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Nothing Is Real
Except the Global Deception & the Lies
By Jim Kirwan
Since the end of WWII and the formal establishment of such organizations as the United Nations, the Bank of International Settlements, The World Bank the International Monetary Fund The National Security Council and many, many more duplicitous international bodies and agencies: The global population has been beset by each of these parasitical so-called international agencies that were formed NOT to free or help humanity but to enslave us all.
The latest organization to shred its own international cloak of deception has been the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, informally known as the Zionist Attack Threat to global Order (ZATO).
Around the planet country after country has devolved into varying degrees of interior meltdowns. Protests everywhere, riots, slaughter by troops and thugs along with the near total destruction wrought by so-called protestors that enter into nation after nation to shred tranquility and order in order to prop up Anarchy and Chaos wherever civilization had begun to make any progress toward a better world for the citizens of any given country.
At the center of all of this madness lies a nest of International-Vipers that are represented by the Zionist State ofIsrael which is holding the Jews, the Christians and the Moslems inside Israel, as captives to the NAZI-Party of 2011, headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Here are their current demands for the additional territories they are seeking as their basic-minimum-demand in exchange for relinquishing their stranglehold on the rest of the world-for the moment. Israel itself is not even actually "a state" because States have internationally recognized borders; and Israel's borders are in constant flux.
The original 'state' they planned to conquer was the State of Palestine which has existed for thousands of years in the same place that Israel has illegally occupied since 1948. Now this issue of international-statehood for the victims of Israeli aggression, genocide and mass murder along with crimes against humanity is finally coming up for a vote in the UN. Israel's response to what they see as this 'injustice' against Israel and her Apartheid policies of genocide, for the Palestinians, versus what Israel believes is their right; from the barrels of their guns to full-statehood for Israel only; and oblivion for the Palestinians.
This issue was re-intensified again yesterday in a new video from Israel concerning these blood-drenched questions. (1)
My response to this video was naiveté but sincere: "If the Zionist response to the Palestinian call for international recognition is met with violence and yet more violence against the Palestinian people, then the world needs to close down every Israeli Embassy WORLDWIDE, immediately; thus isolating Israel from the civilized world until these outlaws such as the settlers featured in this clip go home, back to those places where they came from; and leavePalestine with its own lands and people once again.
The world does not need Zionist Embassies as Israel does not believe in words or in the keeping the meaning of those words in any legitimate-agreement they have ever supposedly signed. It is time to close this chapter on international-lawlessness at the hands of the Nazi-Party of 2011, beginning within Palestine!"
To which a reader responded: "Jim, where is this world? Are NATO nations members? Is China? Is Russia? Ah it must be in South America! Israel is not the only savage nation on Earth. Most of the nations that neighbor and do business with Israel have little to no regard for human rights. After Libya I cannot even maintain the fiction of some moral standard in international relations. Israel is not more barbaric than NATO, it is as barbaric as NATO. Are NATO states alone permitted this right? Why no calls for sanctions around NATO? AfterYugoslavia and Libya surely we ought to demand a boycott! The problem of Israel will not be resolved without moral will. The same of course is true for NATO."
That I realized this morning, is the brutal but actual truth of the scale of this problem that we all must face today. It has been clear for a very long time that the world has utterly destroyed its own moral compass if indeed there ever was an international version of such a concept. Look for instance at this video called "Aftermath" which clearly shows the world the total farce of ZATO's slaughter of the once prosperous Libya; wherein housing for all people was a 'human right' that was funded by the government of Libya for all its people. (2)
It took Libya over sixty years to build what these Outlaws crushed in just a few weeks. Here is the video truth about what Libya was before ZATO brought their in-human hell into the streets of that now destitute and dying nation. (3)
Throughout all of this designed chaos and the purposeful crippling of the world's ability to fight against these self-appointed assholes who are taking over the planet, with every passing minute: The realization that nothing and no one will be able to ever survive in a world where AK-47's are part of every dress code along with grenades and side-arms; wherever anyone might chose to try to live in what is so euphuistically called "the New World Order."
The voiceless herds around the world will eventually resist, by the time that it's too late to save the energy, the work, and all that human potential that actually built all that is so easy to totally destroy within minutes. This is not some far off question that's only just now being raised: NO, this is the question that will be coming this month in September of 2011 (ironically ten years exactly after 911) because Zionist Israel is one of the co-conspirators who created and participated in those treacherous attacks; and she will not wait any longer to finish murdering her way to illegal international-statehood.
As the reader above so clearly states "Israel is not more barbaric than NATO, it is 'AS' barbaric as NATO." So does this mean that we can do nothing because virtually every resource we theoretically have to use "to establish and maintain ORDER" is in fact now proven to be nothing more than national and international-agents for CHANGE who currently-represent every major criminal organization on the planet? That would seem to clearly be the case: But then what, if anything, can be done about this?
The first step is always to identify the players. After that has been done then people everywhere must decide which side of this question they are going to try and live on, in, or under! People can change, and in a life & death situation former cowards have seemingly become massively effective once they realize the gravity of what is actually at stake. How many more countries have to fall beneath this global-Juggernaught of global tyranny before the world reacts in its billions to crush these insects like the herd of locusts they've become upon the global scene? In the countries already under siege, people have the chance to find and kill those leaders that have brought this OUTRAGE down upon their people. While in those nations that are just now beginning to grasp the scale of this very deadly threat; it ought to be possible to end the programs that are sponsoring this living hell before 'these criminals' can escape this overdue wrath, from those they seek to murder!
The New World Order and all its evil-servants have decided who shall live and who shall die in their New World Order. But they are not gods, and no-one appointed THEM to rule the world. Interestingly, it is they that are utterly demolishing the infrastructure of the entire planet along with the works and accomplishments of all mankind that took thousands of years and billions of people to create. This will end in defeat for them: The only question that remains is HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD REBEL IN NUMBERS AND END THESE GLOBAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY with THE FINALITY THAT THIS SITUATION CALLS FOR?
The question of "Whose world is this!" must be resolved conclusively before there is no more world; and no more planet or universe left to save.
1) UN Go Home: Israel Planning for worst, calling for War - VIDEO
2) BEFORE and AFTER the Rebels "Liberated" Tripoli - VIDEO
3) Truth about Libya - VIDEO
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