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A Nation of "Oakies"
By Jim Kirwan
Images for this article can be found elsewhere; because of copyright-protections I cannot show you the actual vehicles that made the trips from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma that so graphically depicted this massive migration of farmers and ranchers from the Dustbowl in the Great Southwest to California in the 1930's.Here's a quote that depicts their plight in Steinbeck's novel: "The Grapes of Wrath."
The book is out-of-print, but the story this tells us about the true nature of how the 1930's in America was dealt with by those that had become disenfranchised is priceless. Hollywood, typically, screwed up the book and changed the ending: because the reality of the book was far more devastating than Hollywood and their owners could ever allow the public to understand, even that long ago.
"The service station boy, in his white uniform, seemed uneasy until the bill was paid. He said, "You people sure have got nerve." Tom looked up from the map. "What you mean?"
"Well, crossin' in a jalopy like this."
"You been acrost?"
"Sure plenty but not in no wreck like this." Tom said, "If we broke down maybe somebody'd give us a han'."
"Well maybe, but folks are kind of scared to stop at night. I'd hate to be doing it. It takes more nerve than I've got."
Tom grinned. "It don't take no nerve to do somepin when there ain't nothin' else you can do. Well, thanks. We'll drag on." And he got in the truck and moved away. The boy in white went into the iron building where his helper labored over a book of bills. "Jesus what a hard-looking outfit!"
"Them Oakies? They're all hard-lookin'."
Jesus I'd hate to start out in a jalopy like that."
"Well you and me got sense. Them goddamn Oakies got no sense and no feeling. They ain't human. A human being wouldn't live like they do. A human being couldn't stand it to be so dirty and miserable. They ain't a hell of lot better than gorillas."
"Just the same I'm glad I ain't crossing the desert in no Hudson Super-Six. She sounds like a threshing machine."
Oklahoma was a place that the USA tried to overlook. Oklahoma did not become a State until 1907. The name means Home of the Red man. Prior to that time it was just called "Outlaw Territory," or the Badlands. It was home to Outlaws, Indians and in general a whole group of individuals that wanted no part of organized anything. They had their parcel of land; most of them were tenant farmers that owed the Bank a mortgage. If the truth behind that place were known, the state shield would have featured a Remington 30-30 on top of that olive branch because 'Oklahoma' was not a peaceful place!
Before the Dustbowl came, most of them had the distinction of having driven off every kind of social or political movement that had come-round to try and sign them up. Socialists, Communists, political party organizers, Union people; one an all were usually run-off with shotguns, because those hard-scrabble people believed they had no-time for such trash that were just trying to use them for their own purposes. The 'Elmer-Gantry's were the exception. But even as poor as they were they were proud people; determined people that wanted to make something for themselves and their hard-scrabble families.
To them their side-arms and shotguns were nothing more than just tools that went into the trucks with the shovels and rakes and whatever else they could take to California; and ironically they didn't ever seem to consider them as weapons in the aggressive sense: Which was how the California Highway Patrol chose to see it all.
The Oakies came to understand that the PTB would never let them in, and they didn't. But because the Oakies failed to confront the cops and troops directly; they died by the tens of thousands, alone, forgotten and spit upon openly, as just plain "trash." This is what is about to happen to us and to our non-violent attitude toward today's uniformed thugs; if we do not begin to confront our tormentors and turn their powers against them.
The Oakies were promised "work" in California at a real wage. But when they got there: They found that there were hundreds of people lined up for every so-called job; and there was no where else to go, and so they died. Our "jobs" have been sent overseas; and there are no replacement jobs coming-ever. What shall we do?
We need to remove those people that exported those jobs, and end the artificial rein of the BANKERS, beginning with our local branch banks of the biggest banks in this country. That is something that we can all participate in doing; and the effects of this action will be virtually-immediate. Those banks that have loaned out a hundred dollars for every one they have "on deposit" can never pay off their depositors, if everyone demands their money back, in the same period of just a few days time.
The current "thinking" is focused solely on remaining non-violent and unarmed. Today the governor ofCalifornia announced the end of the Open-Carry laws in California; just like the Highway Patrol of Dustbowl days he's afraid of those gun-owners that might cause problems for the illegal-police-state that he is currently running. (1)
But the rest of this nation is still armed and dangerous to the criminals in government; as we should be. That's why the Second Amendment is in the Constitution (That would be The Constitution for theConstitutional Republic ­ and not the one written by USI).
But here in California we have an answer for those that want to take this Republic back, peacefully. We have the Big-Three Witches that in theory "REPRESENT US." That would be Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer and of course that legendary heroine of the people Nancy Pelosi, my own personal Representative in the US House of Representatives. These three witches have come down to us through history. "Shakespeare's witches are prophetesses who hail the General Macbeth early in the play with predictions of his rise as king. Upon committing regicide and being seated on the throne of Scotland, Macbeth hears the trio deliver ambiguous prophecies threatening his downfall. The witches' dark and contradictory natures, their "filthy" trappings and activities, as well as their intercourse with the supernatural all set an ominous tone for the play."
Just imagine how safe we will all be when the big-three-witches-of California confront the New World Order and demand that the PTW dissolve themselves and end their police-state tactics? I don't think I'll hold-my-breath on that one.
We have seen what happens to any cause in this place when it fails to confront the real problems we face, as a people. A public-driven resistance cannot be mounted by organizing from within the ranks of those that have made millions from the current slave-state we're living in. If America is not going to repeat the disaster that the Oakies faced and lost: then we need to do something DIFFERENT this time. We must grow a backbone and fight these traitors where they live; or else we shall all just be like these completely docile "folks" that are giving protest a very bad name! This is NOT a protest this is a DECLARATION OF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER! The man being so "honored," John Lewis was effectively SILENCED by this ridiculous "PROTEST!" (3)
The current effort by several different political parties to capture and divert the OCCUPATION forces in and around Wall Street are being infiltrated and coerced into being used by the same forces that brought us all into this quagmire that will kill us if we do not begin to take back the spontaneous reactions of the people who are indeed outraged at what life in this country has become. You don't NEED organization to go to your own branch of America's largest banks and just close your account tomorrow: B of A has one out of every two depositors in this country: If those account holders withdrew all their money, or tried to, that bank whose stock is below $5 would collapse, as indeed it should.
The public could then use the existing banks that did not buy-into the housing bubble, or the any of the great BAILOUTS, to begin rebuilding this nation through reconstruction one infrastructure at a time; while the people go about the business of finding and prosecuting all the outlaws that have looted this country-blind over the last forty years. Here's a major topic that needs to be followed up on too, because this is SO LONG OVERDUE: GLOBALLY. (3)
I'm an Oakie, and proud of it! But I do not plan to repeat what so many Oakies did in the 1930's ­ I plan to fight this to the end. What about you will you passively chose to stop raising your voices and declaring your outrage, or will you allow idiots to tell you to just raise your fingers and "wiggle them" if you approve of the rote speeches being made? Last chance people: Will you take this treatment in your community, or at your branch bank, in your hometown-or will you chose to SURRENDER UNCONDITIONALLY like those fools inAtlanta chose to do?
Have we become just another "Nation of Oakies" or are we the Americans we profess to be!
1) Gov. Brown Caps a Month of Bill Signings
2) Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis
3) 9/11 Masterminds ­ Explosive Connections
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