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If Only!
By Jim Kirwan
"Putting any job ahead of your heart is always a mistake. Risking 'our hearts' is why we are alive." If we fail to do the things we know we must; then what is "living" worth? The last thing you want to have in your life, is to look back and wonder-"IF Only"!
Maybe if you and I had listened to the wild-at-heart truths from the off-beat VISIONARIES of this chaotic world: Then just maybe we would not now be facing the abject SURRENDER that is about to be demanded by the Generals that will soon replace this government?
Yesterday I wrote a response to Obama's Sunday Night Massacre of the truth, according to the New World Order. It was a point by point response that most thought was meant to be a condemnation of everything that has transpired. That article was only the tip of the iceberg that has come between us and the world we're trying to live in. Some have said "that if even half of what is in there is true ­ then we're in serious trouble." At least 85% of what I said in "PROVE IT!" is true, which is why we need to begin to take seriously the latest developments that are swirling around us while the walls of sanity-itself are beginning to collapse. (1)
One of the things I left out of the article (because I was just answering what Obamanation brought up) were the particulars that explain the reason why al Qaeda does not exist. Here's a ten-minute video from the BBC which details the whole story of the series of criminal-lies which became the al Qaeda that has been used so effectively to enslave the public to the entire MEGA-LIE that followed the events of 911. (2)
Also yesterday there was this report from Kurt Nimmo which outlines the beginnings of Martial Law that are finally beginning to make their début.
"As expected, the unverified assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan has led to increased police state activity in the United States. On Monday, the NYPD flooded the city's subway system with additional cops. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, "out of an abundance of caution," said it has added more police at airports, the George Washington Bridge and ground zero, according to NBC New York. An influx of storm troopers were apparent to riders on the Metropolitan Area Transit Authority in the nation's capitol. Transit police, along with other law enforcement in the area, have increased security "as a precautionary measure related to the death of bin Laden," according to Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.
District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray urged people in and around the nation's capital to "pay more attention than they normally do" and "just be vigilant at this stage."
Amtrak has dispatched canine teams and squads of officers trained to detect the presence of fumes left behind after someone passes through with an explosive device, the San Francisco Chronicle reports this morning. In Los Angeles, police have begun increasing patrols of religious institutions and other potential terrorist targets, according to Politico. "We are somewhat concerned about any retaliation because of his [bin Laden's] death," Deputy Police Chief Mike Downing said on Sunday night.
The government insists the unverified assassination will increase terror attacks and it must redouble its efforts against al-Qaeda, the terror group named after the Mujahedeen database. Secretary of State Clinton declared that the "battle to stop al-Qaeda and its syndicate of terror" is not over and said the U.S. would continue to boost its counterterrorism cooperation with other nations, including Pakistan, USA Today reports.
Rep. Pete King, head of the House Homeland Security Committee, said on Monday that al-Qaeda will "try to avenge this death" and warned "we'll have to be on full alert."
In other words, the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Libya will continue while at home the threat of al-Qaeda retaliation will be used to expand Gestapo zones from airports to the streets and beyond. If another false flag event is accomplished, the urgency to impose a police state and completely destroy the Bill of Rights and any remaining vestige of liberty will reach a fever pitch with throngs of blood-thirsty citizens calling hysterically for totalitarian rule in America." (3)
Had we chosen to "THINK" before we began to "SEEK" something as impossible as this fire burning in water-then perhaps we would not now be staring Hell itself in the face. Because at this moment, as expected, the state is now using Obama's LIES of Sunday Night's Massacre of the truth, as their excuse to intensify Homeland INSECURITY'S growing threat to the public's own real security; in this SEASON of LIES that has come full-circle. Now the LIES themselves are the source cited for the CONTINUING & NON-EXISTENT THREATS against the lives and livelihoods of most Americans. . . Which is why no nation can long survive whenever it has allowed
itself to be governed by LYING, TREASONOUS TRAITORS!
If further proof is needed, as to either intent or real events, there was also this development which just happened yesterday. In the New Madrid national EXERCISE, the Army has just blown the levee at Birds Point and this has begun the flooding that the State was seeking in order to cause the seismic movements that will trigger their national "EXERCISE" that is designed to split this nation (physically) in half. Shortly after this sesimic-activity begins: We can all look for all those "INCREASED SECURITY MEASURES (mentioned in footnote three) to become really NASTY, in a whole lot of places that used to be ours! (4)
If these earthquakes in New Madrid happen
Say Bye-Bye to your country and HELLO to the formal adoption of
This, collectively then, is what all of the recent and continuing lies have been about: Seeking to distract the herd, while actually reinforcing the original LIES that put this nation on this down-bound express that is headed straight to Hell! That is 'the something' that "If Only" was written, to try once more to get the public to FOCUS on the things that this government does not want you to know!
2) BBC: al Qaeda Does Not Exist - video
3) Police State Kicks into Overdrive on Dubious News of Obama Takedown
4) 5/2/2011 9 pm CST ­ New Madrid ­ Flooding the Fault Line will cause seismic movement
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