
It is that broken folks, get used to what they wrought and Americans bought off on it. America needs new leadership across the board that has its eyes wide open and on the problem and knows what the solution is.
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