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Overdue Clarifications!
By Jim Kirwan
From Freedomain Radio: Official Apologists for the Corporations. Hell bent on derailing the Protests in New York City - video(1)
FR: "I think what you're doing is fantastic, but, but, please remember the key to social change is the middle word of the holy trinity; Ready Aim, Aim, Aim and then fire at the enemy; your metaphorical bullets of truth. . . so you have to be very, very careful when you're talking about social change that you are dealing with the right agency.
Remember you grew up in a STATE run or a STATE controlled school. The STATE is responsible for their moral education, and this is who they have turned into so be very, very careful that you're not using the illusions that you are bound by; as feathers to attack what you're attacking. It's NOT going to work. So the really, really important thing is to make sure you have the right targets, and focusing on the right thing!"
k: Interesting that these people would choose to take this tact in approaching what we are doing spontaneously: All that programming which the video speaks of here, is the rote stuff of the STATE, but as you have lived your life, that junk has been replaced by real life and the realizations that go with living in reality. And there are vast numbers of those of us that have not been bound by the STATE or any of its pathetic rules or instructions.(2)
FR: Do not be distracted by the Corporations they are the beneficiaries NOT the source of the destruction running rampant through the world. And I'll give you some examples: From the solidarity movement for the New York City Protests:
"As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces
of the world can know that we are your allies."
First, corporations do not have "force". You're not being arrested by Starbucks cops. You're not being arrested by policemen with logos on their caps. The logo is the star or the shield of the state. It is not the corporations that are arresting you it is the state. It is the STATE who is threatening you, arresting you, remember that, remember that, remember that!"
k) The sarcasm here is over-the-top because this totally contradicts the way that corporations (in their relationship to the STATE) actually works. The corporations bribe the government to create contracts for them so that they can do things "for" the government: Such as privatized mercenary troops (as it happens we now have more of them fighting our wars than regular US troops). CCA is the corporation that now runs our prison-industrial system for massive amounts of money that is masquerading as government, but is in fact just a private for-profit-corporation. The same thing is true throughout all industries in this country from the entire medical field through all the "security" services, and into and including all facets of this government.
Consequently there is no element of this society that uses government stationary that is not controlled by corporations; Even the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK who prints our money is a privately held corporation. This obvious line of unadulterated bullshit is pure PROPAGANDA, and is meant to totally distort the truth behind what has caused people to begin to DEMAND an end to all of it: Both CORPORATE AND GOVERNMENTAL.
FR: "Do not be distracted ~ 'If they can get you to ask the wrong questions they don't care about the answers.' And if they're getting you to focus on corporations then you're going to miss the point.
To continue (from the statement of the protestors) "As one people united we acknowledge the reality that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members. That our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors. That a democratic government derives its 'just power' from the people."
FR: There is no such thing as 'just power' in the state. The STATE is the initiator of violence. The State is the initiation of force. The State is a gun to the neck of a victim. There is no justice in that and there never will be. It's like saying 'just rape' or 'just slavery.' It is an oxymoron, do NOT be fooled by the propagandists."
k) Again this creature is pandering to idiots that do not know the difference between the degrees of power, and its applications. The 'just powers' have to do with defending the public welfare in a time of war (this does not apply to the wars that we have started, preemptively but only to a literal attack upon this land by a foreign power ­ which 911 was NOT). The second part of that paragraph refers to Amerikans as being willing subscribers to a version of collective-victimhood. This guy is just like the demon above spoon feeding the inmates in the 'corporate-institution.
And finally to use "just power" in the same way that he uses "just rape" and "just slavery" is to very carefully have split the qualifier. "JUST" power refers to power that is justified. While he actually means "JUST-rape" and "JUST-slavery" in the sense of a certain diminished-importance that denigrates the object of the qualifying words (rape & slavery).
This is classic disinformation coupled with double-speak: This character is not here to inform anyone he is here to muddy the field and cloud every issue at stake in this very important moment in the history of our opportunity to free-ourselves of creatures just like him that want to keep us all enslaved; firstly to the corporations and secondly to the government!
I would remind you that it is the corporations that have called for all the spying all the interventions in every facet of our lives; which the government then makes "legal" FOR the corporations ­ whose businesses' profit-directly from the huge increase in information illegally stolen from the public by the government-a full 7 months before 911 even occurred. The prison population has been swollen way beyond any other nation because CCA gets a per head payment for everyone in the system; and the corporations benefit because they can sell the labor of prisoners for pennies on the hour; to other corporations while making no adjustment in the retail prices which they still charge the public - for those services!
It was also the corporations that ended the unions, corrupt as they might have been-the unions were about the only thing that could stand against the government and the owners for the workers that produced the profits by which all of those owners and government flunkies profited. The government may have cut the deals but they were acting directly on the instructions of the corporations. The same thing with the entire Colonial Empire. It was the corporations that wanted to maintain free rein over all those colonial colonies of the US. The government just did their bidding for them and dispatched the troops as needed. READ "War is a Racket" and then try and tell anyone that it is NOT the corporations that are behind the RACKET that is WAR! (4)
The video goes on and on, watch more of it if you like, the above only covers most of the first 3:32 seconds ­ the whole thing is almost 29 minutes. (1)
1) The First Manifesto of the Wall Street Protestor's -video
Issued in direct response to this video:
2) Keith Olberman Reads the Statement Released by the Wall St. Protestors http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8o3peQq79Q&feature=player_embedded
3) The Wayseer Manifesto - video
4) War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
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