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Has 'Occupy America' Already Been Controlled?
The vaunted 'Occupy America' movement...the salvation of our dying country?  
How about calling at least the many hundreds (thousands?) of 'protesters' in these two videos what they shamelessly and embarrassingly are:
Mind-Controlled Dupes.
The following 'Occupy Atlanta' video reveals the 'protestors' to be essentially drooling, shamelessly compliant IDIOTS.
See for  yourself...watch them ECHO CHANTING in utter Pavlovian obedience to their mind control 'facilitator' with the mic....
Incidentally, the older black gentleman to the right of the Kommissar with the mic is Rep John Lewis...elder civil rights statesman who had been invited to speak.  However, the mind control 'facilitator' kept invoking the mindless, hopeless throng to echo chant until, finally, Rep Thompson said something like 'To hell with this shit' and left.
AND...to prove this is apparently no isolated incident, here is a second video, this one from an 'Occupy Wall Street' New York demonstration which shows the sheep obediently responding to the same exact disempowering mind control techniques:  ehco chanting on cue just like the programmed saps in Atlanta...
(For more on the agitator in this video, go here...)
These pathetic, well-intentioned, clueless, misguided people are toast.  Done.  Finished as a genuine force for challenging evil, and for true INDEPENDENT thought and thinking.   
Notice how both men with the mics are using the same techniques to mind-control and dumb-down the assembled sheep who evidence the same individuality, thought and drive as a pile of ROCKS. 
This is truly an obscenity.  How STUPID they appear...how laughable...how comically impotent...like little imbecilic nursery school children.  This is the best the 'resistance' America can come up with? Echo Chanting zombies texting and tweeting on iPhones, iPads, and Blackberries...truly a macabre and morbid sight to behold.
The 'Occupy America' movement has apparently, and predictably, been penetrated to its core by the very power base it purports to challenge.  
As these videos make profoundly obvious, IF these chanting monkeys are even close to being the norm, the controllers - and their cleverly inserted teams of agents provocateurs and psy ops assets - have absolutely NOTHING to worry about.

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