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Moscow Museum Puts Lenin's
Jewish Roots On Display
Because Lenin was supposedly a gentile, it was always denied that the
Russian October Revolution was an all-Jewish affair...

From Dick Eastman
Jews loyal to Zionist ideal -- which involved crushing and enslaving the gentiles -- was the object of the October Russian Revolution just as it is goal of Lloyd Blankfein and ten thousand other Jews among the American and Britsh ruling elite.
60 million ETHNIC RUSSIANS were killed by the BOLSHEVIKS and the Karl Marxian communists in a span of less than 50 years. Bolsheviks joined from as far away as NYC--where the press worked to brainwash Americans against the Russian people at least as early as 1905. If you don't like a people, you're not going to reach out a help them. I have an antique book printed that year that talks about it. The NY press lied about the Russian people.
These Jews are the greatest mass murderers of all history and communism is their vehicle for world conquest.  It's time that their true history was made known to the entire world.
Moscow Museum Puts Lenin's Jewish Roots On Display
For full story and photos... http://www.thestate.com/2011/05/23/1831057/moscow-museum-puts-lenins-jewish.html
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