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What And Why In Libya
By Jim Kirwan

For months now the visceral and bloody slaughter of the nation of Libya has been seesawing its way across the news wires of the world. Lies have been flying like bullets-in-the-night about who is doing what to whom and in the chaos the real story behind this event has become nearly impossible to unravel.

First we need to know WHAT HAPPENED in Libya: Here is some of what Steven Lendman has said:

Never Forgive, Never Forget ­

Excerpts Stephen Lendman. 8/28/11

"After covering Libya's rape since last winter in dozens of articles, no forgiving or forgetting is possible for one of history's great crimes. Nor is ignoring those responsible, condemning them forthrightly, and explaining why all wars are waged. NATO outdid Orwell on this one, killing truth by calling war the responsibility to protect - by terrorizing, attacking, and slaughtering civilians like psychopathic assassins. As a result, honest historians will redefine barbarism to explain NATO's savagery. It includes ongoing crimes of war and against humanity for the most malevolent reasons.

When is war not war? It's when committing cold-blooded murder is called the right thing. When major media scoundrels cheerlead it, and when most people believe it because they're too indifferent, uncaring or lazy to learn the truth. NATO's rape of Libya is too ugly for proper words to describe. Only honest images can do it, and lots of them. Instead, the Big Lie substitutes for honest journalism, especially on television where real (not fake) visuals can show mangled bodies, mass destruction, and other evidence of NATO crimes. Where civilian deaths can be shown graphically in living color. Where responsibility can be placed where it belongs. Where right and wrong can best be explained. Where repetition can arouse public outrage. Where proper analysis in advance perhaps can prevent all wars. ...

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reports continued fighting in Tripoli, inflicting many casualties. Moreover, many injured can't be treated because of ongoing violence, inadequate staff, and enough supplies and capacity at local hospitals. ... Washington-led NATO turned Libya into a hellish inferno - step one before occupying and exploiting its resources and people. Months ago its wealth was stolen. Ahead will be its future if Libyans don't struggle and win their freedom. ...

Only war profiteers benefit, not taxpayers they steal from or victims they attack. At the same time, corrosive militarism, financial wars, and other destructive policies destroyed America's soul. Its future as a free country is next. So focused on bread and circus distractions, most people don't notice. How else can Washington get away with murder! ...

Keep Libya's freedom flame alive no matter how imperial monsters try to destroy it! We're all Libyans now! Their struggle is ours! It's high time we matched their courageous spirit against the world's most pernicious/destructive force. Bowed perhaps, they're not broken! Isn't that enough to raise our consciousness to support them! "(1)

Next we need to know WHY this happened. To do this we must go back to history, for answers. And this is just one more reason why USI has eliminated "HISTORY" from the American classrooms all across this once proud nation. Below is a transcription that I made from the 9 minute and 23 second video that spells out Libya's rise.  

"In 1951 Libya was the world's poorest country. Before the ZATO invasion Libyans enjoyed the highest standard of living in Africa ­ and were ahead of Russia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Under Gadaffi Libya rose to become the world's freest state where "homes were considered a human right." Newly married couples were given $50,000 to buy their own homes and where electricity was free to all people.   

Before Gadaffi, less than one-fifth of Libyans were literate (compared to America's slightly more than half). Now education [was] free and high quality and the literacy rate is 83%. Healthcare was also free and high quality. And if Libyans cannot find the education or healthcare they needed in Libya, then the Libyan government funded them to go abroad to access it.

All 'loans' were interest free by law. If a Libyan bought a care then the government paid 50% of the price. The price of gasoline was $0.14 per

Any Libyan wishing to become a farmer was given free use of land, a home, livestock and seeds.

On July 1st 2011 1.7 million people assembled in Green Square, Tripoli to show defiance against the NATO bombing of Libya. This represented around 95% of the population of Tripoli and about one-third of the entire population of Libya!

The Libyan Central Bank was state owned and unlike ALL banks in the west was not owned by Rothschilds and issued DEBT FREE money. In 1990 Libya was accused of being responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing of PAM-AM 103. It has [since] transpired that the US paid witnesses at the trial $4 million each to testify against the accused Libyan men.

Yes they were paid to lie and have since recanted their 'evidence.' Gadaffi was also working to change payment for Libya's oil away from the US dollar to the Gold African dinar. This move prompted Sarkozy (of France) to call Libya 'a threat to the security of Mankind.'

One of the first acts of the Libyan 'Rebels' was to create a new Central Bank to one that was owned by Rothschilds, just as ours in the West are. The Rothschilds family are estimated to own over half the world's wealth. Rothschild banks create money out of thin air and sell it to the people at interest. This means that we never have enough money to pay-back what is owed. So we and our unborn children are made DEBT-SLAVES to Rothschild banking interests.

Unlike our leaders, Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy, et all, Gadaffi refused to sell his people out. Libya was DEBT-FREE!

Are you beginning to see why Gadaffi gets this response from his people?

And WHO is behind the ZATO bombing of a free and sovereign people? Libyans had much that we do not have in the UK, USA and EU. [And for that matter have never had in those states] They have a leader who has integrity and courage and who works in their best interests ­ and not the Rothschilds best interests.

Libyans shared in the wealth of their country free from the shackles of Usury and the Rothschilds banking interests. Without the tyranny of Rothschild control over the issuance of money, WE COULD ALL LIVE AS WEALTHY PEOPLE. We have been literally robbed of Trillions by Rothschild Bankers and their rent-boy politicians. We have been raped & enslaved, just as Libya will be raped and enslaved if we don't stop this crime against humanity.

It has been estimated that 30,000 Libyans have been killed by NATO & its 'REBELS.' Gadaffi believes in direct democracy, as it is laid out in his book, "The Green Book." I have put a link to his 'Green Book' below. Please read it. He believes that parliamentary democracies are inherently corrupt & that people can and should represent themselves.      

After believing the lies about this man for all my life, this book amazed me! I cannot sit by any longer and watch how individuals, groups and countries are demonized and destroyed by our criminal governments and then watch media protect those responsible for crimes against humanity. I refuse to pay taxes to the criminals responsible for this. Stop paying for their bombs; refuse to pay your taxes. Don't pay for the propaganda, Stop paying the BBC License Fee. We must show solidarity with the Libyan people.

If we sit by and watch these crimes against humanity and do nothing then we are complicit [just as we have been complicit for over 60 years in Palestine]. It will be our turn. Fuck NATO! Fuck the UN! Fuck the New WorldOrder!

It's time to act people! It's time to find our courage and rise-up. Mass Non-Compliance against the New WorldOrder!" (2)

With thanks to Sherrie for the truth about Libya!


1) Never Forgive, Never Forget


2) Truth about Libya


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