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Now The Party Is Over
By Dick Eastman

The Rothschild's Can Cut Finance, Electricity, Government Checks, Check Clearing And Sabotage A Million Necessary Systems Whenever They Want


We have been made totally dependent on foreign supplies -- our systems can be shut down so that we will not longer be able to support 5 percent of our current population.

They have not shut the power down now -- they are saving that for winter -- after we starve a while.

I failed to lead the world into an anti-Rothschild rebellion. Which means I did more harm than good -- because I exposed the Rothschild plans to the point where it is too dangerous to allow the information to spread and one day threaten them.

So you can blame me -- for over-estimating my countrymen.

I gave proof of the 9-11 frameup. I exposed and explained weaponized clandestine weather modification used against nations. I exposed the fact that the economy is inherently deflationary and how international speculators rob us by deflation. I exposed the error of buying gold and the gold system. I showed the history of Rothschild agents and the crimes they have committed. I showed you the old populists and what they believed in and the great economists that have been pushed aside by the prostitutes for usury capitalism. I showed the solution -- what could replace Rothschild usury capitalism immediately.

I piped but you would not dance.

Now the party is over.

I forgive you all.

Dick Eastman

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