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Kirwan - Localizing The License To Kill!
By Jim Kirwan
Apparently the police have forgotten that THOUGHT must precede ACTION, in every case or chaos will rule over every part of this society. Enough is enough! Bush gave himself the License to Kill, but now it appears that local police chiefs along with BART officials have adopted the same illegal "license ­to-kill for themselves. But this is my city and San Francisco is not yet officially part of the nationwide Police-State.!
The police chief here is apparently a real piece of work. He's not just arrogant he's a coward extrodinare; as he fails to show up at news conferences that lamely attempt to explain how the most recent victim managed to shoot himself while running from his thugs in uniform. Apparently "the Chief" doesn't believe that his thugs carry throw­away weapons that cannot be traced back to his "officers." While "the Chief" might not believe that "his officers" might be above such clandestine practices the public doesn't buy it!" This city has had enough of this criminally-inclined Police-Chief and his methods for murdering members of the public at will; in tandem with BART officers that apparently go-to-work-everyday, with the idea that they can kill whoever they choose to kill with no repercussions and no consequences-ever!
This shit has to cease; immediately, and a great beginning would involve firing the Chief of Police for criminal-negligence and for gross dereliction of professional duties, along with his total failure to enforce the law when it comes to the behavior of his supposed officers.
Apparently it has not occurred to the Chief of San Francisco's Police Department that the time is not far off when his so-called-officers may well be facing angry mobs of outraged citizens that will no longer put up with this official police behavior wherein anyone can be murdered for basically being alive and somewhere in the vicinity of a uniformed thug that believes he or she has the right to murder anyone they decide needs to be killed. The courts and the system notwithstanding; these uniformed thugs decide for themselves who lives and who shall die-not because of anything they might or might not have done; but because they had the misfortune to have come in contact with one of either the SFPD or the BART unformed thugs that have come to believe that they are gods and can decide who shall be allowed to live and who must die.! All of these unqualified creatures must go and be replaced by professionals that at least know what the Constitution is all about, as well as what the rights are of any civilized society, in this completely star-crossed world that keeps trying to pretend that we are living in a time when there were actual police that ordinary citizens could actually turn to whenever they were actually threatened.
These San Francisco Cops are so out-of-shape both physically and mentally that they have become a public joke. The wide-bodied-cops can't run a city block without having a heart-attack, and none of them can even think about chasing a suspect that goes over a six-foot fence: In fact they made a law that fences must be lowered because the cops cannot get over the fence if it's too high (because they are too out-of-shape and too mentally incapable of dealing with the situation). So why are they still cops! Most of these creatures haven't the mental capacity of an armadillo much less the mental capacity of someone that is supposed to take charge of critical situations and deal with the public once anything has spiraled out-of-control.
And as far as the upper-crust that is supposed to be managing the police departments and BART go; they seem to be confusing the public with the brain-dead officers they routinely speak to every-day. We are NOT THAT STUPID Chief: Suspects don't shoot themselves with throw-away weapons while running from the trigger-happy cops in your command. (1)
Your trigger-happy irresponsible "officers" are the greatest threat to this society that we've ever faced. And no one is ever investigated, fined or fired because of what they routinely do to the public in this city! You're disgustingly inferior, as a public servant but especially as a supposed officer of the law! It is your uniformed and badge toting criminals that are the problem in this city and until that is rectified; you and everyone under your command should be treated as the enemies of the public they have become!
Enough is enough is enough Chief Suhr-(you didn't even bother to attend the press conference) and you need to unceremoniously go and then face a massive investigation, for your actions and inactions, in this completely idiotic series of admissions and cover-ups that should never have happened here (or anywhere else)-despite the fact that you're trying to create the climate for Martial Law which this public has no interest in creating.
Every confrontation with police has become nothing but a total farce with LIES UNENDING emanating from the cops in every case, along with doctored tapes that obscure events as they unfold before cameras that are censored to hide the criminality of the police department that apparently cannot deal with anyone in any way other than to murder the suspect-before determining whether or not any crime has even been committed.
"A video that partially captured the fatal July 3 shooting of an apparently drunk man on a BART platform makes it clear that he threw a knife at police but does not depict how far away he was or what kind of threat he posed.
Charles Hill is never shown in the brief record of his life's final seconds. But official agency video shows he was shot and killed just 23 seconds after BART police responded to reports of a "wobbly drunk" man on the Civic Center platform.
After BART released the video Thursday, police Chief Kenton Rainey walked through it for the media.
The video is roughly one minute long. It shows two officers exiting a San Francisco International Airport-Millbrae train 11 minutes after BART officials received their first call for service.
The officers - whose faces are obscured to shield their identity - walk off-screen for a few seconds. Rainey said the officers presumably approached Hill.
Roughly 17 seconds after their arrival, Rainey said, Hill threw a glass bottle at the officers, only one of whom returns to the screen. But the video doesn't show the bottle, simply the officer backing away.
The officer draws his gun 21 seconds after arriving, and fires two seconds later. Then, one second after that, a 4-inch blade enters the screen and appears to cross in front of the officer. It hits a train and ricochets, landing behind him." (2)
As far as the City of San Francisco goes, especially given the cowardly behavior of the mayor and the spineless Board of Supervisors; there is no city here anymore-we're just a federal penal colony that has no rights and no personal freedom of any kind any longer! Screw all of you ­ the entire lot of those in City Government belong behind bars themselves for their permanent dereliction of duty in the face of an out-of-control feral government that not only no longer represents the public, but which currently is trying its best to kill as many members of the public as possible, whenever possible. Your days are numbered, and one way or another you will end up paying for this miscarriage of justice because this is not just completely illegal; it also violates every known law of nature that will in the end have to be answered for-and you and all the shills you work for are out-of-time! (3)
To be continued!
1) Kenneth Harding Shooting: SF Police now say victim killed himself
2) Bart Shooting video shows knife thrown but not threat man posed
3) San Francisco: Fck the Police they can't shoot us all: July 20, 2011
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